Small Wars Journal

8 April SWJ Roundup (Updated)


Gunmen, Suicide Bombers Attack Afghan Police - Los Angeles Times

Taliban Gunmen Attack Kandahar Police Base - BBC News

Suicide Attackers Kill 6 at Afghan Police Compound - Associated Press

Forces Conclude Operations Near Pakistan Border - AFPS

Why It's Time to Negotiate With the Taliban - The Atlantic opinion


Official: Pakistani Troops Kill 54 Militants in NW - Associated Press

Policeman Killed in Pakistan Suicide Attack - BBC News

Libya / Operation Odyssey Dawn

Rebels Targeted in Air Strikes Despite No-Fly Zone - Washington Post

Libyan Rebels Say Airstrikes Killed 5 - New York Times

Voice of Libya's Rebellion is Up and Spinning - Los Angeles Times

Besieged Libyan City at Center of Stalemate - Washington Times

General: U.S. May Consider Sending Troops into Libya - Associated Press

Libya Stalemate Emerging, U.S. General Says - Reuters

Libyan Rebels Say NATO Strikes Hit Their Forces Again - Associated Press

NATO Says Its Planes Struck Libyan Rebels - Associated Press

NATO Offers No Apology for Airstrike on Rebel Tanks - New York Times

NATO 'Apologises for Hitting Libya Rebels' - BBC News

UNICEF: Snipers Targeting Children in Libya City - Associated Press

Rebels Counter Gaddafi Assault on Misrata - Reuters

4 Foreign Journalists Kidnapped in Libya - New York Times

Lockerbie Investigators Interview Top Libyan Defector - New York Times

Keeping Ahead of Qaddafi - New York Times editorial

U.S. Faces a Libya Stalemate - Time opinion


Egypt Protests Go On, Seeking New Beginning - New York Times

Egyptian Protesters Demand Mubarak Prosecution - Associated Press

Mubarak's Top Aide Held in Egypt Corruption Probe - Associated Press

After Tahrir Square - Washington Post opinion


U.S. Told of Yemeni's Vulnerability - Washington Post

U.S. Froze Record Yemen Aid Package in February - Reuters

Gulf Coalition Seeking Ouster of Yemeni President - New York Times


Gates, in Iraq Valedictory, Points to Progress - Washington Post

Kirkuk Tensions Highlight Concerns Over U.S. Exit - New York Times

Gates: U.S. Iraq Troops 'Could Stay Longer' - BBC News

U.S. Pushes Iraq to Decide on Troop Extension - Reuters

Gates: U.S. Future in Iraq is Unresolved - Stars and Stripes

Gates Discusses Post-2011 U.S.-Iraqi Relations - AFPS

Gates Visits Kurdish Leaders in Iraq - Associated Press

Austin Notes Progress Over Eight Years in Iraq - AFPS

Iraqi Forces Storm Settlement of Iranian Exiles - Associated Press


Is Iran Operating Secret Nuke Sites? - Washington Post

Group Claims Another Iranian Nuclear Facility - Washington Times

Outgoing Lebanese PM Slams Iran for Meddling - Associated Press

UNESCO Awards Media Prize to Jailed Iranian - Associated Press

Iran Gas Pipelines Explode, No Reason Given - Reuters

Iran's Blue-Collar Revolution - Foreign Policy opinion


Protesters In Syria Plan Large March Near Capital - New York Times

Protests Planned in Syria Despite Overtures - Associated Press

Syria's Assad Grants Nationality to Hasaka Kurds - BBC News

Syria's Assad Tries to Appease Kurds After Unrest - Reuters

Syrian Authorities Arrest Prominent Cleric-Activists - Reuters

Syria: Where the 'Arab Spring' Ends - Time opinion

West Needs Reality Check on Syria - The Australian opinion

Saudi Arabia

Obama's Dilemma over Saudi Arabia - Washington Post opinion


Crown Prince 'No Leniency' on Threats to Bahrain - Reuters

Israel / Palestinians

Missile Hits Israeli School Bus - Washington Post

Israel's Attacks on Hamas a 'Policy of Prevention' - Washington Times

Gaza Violence: Hamas Declares Ceasefire with Israel - BBC News

Hamas Govt: Gaza Militants Agree to Cease Fire - Associated Press

Gaza: Israeli Forces Strike after Attack on Bus - BBC News

