Small Wars Journal

5 October SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI


With Modern Means, Taliban Bolster Sway in Afghanistan - NYT

India and Afghanistan Sign Pact - WP

Afghanistan Favors India and Denigrates Pakistan - NYT

India, Afghanistan Pledge Cooperation - LAT

Afghanistan Signs Pact with India, Irking Pakistan - AP

Karzai Reassures Pakistan over India 'Strategic Pact' - BBC

In India, Karzai Reaches Out to 'Brother' Pakistan - Reuters

NATO: Haqqani Network Leader Killed in Afghanistan - AP

NATO Says Kills Senior Haqqani Commander - Reuters

10 Years On and Life Grim for Afghans - AP

ISAF Operations Roundup - AFPS

Double Trouble in Afghanistan - WP editorial



Pakistan Appears More Isolated After India-Afghan Pact - Reuters

Pakistan Taliban Play Down Talks - BBC

In Pakistan, a Humanitarian Light Shines - LAT

Gunmen Attack Shiites on Bus in Southwest Pakistan - NYT



Russia, China Veto UN Resolution on Syria; US, Europe ‘Outraged’ - VOA

UN Resolution on Syria Blocked by Russia and China - NYT

Russia, China Block Syria Resolution - WP

UN Resolution on Syria is Vetoed - BBC

Western Effort to End Assad’s Crackdown Fails - WT

Turkey Says Sanctions on Syria to Go Ahead - AP

Syrian Embassies Accused of Threatening Activists Overseas - VOA

Syria Revokes Week-Old Ban on Imports of Consumer Goods - NYT

US Senate Approves Robert Ford as Ambassador - LAT



US-born Qaeda Cleric Awlaki Buried in Yemen - Reuters

Yemeni Troops Shell Anti-Saleh Forces - Reuters



US Puts $10 Million Bounty on Iraq al-Qaida Leader - AP

Iraq Denies Legal Immunity to US Troops After 2011 -NYT

Iraqi Leaders Want US Trainers, Reject Immunity - AP



NTC Launches 'Final Assault' on Gadhafi Stronghold - VOA

Libyan Forces Plan 'Final' Attack on Gaddafi Hometown - Reuters

Sirte Residents Turn Anger on Libya's New Rulers - Reuters

On the Run, Gaddafi Leaves Few Footprints - Reuters

Back to School in Libya, and Struggling to Adjust - NYT



Egypt Unclear on Timetable of Power Transfer, US Says - NYT

Panetta Prods Egypt on Democracy - WP

US Defense Secretary Presses Cairo to Lift Security Law - LAT

Egyptian Columnists Protest Military Censorship - AP

Concern for Jailed Egypt Blogger - BBC

In Egypt, a Dreamer’s Lonely Protest - WP


Israel / Palestinians

Mideast 'Quartet' Envoys to Meet on Sunday - Reuters

US Palestinian Aid Block Censured - BBC

Palestinians Seeking Membership in UNESCO - AP

Teachers' Protest Closes Gaza's UN Schools - AP

Israel Bombing Killed Captives in Lebanon - Reuters

Israel Dismisses Deputy Envoy to US Over Media Leak - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Clashes in Eastern Saudi Arabia Region - BBC

Bahrain Sentences Pro-Reform Activists to Prison - VOA

Bahrain Jails 27 for Unrest Links - BBC


Al Qaeda / Terrorism

When Leaders Die, Terror Still Thrives - NYT opinion



NATO Ministers to Discuss Afghanistan, Libya - AP

U.S. Cuts Put Pressure on NATO to Boost Cooperation - Reuters

Panetta: US Military Can't Make Up NATO Shortfalls - AP


US Department of Defense

The American Military and Civilians, Worlds Apart - WP

No 9/11 Trial this Year at Guantanamo War Court - S&S

Army Corps Contracting Fraud Alleged - WP

DOD: $35 M for Families to Leave Japan Following Nuclear Crisis - S&S


United States

Detention of Terror Suspects Blocks Defense Bill - AP

Electrocution Case Against KBR Can be Tried in US Court - S&S

2 Other Somalis Sentenced in Piracy Case - VOA

Jury Sought for Nigerian Held in Bid to Bomb Jet - NYT

Defendant in Underwear Bomb Case has Outburst in Court - LAT

Memo: Holder Told of ‘Fast and Furious’ as Early as July 2010 - WT

Puerto Rico Prodded to Get Tough on Police - NYT

Hint of Deterrence in US Drone-War Strategy - WP opinion



Somalia: Deadly Bombing in Mogadishu Marks Return of Al-Shabab - VOA

Truck Bomb Kills Dozens in Somalia’s Capital - NYT

Deadly Attack Hits Somali Capital - BBC

Truck Bomb Kills Dozens in Capital of Somalia - AP

Freed Sudanese Slave Testifies to US Congressional Panel - VOA

Rwanda Leader 'Sparked Genocide' - BBC

Uganda LRA Rebel Tracker Unveiled - BBC

Dalai Lama’s Visa Request Is Denied by South Africa - NYT

Dalai Lama Cancels Highly Charged South Africa Trip - Reuters



Mexico Police Held in Drugs Probe - BBC

Mexico Nabs 9 Escaped Inmates at Cartel Camp - AP

Haiti Appoints New Prime Minister - BBC

Haiti's Long Wait for PM Ends With 3rd Pick - AP


Asia Pacific

Fed Chief: Undervalued Chinese Currency Harms US Recovery - VOA

Rogers Slams China on Cyber-Espionage - WP

US Lawmakers Demand Action over China Cyber Attacks - LAT

Lawmaker Calls Out Beijing on Internet ‘Trade War’ - WT

US Lawmaker Slams China for Cyber Spying - AP

Russia Reveals China 'Spy' