Small Wars Journal

6 October SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI


For US, Tricky Path in Dealing With Afghan Insurgents - NYT

Karzai Reassures Pakistan on India Deal - VOA

Karzai Tries to Soothe Pakistan - NYT

Plot to Kill Afghan President Karzai Foiled - WP

Plot to Kill Afghan President Karzai Foiled - NYT

Afghans Say Plot to Kill President Karzai Uncovered - LAT

NATO-Led Forces Kill Senior Haqqani Militant - VOA

After Decade of War, Afghans Mull Taliban Return - Reuters

Afghans Rally in Kabul, Demand NATO Troops Leave - AP

Afghanistan Asks for Drought Aid - BBC

Afghan Americans See Lost Decade - WP

ISAF Operations Roundup - AFPS



Pakistan Seeks an Update on Raymond Davis - WP



UN Chief Sees 'Moral Obligation' to End Bloodshed in Syria - VOA

Clinton: UN Security Council Failed Syria - VOA

US Assails China, Russia Vetoes on Syria at UN - AP

Russia and China Try to Shield Friend - NYT

UN Veto Called ‘Green Light’ for Troubled Syrian Regime - WT

Army Defectors Aim to Overthrow Syrian Regime - AP

Cowardly UN Vetoes - WP editorial



US, Yemen Ties Strained on Terrorism - WP

Yemen General: West Cuts Counter-Terrorism Aid - Reuters

Dialogue Dead in Yemen? - UPI



Iraq Troop Talks Stuck on Issue of Immunity - AP

US Reviews Iraq Warning on Immunity for Troops - Reuters



NATO: Libya Mission Doesn't Hinge on Gadhafi's Capture - McClatchy

NATO Divided on End to Libya Air War - LAT

NATO: No Immediate End to Libya Bombing - AP

Authorities Struggle to Rein in Militias - WP

Fighters Loot and Burn on Outskirts Gadhafi's Hometown - LAT

Eni Fears Largest Libyan Oilfield Is in Ruins - Reuters



No Presidential Candidate From Egypt Military - NYT

Egypt's Presidential Hopefuls Want Early Vote - Reuters

Restive Egypt Workers Pose Economic, Political Threats - Reuters

Anwar Sadat's Vision for Egypt - LAT opinion


Israel / Palestinians

Turkish PM: Israel Threat Because of Nuclear Weapons - VOA

Palestinians Win a Vote on Bid to Join UNESCO - NYT

Palestinians Near UNESCO Membership - Reuters

Palestinian Anger at US Rising Over UN Veto Threat - AP

Palestinians Say Will Work With Blair - Reuters

Is Israel Its Own Worst Enemy? - NYT opinion



Bahrain Orders Retrials for Medical Workers - NYT

Bahrain Grants Medics a Retrial - BBC

Bahrain Doctor Tells of Abuse, Coerced Confession - VOA

Bahrain Sentences 33 More for Protest Violence - AP

Bahrain Risks More Unrest, Shi'ite Demands Unmet - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Shiite Unrest Spurs Saudi Arabian Jitters - UPI

Tunisia PM: Don’t Worry About Islamists - WP


Al Qaeda / Terrorism

Ex-CIA Head Cautious About al Qaeda Defeat - WT

Social Networks Used to Counter al Qaeda - WT

Do More to Defend the Awlaki Strike - WP editorial

License to Kill? - UPI opinion

Is the Targeted Killing of Americans Legal? - UPI opinion



Panetta, NATO Defense Ministers Meet in Brussels - AFPS

US Calls for NATO Cooperation in Time of Austerity - VOA

Panetta Urges Europe to Spend More on NATO - NYT

Panetta Praises NATO During Trip - WP

Panetta Details NATO Successes, Challenges - AFPS

Rasmussen: NATO Remains "Indispensable Alliance" - AP

Spain Will Port US Ships to Support NATO Missile Defense - AFPS


US Department of Defense

Poll: 1 in 3 Vets Say Iraq, Afghan Wars Not Worth Fighting - AP

Lynn: Cut Defense, But Learn From Past Mistakes - AFPS

Before Stepping Down, Lynn Assesses ‘Signature’ Issues - AFPS

Change Planned for Next Gitmo Trials - AP

Lawmaker Asks DOD to Review Cases that Might Merit MoH - S&S

iPads, iPhones Among Devices Banned from DOD Networks - S&S

Support Grows in Congress for Guard Seat on JCS - AFT

Missile Defense System Hits 2 Targets over Hawaii - AP

Upgrades to Keep B-52s Flying Through 2040 - AFT

Inside the Ring - WT


United States

'Occupy Wall Street' Protest Joined by Labor, Community Groups - VOA

Occupy Wall Street Wins over Union Backing, More Protesters - LAT

Task Force Acts to Protect Computer Networks - WT

ATF Chief ‘Refocusing’ on ‘Core Mission’ of Bureau - WT

ATF's New Director Shakes Up Agency - AP

7 NY Dems Call for Investigation into NYPD Spying - AP

NY Judge: No Web for Jurors at Soviet Arms Trial - AP



UN: Somalia Suicide Blast Death Toll Goes Over 100 - AP

Somali Aid Push in Famine Zones - BBC

Congo Disappearances Haunt UN Experts - UPI

Rebels Kill 10 in Eastern Congo Attacks - Reuters

Group: War Crimes by Both Sides in Ivory Coast - AP

Zimbabwe: Anglican Leader to Seek Meeting With Mugabe - NYT

Uganda Ministers Face Fraud Trial - BBC



US Tells Latin America to Help Poor Get Richer Too - AP

Mexico Arrests Top Cartel Suspect - BBC

Panelists: Colombia Could Help US-Mexico Border Issues - UPI

Mexico: New Enforcement Push in Veracruz State - LAT

'Rival' Killed Mexico Politician - BBC

Obama Hails Return of Honduras to Democratic Fold - Reuters

Cubans Look to Private Sector to Make Ends Meet - Reuters

Terms of Cuban Spy Release Irritate US-Cuba Ties - Reuters

Haiti’s New PM Emphasizes Need for Jobs - Reuters


Asia Pacific

White House Voices Concern on China Currency Bill - Reuters

Japanese FM Visits Seoul on Nuclear, Other Issues - VOA

US Base Tests Dueling Interests in S. Korea - WT

S. Korea's New Nuclear Envoy Heads to US for Talks - AP

South Korea Refuses to Return 2 North Koreans - AP

Naval Base Puts S. Korea's 'Island of World Peace' in Hot Spot - S&S

Philippine Troops Battle Rebels After Mine Attack - AP

Philippine Police Rescue Hostage Held by Militants - AP

Aid Group MSF Ends Thailand Work - BBC



USAREUR Commander Says European Mission Still Vital - S&S

Hertling Hints Brigade Could Leave Europe Sooner - S&S

Europe Tries to Stave Off a Reckoning - NYT

Clashes in Athens As Europe Fears Looming Bank Crisis - VOA

Greeks Protest Cutbacks Amid Growing Weariness - NYT

Changed Russia Arches Eyebrow at Putin’s Staged Antics - NYT

Russia Successfully Launches US Satellite - VOA

Russia Claims to Have Detained Chinese Spy - AP

Russia: Why the Pessimism over Putin’s Return? - WP opinion