Israeli Air Strike Kills Two Hamas Men in Gaza - Reuters

Israel Uses New Anti-Missile System as Gaza Flares - Reuters

Israel's PM Says New Defense Shield Successful - Associated Press

Japan Earthquake / Tsunami

Millions Without Power After Japan Aftershock - New York Times

Powerful Aftershock Shakes Japan off Sendai Coast - Washington Times

Japan Nuclear Crisis Ebbing, U.S. Experts Say - Los Angeles Times

Japan: Earthquake Prompts Fukushima Evacuation - BBC News

Japan Says Economy in 'Severe' Condition After Disaster - Reuters

U.S. Department of Defense

Deputy Defense Secretary Releases Shutdown Guidance - AFPS

Officials Discuss DOD's Government Shutdown Plans - AFPS

Secretary Discusses Women in Combat, Keeping Leaders - AFPS

Guard Should Remain an Operational Reserve, Leaders Say - AFPS

United States

No Deal after Latest White House Budget Talks - Washington Post

White House Meeting on Budget Fails to End Impasse - New York Times

Federal Workers Brace for the Worst - Washington Post

Government Shutdown Would Have Wide Ripples - New York Times

A Test of Obama's Leadership Style - Washington Post

Terror Suspects Held Weeks in Secret - Associated Press

NC Academy Head Suspected of Posing as Vietnam Vet - Associated Press


Standoff Continues, Bleaker Outlook for Ivory Coast - New York Times

Ivory Coast Leader in Bunker Vows Not to Surrender - Associated Press

Ouattara Isolates Gbagbo, Seeks Ivorian Recovery - Reuters

Ivory Coast: Laurent Gbagbo 'Running Out of Troops' - BBC News

Ivory Coast: Ouattara Wants E.U. Sanctions Lifted - BBC News

Did U.N. Forces Take Sides in Ivory Coast? - BBC News

Gbagbo's Rule Violently Divided Ivory Coast - Los Angeles Times

Beware of a Vacuum in Ivory Coast - Financial Times opinion

In Ivory Coast, Democrat to Dictator - New York Times opinion

Sudan Deploys Tanks, Helicopters Near Abyei - Reuters

Key Kenya Figures Appear at ICC over Post-poll Violence - BBC News

Nigeria: Some Elections Delayed Again - Associated Press

$350 Million in U.S. Aid for Malawi Goes Through - Associated Press

Africom Commander Fears al-Qaida will Link with Pirates - Associated Press

Finnish Navy Captures Suspected Pirates - BBC News


World Bank: Violence to Hit Central America Growth - Reuters

Mexican Gunmen Tap Bus Passengers in Mass Killing - Associated Press

U.S. Expels Ecuadorean Ambassador Luis Gallegos - BBC News

Mass Student Protests in Colombia - BBC News

Brazil School Shooting: 12 Dead after Gunman Opens Fire - BBC News

Venezuela Polarized over Chavez's Land Policy - Los Angeles Times

Blackout Hits Most Venezuelan States, Caracas - Reuters

Haiti Prime Minister Wants More Scrutiny for NGOs - Associated Press

Why Not in Cuba? - Washington Post opinion

Asia Pacific

China: Ai Weiwei Held for 'Economic Crimes' - Washington Post

North Korea Parliament Watched for Signs of Succession - BBC News

U.N. Seeks to Free Child Soldiers From Philippine Rebel Ranks - Reuters

Philippine Forces Kill 9 Suspected Gangsters - Associated Press

Central Asia

Kazakhstan's President Sworn In for New Term - Associated Press

Kazakh Government Resigns After President Inaugurated - Reuters


Russian Insurgent Leader Hints at More Attacks - Reuters

Despite Aid Request, Portugal's Outlook Uncertain - Associated Press

Spain to Welcome Cuban Dissidents - BBC News

Spain Receives 37 More Cuban Ex-Political Prisoners - Associated Press

Kosovo Assembly Elects President - Associated Press

South Asia

India Activist Anna Hazare Anti-graft Fast Stokes Anger - BBC News

Indian Freed from Pakistani Jail after 27 Years - BBC News

Blast Kills Religious Leader in Indian Kashmir - Associated Press

Bomb in Indian Kashmir Kills Prominent Muslim Cleric - Reuters

Sri Lanka Website Editor Bennett Rupasinghe is Bailed - BBC News