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6 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Afghan President Accepts Top Ministers' Dismissal - VOA

Karzai to Replace 2 Key Ministers After No-Confidence Vote - S&S

Karzai Moves to Reassure After Security Ministers Are Dismissed - NYT

Britain Returns Stolen Artifacts to Afghanistan - AP

The Forgotten Afghan War - WP opinion



Syrian Forces Pound Rebel Positions in Aleppo - VOA

Syrian Forces Vow 'Decisive' Showdown for Aleppo - AP

Assad's Forces Pound Rebel Stronghold in Aleppo - Reuters

Syrian State TV Reportedly Attacked as Propaganda War Unfolds - NYT

Syria TV 'Hit by Bomb Attack' in Damascus - BBC

Syria: Bomb Blast in State TV Building in Damascus - AP

Muslim Brotherhood Establishes Militia Inside Syria - TT

Syrian Rebels Say Hostages 'Iranian Soldiers'- AJ

Writer Defends His Handling of Interview With Assad - NYT

Islamic Extremists Threaten Syria’s Christians - WT editorial

Risks of Inaction in Syria - WP opinion

Why Annan Quit Syria Mission - TG opinion

Is Obama Getting What He Wants on Syria? - FP opinion

Syria Conflict Is Really About Iran - PJ Media opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Israel Had Reports of Impending Attack From Egypt - AP

Israel Says Attack Should Be 'Wake-Up Call' for Egypt - Reuters

Israel Calls on Egypt to Tighten Security in Sinai - Reuters

Gunmen Kill 15 and Steal Vehicle in Attack on Egypt Base - NYT

16 Egypt Border Guards Killed, Islamists Suspected - AP

Islamists Kill 15 Egyptians, Israel Strikes Attackers - Reuters

'Egypt Border Gunmen' Found Dead - BBC

Egypt Says Border Attack Undertaken by Gaza, Sinai Militants - Reuters

Egypt President Promises Security for Tourists - AFP

Israel Bars Foreign Envoys From West Bank Meeting - NYT

West Bank Summit Scrapped After Israel Bars Envoys - Reuters

Iran TV Airs Confessions in Murder of Scientists - AP

Blast on Pipeline Stops Iraq Oil Flows to Turkey - Reuters

Yemen Suicide Attacker Kills 45 - BBC

Toll of Suicide Attack Rises to 45 in Yemen - AP

Suicide Bomber Kills 45 in South Yemen City - Reuters

UAE Probes Plot Against State Security, Says Has Foreign Links - Reuters

Libya Red Cross Building Attacked - BBC

Three Armed Men Killed in Libya as Violence Escalates - Reuters

Is Saudi Arabia on Edge? - WP opinion

Libya Doing Better Than Reported - AJ opinion


US Department of Defense

Is Pentagon Spending Good for the Economy? - WT

Researchers Look to WWI for Clues About Traumatic Brain Injuries - TNO

Military Adding More Electric Vehicles to Fleet - S&S

Obama Frags Military Voters - WT editorial


United States

Gunman Kills 6 in Shooting at Sikh Temple in Wis. - WP

Gunman Kills 6 at a Sikh Temple Near Milwaukee - NYT

Sikh Shock at US Temple Shootings - BBC

Firm with Ties to Iran Paid Obama Associate to Give Talks - WP

Veterans' Risk of Developing ALS May be Higher - DFP

Republicans Fail a Security Test - NYT editorial

The Leak Police - NYT opinion



Clinton Praises Banda During Malawi Visit - VOA

Saying Mali ‘Is Our Country,’ Militias Train to Oust Islamists - NYT

World Food Program Employee Killed in Sudan - VOA

Deal Agreed on Sudan Aid Flights - BBC

Civilians Killed in Congo as Regional Leaders Meet - AP

Nigeria Bombing Kills Soldiers - BBC

Car Suicide Bomber Kills 8 in Northeast Nigeria - AP

Suicide Bomb Attack on Nigeria Checkpoint Kills Eight - Reuters

Five Soldiers Killed in Ivory Coast Attacks - Reuters

Zambians Kill China Mine Manager - BBC



Thumbprint Readers Stir Fears in Venezuela Vote - AP

Sean Penn Joins Chavez on Campaign in Venezuela - Reuters


Asia Pacific / Central

US-S. Korean Exercise to Hone Strategy for Renewed Focus on Pacific - FO

Flooded N. Korean City Desperate for Drinking Water - AP

High-Ranking North Korean Official Visits Vietnam - AP

China Leaders Hold Resort Talks as Transition Looms - BBC

China Attacks US South China Sea 'Trouble-Making' - BBC

2,000 Arrested in China in Counterfeit Drug Crackdown - NYT

Gang War Fears See Macau Police Detain 150, Hong Kong Arrest 130 - Reuters

Doctors: Japan Nuclear Plant Workers Face Stigma - AP

Breakaway Rebels Attack Filipino Troops; 3 Killed - AP

Vietnam Detains Anti-China Demonstrators - AP

Cambodians Find Possible Khmer Rouge Mass Grave - AP



Italy's Monti Warns Europe of 'Psychological Break-up' - BBC

Spain Charges Terror Suspects Who Went Paragliding - AP

Spain Charges 'al-Qaeda' Russians - BBC

Optimism in Greece After Talks With Lenders - NYT

Greece: Athens Police Target Immigrants - BBC

A Decadent Reminder of Russia Before Putin - NYT

Turkey: 115 Kurdish Rebels Killed in Offensive - AP

Turkey Fighting 'Claims 19 Lives' - BBC


South Asia

Indian Premier Saddened at US Sikh Temple Shooting - AP

India Monsoon Floods Kill Dozens - BBC

China Urges Sri Lanka to Release 37 Detained Fishermen - Reuters