Small Wars Journal

7 September SWJ Roundup


Plan to Woo Taliban Foot Soldiers Stalls - New York Times

U.S. Commander Seeks 2, 000 New Troops For Afghanistan - Reuters

Training Afghans a Daunting Task - Washington Times

U.S. Expects to Subsidize Afghan Training for Years - Associated Press

Afghanistan Pledges Support for Troubled Bank - New York Times

Kabul Bank Has 'Normalized,' Afghan Officials Say - Washington Post

Women Running for Parliament Now Have Tougher Time - Los Angeles Times

Petraeus Condemns U.S. Church's Plan to Burn Qurans - Wall Street Journal

Top U.S. Commander: Burning Quran Endangers Troops - Associated Press

Taliban Vows to Disrupt Afghan Elections - Voice of America

Afghan Foreign Troops Death Toll Hits 500 For 2010 - Reuters

Helmand Dam a Monument to U.S. Challenges - Los Angeles Times

Kandahar Boardwalk Is a World Away From War - Associated Press

War, Corruption Swell Number Of Afghan Street Kids - Reuters

Insurgents Kill Afghan District Leader - New York Times


Lack of Relief Aid in Pakistan Could be Helping Extremists - Voice of America

Floods in Pakistan Carry the Seeds of Upheaval - New York Times

14 Killed in Pakistan Suicide Attack - Voice of America

Suicide Bomber Hits Pakistani Police Station - New York Times

Suicide Attack in NW Pakistan Kills 17 People - Associated Press

Nineteen Killed In Suicide Bombing In Pakistan - Reuters

Children Die in Pakistan Bombing - BBC News

Pakistan Hit by 4th Suicide Attack in a Week - Voice of America

Pakistani Refugees Showing Some Can-do Spirit - Washington Post

A Plan for Pakistan - Washington Post opinion


Political Void 'Threatens Iraq' - BBC News

Suicide Bombers Target Baghdad Recruitment Center - Voice of America

Car Bomb Strikes Baghdad Military HQ - Washington Post

Baghdad Attack Kills at Least 18 - Wall Street Journal

U.S. Soldiers Help Repel Attack on Iraq Army HQ - Los Angeles Times

Despite Formal Combat End, U.S. Joins Baghdad Battle - Associated Press

U.S. Troops Summoned in Iraq Attack - BBC News

Attack Shows Lasting Threat to U.S. in Iraq - New York Times

Iraqi Al Qaeda Group Says It Behind Army Base Raid - Reuters

Female, Single, Over 30: Iraqis Count Cost of War - Associated Press


Iran Has Enough Fuel for 2 Nuclear Warheads, Report Says - Los Angeles Times

Iran Remains Defiant, Nuclear Agency Says - New York Times

U.N. Report Casts Worry Over Nuclear Iran - Washington Post

U.N. Agency Says Iran Is Impeding Inspections - Wall Street Journal

Iran 'Hampers IAEA Investigation' - BBC News

U.N. Watchdog Says Iran Boosts Nuclear Work - Reuters

U.N. Nuke Agency Warns Monitoring of Iran Hampered - Associated Press

Iran Says It Has the Right to Bar U.N. Inspectors - Associated Press

Iran: Barred U.N. Inspectors Gave "False" Information - Reuters

Brit Accused of Conspiring to Sell Missile Parts to Iran Fights Extradition - VOA

