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6 December SWJ Roundup


Analysis: Obama's Trip Signals Afghan War Plan Set - Associated Press

U.N. Appeals for $678 Million in Aid for Afghanistan - Associated Press

Afghan Poll Shows Falling Confidence in U.S. - Washington Post

Afghans' Faith In U.S. Ebbing, Poll Finds - Reuters

Afghan Support for Insurgency Rising, Poll Suggests - BBC News

A Look at the Method Behind the Post Afghan Poll - Washington Post

Villagers in Afghan District Told Local Government is Key - Stars and Stripes

U.S. Fights to Open School in Taliban Area - Associated Press

Afghanistan Government Arrests 4 on Election Panel - New York Times

4 More Afghan Election Employees Arrested - Associated Press

Afghan Minister Disputes U.S. Diplomatic Cable - Associated Press

Senior Official Details Success, Challenges in Afghanistan - AFPS

Attacks Kill 3 Coalition Troops in Afghanistan - Los Angeles Times

Afghanistan Blast Kills 2 NATO Troops - Voice of America

Two NATO Soldiers Killed in Suicide Attack - Agence France-Presse

Two Foreign Troops Killed in Attack - BBC News

Blast Near Afghan Military Base, Casualties - Reuters

Afghan Withdrawal Deadline Undermines Success - Washington Times opinion


Outlook Glum for 'Porous' Pakistan Border - Washington Times

Pakistanis Return to Tribal Area After Offensive - Associated Press

Pakistan Military Says Its Supports Government - Associated Press

Pakistan Suicide Bomb Attack Kills Dozens - BBC News

Blasts in Government Compound Kill 28 in Pakistan - Associated Press

Suicide Blasts Kill 40 In Pakistan's Northwest - Reuters

Wikileaks: Mumbai Accused 'Directs Terror from Jail' - BBC News

Pakistan Woman Recounts Ordeal Under Taliban - Associated Press

Pakistan Court Issues Warrants Over Bhutto's Death - Associated Press

Afghanistan / Pakistan

Pakistan, Afghanistan Leaders Reject Credibility of WikiLeaks Documents - VOA

Afghans and Pakistanis Attack Cables - New York Times

Korean Peninsula

U.S. Steps Up Pressure on China to Rein in N. Korea - Washington Post

China's Hu Tells Obama Korea Tension Could Go Out Of Control - Reuters

U.S., Allies, Plot North Korea Strategy Without China - Reuters

North Korea Increases Criticism of the South - Wall Street Journal

Despite Threats, War Not Likely in Korea - Stars and Stripes

South Korea Repeats Warning Against North Korea - Reuters

N. Korea Lambasts S. Korea's New Defense Chief - Associated Press

South Korea Begins Naval Firing Drills - New York Times

Haunted by Attack, Few Return to Yeonpyeong Island - New York Times


U.S. Fears Allawi's Political Exclusion - Washington Post

Cables: Meddling Neighbors Undercut Iraq's Political Stability - New York Times

As U.S. Leaves, Iraqis Suffer Economic Toll - New York Times

More Foreign Fighters Seen Slipping Back into Iraq - Associated Press

Dozens of Casualties in Explosions Targeting Shi'ite Areas of Baghdad - VOA

7 Blasts Hit Baghdad, With Mostly Shiite Targets - New York Times

Baghdad Bombs Targeting Shiite Areas Kill 17 - Associated Press

E-mails from the Front Lines of the Iraq War - Los Angeles Times


Nuclear Talks Start Between Iran and 6 Nations - New York Times

Iran Begins Talks with World Powers Amid Low Expectations - Washington Post

Iran Announces Nuclear Breakthrough on Eve of Talks - Los Angeles Times

Iran and Key Powers Meet for Nuclear Talks in Geneva - BBC News

Iran Talks Start After Strong Rhetoric, Low Hopes - Associated Press

Major Powers, Iran Resume Nuclear Talks - Reuters

Nuclear Negotiators Seek Framework, Don't See Breakthrough - Bloomberg

Iran Tells Gulf Arabs It Is No Threat to Region - Voice of America

Iran Says U.N. Agency Sending Spies, Not Inspectors - Associated Press

Iran Says It Has Produced Its First Yellowcake Uranium - Voice of America

Iran Claims it Can Produce Yellow-cake Uranium - Los Angeles Times

Iran to Process Its Own Raw Uranium - Associated Press

Iranian Official Signals Gap Ahead of Talks - Washington Post

Gulf Leaders to Meet as Iran Nuclear Fears Loom - Associated Press

Defiant Iran Reports Nuclear Advance Before Talks - Reuters

Iran Talks: Strong Rhetoric, Low Expectations - Associated Press

Entrepreneurs do Business of a Sort in Face of Sanctions - Los Angeles Times

Iranian Cash Building Bonds with Bolivia - Washington Post

Nuclear Talks Serve Dual Purpose for Iran - Los Angeles Times opinion


WikiLeaks, Round Three - Small Wars Journal (post-release)

SWJ Wikileaks Roundup - Small Wars Journal (pre-release)

