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7 March SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Obama: Time has Come to Wind Down Afghan War - AP

Mattis Defends Afghan Strategy, Warns of Iran, Al-Qaida Threats - AFPS

Mattis: Battlefield Partnership with Afghan Troops Unchanged - S&S

Avalanche and Attacks Add to Woes of Afghans - NYT

Avalanche Buries Village in Afghanistan; 47 Dead - AP

Motorcycle Bomb Kills 4 Afghan Civilians - AP

Four People Killed in Kandahar Bomb Blast - BBC

Afghan President Backs Strict Guidelines for Women - AP

Afghan Government Predicts US Prison Deal Soon - Reuters

Poland Retries Soldiers in 2007 Deaths of Afghans - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Obama: Acting Alone Against Syria Would be a 'Mistake' - VOA

Obama Rules Out Unilateral US Military Action on Syria - LAT

Obama Rejects Syria Intervention‎ - BBC

CENTCOM Commander Mattis Explains Challenges in Syrian Situation - AFPS

Mattis: Assad’s Forces Gaining ‘Momentum’ in Syria - WP

More Violence as Forces Scramble to Scrub Signs of Assault on Homs - NYT

UN Rights Office Documents Torture in Syria - VOA

Security Council Mulls Proposed Syria Resolution - AP

Turkey Calls on Syria to Allow Humanitarian Aid - VOA

Syrian Christians Worry about Life after Bashar Assad - LAT

Under Cover of the Night, Syrians Cross Into Safety - NYT

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter: Tools of Syrian Opposition - VOA

Time to Use American Airpower in Syria - NR opinion

Syria's Thin Russian 'Security Blanket' - AT opinion



World Powers Offer to Resume Iran Nuclear Talk - VOA

World Powers Agree to Resume Nuclear Talks With Iran - NYT

World Powers Offer Diplomatic Path to Resolving Nuclear Crisis - WP

Iran's Talking Point: 'Dignity' in Nuclear Work - AP

Obama Scolds GOP Critics of Iran Policy - NYT

Obama Challenges Iran to Address Nuclear Issues in New Talks - LAT

US Will Act to Prevent Iran from Developing Nuclear Weapons, Panetta Says - AFPS

US Defense Chief Warns Iran on Nuclear Program - Reuters

On Iran, Questions of Detection and Response Divide US and Israel - NYT

Analysis: From Israel, Urgings of Caution on Iran - AP

Pro-Israel Delegates Have Washington’s Ear on Iran - NYT

US Congress to Seek New Sanctions on Iran - AP

FBI Offers $1 Million in Ex-Agent's Iran Disappearance - Reuters

The 'Waiting Option' on Iran - CNN opinion

Iran-Venezuela Alliance Fraying - TNI opinion



US Congress Gives Warm Welcome to Israeli PM Netanyahu - VOA

Panetta: US-Israel Partnership Will Become Closer - AFPS

On Iran, Questions of Detection and Response Divide US and Israel - NYT

Pro-Israel Delegates Have Washington’s Ear on Iran - NYT

Analysis: From Israel, Urgings of Caution on Iran - AP

India: Arrest in Israeli Diplomat Attack - BBC

India: Journalist Arrested in New Delhi Bomb Attack - AP

Israel’s Best Friend - NYT opinion



Tribal, Military Leaders Declare Oil-rich E. Libya Semiautonomous State - WP

Eastern Libya Demands a Measure of Autonomy - NYT

Call for Federalism in East Libya - BBC

Call for Degree of Autonomy in Libya Raises Fears - AP

Libyan Leader Says Autonomy Call a Foreign Plot - Reuters

Libya Is Not a Failed-State in Waiting - TT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Yemen Reels from Army's Defeat by al-Qaida - AP

Al Qaeda Says Yemen Attack Follows US Troop Increase - Reuters

Former Iraqi Official Who Executed Saddam Denied Entry into US - AP

US Seeks Reliable Partner in Egypt - WP

Twin Blasts on Egypt Pipeline - BBC


Cyber Security

Five Alleged Members of Anonymous Hacking Group Charged - WP

Hacking 'Mole' Helps FBI Arrest Anonymous Leaders - Reuters

Arrests Sow Mistrust Inside a Clan of Hackers - NYT


US Department of Defense

Lawmakers Challenge Air Force Budget, Drone Cuts - Reuters

Special Ops Provide Great Return on Investment, Commander Says - AFPS

Dempsey: Military Contracting Costs Must Shrink - AFPS

Mortuary Official: Military Overruled Push to Bury 9/11 Remains at Sea - S&S

Official: Mortuary Pressed to Avoid Dumping of 9/11 Remains at Landfill - WP

Eight Military Women Allege Rape, Assault in Lawsuit - S&S

Army Data Confirm that Soldiers are Getting Larger, Heavier - S&S

Navy to Place Breath-test Machines on All Ships - WP


United States

Obama Discusses Situations in Iran, Syria, Afghanistan - AFPS

Obama Scolds GOP Critics of Iran Policy - NYT



Islamist Sect Suspected in Killing of 6 in Nigeria - AP

Sudan: Former UN Official Warns of Nuba Mts Crisis - AP

Somali Suspects in Hijacking of Iranian Ship Face Piracy Trial - NYT

Landmark Flights to Somalia Begin - BBC

Ethiopia Rebels 'Release Germans' - BBC

Africans Live in Fear of Inner-City Arms Depots - Reuters



Biden Tells Central America US Determined to Defeat Gangs - AP

Mexico Judge Orders Probe Into Killings of Women - AP

Brazil 'Overtakes UK's Economy' - BBC

Exercise Promotes US-Guyana Special Ops Capabilities - AFPS


Asia Pacific

US, N. Korea Work out Details of Food Aid Deal - VOA

US and N. Korea in Food Aid Talks - BBC

US Envoys in Beijing for N. Korea Food Aid Talks - AP

Satellite Images Show Progress at N. Korea Reactor - AP

China Calls Tibetan Immolators Criminals, Outcasts - AP

Dempsey Reaffirms US-Japan Alliance at Earthquake Anniversary Event - AFPS

Justice's Trial Now a Threat to Philippine President - NYT

What's Missing in North Korea Nuke Deal - AT opinion



Russia: After Landslide Victory, Putin Faces Public Backlash - VOA

Russian Protesters Split by Arrests - WP

Despite Kremlin’s Signals, US Ties Remain Strained After Russian Election - NYT

Russia: Putin Faces Steep Challenge in Protests - AP

Suicide Bomber Kills 5 Police in Russia's Dagestan - Reuters

Sarkozy Says France has too Many Foreigners - BBC

A Tear for Putin’s Russia - WP editorial

Putin’s Big Win - WP opinion


South Asia

India: Congress Party Fares Poorly in 5 States - WP

India's Ruling Congress Party Loses Key State Poll - AP

India: Arrest in Israeli Diplomat Attack - BBC

India: Journalist Arrested in New Delhi Bomb Attack - AP

China Official Sees Militant Links in Pakistan - Reuters