Dutch town of Delft is Center of a New Iranian Activism - Washington Post

E.U. Calls 'Barbaric' Plans to Stone Iranian Woman - Associated Press

Iran Tells World: Don't Make Stoning A Rights Issue - Reuters

United Nations

UNICEF Refocuses on Poorest of Poor Children - Associated Press

U.S. Department of Defense

Defense Department Spends $500 Million on Bands - Washington Post

United States

Obama Addresses Economy in Labor Day Speech - Voice of America

9 Years After 9/11, Public Safety Radio Is Not Ready - New York Times

American Muslims Ask, Will We Ever Belong? - New York Times

Use of Drones on Americans Linked to al-Qaeda - Washington Post editorial

Speech from the Far Side: What Our Enemies Heard - Washington Post opinion

United Kingdom

Ex-U.K. Military Chief Says Blair Underfunded Army - Associated Press


Australian Labor Party to Form New Government - New York Times

Australia's Labor Narrowly Secures Second Term - Wall Street Journal

Gillard to Stay as Australian PM - BBC News

Australian PM Gillard Retains Power - Reuters

Australian Independent to Support Liberal Party - Associated Press

New Zealand

Sharp Series of Aftershocks Strike New Zealand - Associated Press

Christchurch Hit by Aftershocks - BBC News


'No Climate Link' to African Wars - BBC News

Nigeria: Sect Blamed for 2 Targeted Killings - Associated Press

Nigeria City Fears Sect Attacks - BBC News

South Africa Unions' Strike Suspended - New York Times

Liberia Sets Voter Registration for 2011 Presidential Election - Voice of America

South Africa Unions' Strike Suspended - New York Times

Americas and Caribbean

3 Suspects in Mexico Migrant Massacre Found Dead - Associated Press

Soldiers Fire on Family's Car in Mexico, Killing 2 - Associated Press

Mexico Begins Army Shooting Probe - BBC News

Venezuela: Chavez's Base, the Poor, Wobbles - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

In North Korea, Signs Point to Key Political Conference - New York Times

Eyes on N. Korea's Transfer of Power - Washington Post

Agenda Murky for Big N. Korea Party Parley - Associated Press

N. Korea Asks South for Flood Aid Despite Tension - Associated Press

North Korea Releases South Korean Fishing Boat - Los Angeles Times

North Korea to Free Seven Fishermen Detained Last Month - Washington Post

Trade, Debt, Territorial Issues Dominate U.S.-China Talks - Voice of America

China Praises 'Sound, Stable' Relationship With U.S. - Associated Press

China Seeks to Avoid Shouting Matches With U.S. - Reuters

Pirates Rob Tanker as Attacks Rise In S. China Sea - Reuters

Thailand's Activists Test Government's Crackdown - Wall Street Journal

Five Killed, Four Wounded In Thai South - Reuters

Philippines Asks Court to Outlaw Abu Sayyaf - Associated Press

Burma Military Ruler Visits China, Seeks Support - Associated Press

U.N. Trust Fund Provides Hope for Indonesian Women Trafficked Abroad - VOA

Indonesians Go Home, by the Millions - New York Times

Indonesian Volcano Erupts Again; Strongest Yet - Associated Press

Japan's Leadership Merry-Go-Round - New York Times editorial

Central Asia

Kyrgyz Leader Appeals For Calm Before Elections - Reuters


Spain Dismisses ETA Ceasefire - Voice of America

In Russia, a Shortage Triggers Soviet Habits - New York Times

Russia's Putin Hints At Kremlin Return In 2012 - Reuters

Germany Agrees to Extend Life of Nuclear Plants - New York Times

In Europe, Science Collides with the Bottom Line - Washington Post

Europe's Split - Washington Post opinion

Middle East

Israel's Foreign Minister Vows to Block Settlement Slowdown - Voice of America

Israeli Minister: Speed Up Building - Associated Press

Israeli Minister: West Bank Settlement Freeze will End - BBC News

Abbas Asks U.S. to Step Into Settlement Dispute - Associated Press

Lebanese PM: Mistake to Blame Syria for Hariri Killing - Voice of America

Lebanon PM Retracts Syria Charge - BBC News

Veteran Syrian Director Takes on Muslim "Extremism" - Reuters

Bahrain Arrests Dozens Accused of Plotting Coup - Los Angeles Times

Bahrain Accuses Shiite Activists of Terror, Subversion - Wall Street Journal

Mohammed ElBaradei Urges Egypt Election Boycott - BBC News

Egyptian Opposition Leader Urges Election Boycott - Associated Press

Palestinian Independence - Washington Post opinion

South Asia

India PM Warns China Wants Foothold In South Asia - Reuters

Curfew after Killings in Kashmir - BBC News