U.S. Department of Defense

3 of 4 Service Chiefs Oppose Prompt DADT Repeal - Stars and Stripes

Pentagon Lawyer Who Co-Wrote Report on Gays - New York Times

DADT: Let the Pentagon Lead - Washington Post editorial

Panel: Cowpens' CO Should Get General Discharge - Navy Times

Counterspies Hunt Russian Mole Inside NSA - Washington Times

NCIS: Sailor at Bragg Sold Secret Documents - Fayetteville Observer

United States

Sailor Remembers Pearl Harbor Attack 69 Years Ago - Associated Press

Cables Depict Range of Obama Diplomacy - New York Times

Leaked U.S. Documents Highlight Terror Fund Woes - Associated Press

From WikiLemons, Clinton Tries to Make Lemonade - New York Times

Clinton Tour Showed Limits of WikiLeaks Damage - Associated Press

Government Workers Ordered Not to Read Cables - New York Times

Tension Grows Between Calif. Muslims, FBI - Washington Post

Terrorism Makes New York More Wary, Gradually - Associated Press

Unusual Methods Helped ICE Hit Deportation Mark - Washington Post

New Subject of Debate on Mideast: Hummus - New York Times

Who had the Worst Week? Hillary Clinton - Washington Post opinion

Better Intelligence Oversight - Washington Post opinion

United Kingdom

Aide to British Lawmaker Arrested Over Spying Claims - New York Times


Egypt Says South Sudan Secession Looks Inevitable - Reuters

South Sudan Official: No Delay to Jan Freedom Vote - Associated Press

Sudan's South Rejects Bid For Delay Of January 9 Vote - Reuters

Somalia: Returning to Help Homeland - Washington Post

Bangladeshi Ship Seized by Pirates Heads to Somalia - BBC News

Somali Pirates Hijack Cargo Ship With 25 People Off India - Associated Press

Dutch to Try Five Somalis For Pirate Hijacking - Reuters

A Government Forms in Ivory Coast - New York Times

Protests in Ivory Coast After 2 Claim Presidency - Associated Press

Rival Presidential Candidates Take Dueling Oaths of Office in Ivory Coast - VOA

2 Oaths of Office Taken in Ivory Coast - New York Times

Ivory Coast: Rival Presidents Each Sworn In - Los Angeles Times

Ivory Coast Leader Takes Oath Despite Dispute - Associated Press

Ivory Coast's Gbagbo Sworn In Despite World Rejection - Reuters

Mbeki Tries to Mediate Ivory Coast Presidential Standoff - VOA

Mbeki Starts Ivory Coast Mission - BBC News

Mbeki In Ivory Coast to Mediate In Election Standoff - Reuters

E.U.: Ivory Coast Election Uncertainty Bad For Region - Reuters

Kenya Asks for FBI Help After 3 Police Killed - Associated Press

S. African Newspaper Debuts Denying It's ANC Agent - Associated Press

Western Sahara: Refugees Journey Back Home - Washington Post

Americas and Caribbean

Mexico Border Drug Tunnels Put Warehouses Under Scrutiny - Associated Press

Mexican State Will Try Boy Accused of Beheadings - Associated Press

Gunmen Kill 4 in Attack on 2 Mexico Rehab Centers - Associated Press

Mexico: Knocking Down the Kingpins - Los Angeles Times editorial

Incoming Brazilian President Wants Closer Ties With U.S. - Voice of America

Iranian Cash Building Bonds with Bolivia - Washington Post

Venezuelans Elect 11 Mayors, 2 State Governors - Associated Press

Haiti: More Cholera Cases, Fewer Deaths - Voice of Amercia

I've Seen the Future (in Haiti) - New York Times opinion

Asia Pacific

Japan Defence Plan Wary Of China's Military - Reuters

Cables Discuss Vast Hacking by a China That Fears the Web - New York Times

WikiLeaks: Chinese Leaders Ordered Google Hack - Washington Post

Hundreds in Hong Kong March for Nobel Winner's Freedom - Voice of America

Hong Kong Protest Calls for Nobel Winner's Freedom - Associated Press

Hundreds In Hong Kong Demand China Free Nobel Winner Liu - Reuters

Rights Group Says Caning in Malaysia is Torture - New York Times

Philippine Leader Says Media Ruining His Love Life - Associated Press


As Europe Cuts Military Budgets, Worry About Clout - Los Angeles Times

Germany's Angst About Islamists Goes Mainstream - Associated Press

Greece: Police Say 6 Arrests Foiled Attack - New York Times

Greek Police Find Suspected Guerrilla Arms Cache - Reuters

Greek Gun Hideouts 'Probed for Extremist Links' - Agence France-Presse

Russia Reports $3.8 Trillion In Suspect Transfers - Reuters

IMF to urge E.U. to Shore Up Bailout Fund - Washington Post

Cables: Europe Wary of U.S. Bank Monitors - New York Times

Russia: Mr. Putin's Show Trial - Washington Post editorial

Europe's Piecemeal Failure - New York Times opinion

Is Turkey Still an Ally? - Washington Post opinion

Middle East

Cables Suggest Mideast Resists Cutting Terrorists' Cash - New York Times

Wikileaks: Saudis 'Chief Funders of al-Qaeda' - Daily Telegraph

Gates Meets With Leaders in Oman, Plans Carrier Visit - AFPS

Gates Visits Oman; Iran, Yemen on Agenda - Associated Press

Abbas Threatens to Dissolve Palestinian Authority - Voice of America

Abbas: Last Resort I'll Ask Israel to Take Over - Associated Press

Israel Fears 'Flood' of Migrants Threatens State - Associated Press

Israel Credits Outside Help as Deadly Fire Is Contained - New York Times

Suspects Held as Deadly Fire Rages in Israel for Third Day - New York Times

Israeli Police Say Negligence Likely Caused Blaze - Associated Press

U.N. Investigating Reported Device Blast in Lebanon - Associated Press

Yemen Loses in Soccer, but Scores a P.R. Victory - New York Times

Polls in Egyptian Runoff Close Under Protest - Voice of America

Low Interest in Egyptian Runoff That Favors Ruling Party - New York Times

Egypt Holds Parliament Runoffs Amid Fraud Claims - Associated Press

Egyptians Vote In Run-Off After Opposition Quits - Reuters

Hosni Mubarak Party to Sail Through Boycotted Egypt Vote - Reuters

Why is the U.S. Afraid of Egypt? - Washington Post editorial

Israel and the U.S.: A Lopsided Relationship - Los Angeles Times opinion

South Asia

Pakistani Hackers Shut India Crime Bureau Website - Reuters

'Pak Cyber Army' Claims Credit for CBI Website Attack - Times of India

Sarkozy Courts Indian Business, G20 Support - Reuters

India, France Sign Multimillion Nuclear Power Deal - Associated Press

Sri Lankan War Crimes Suspect Posted to U.N. - Washington Times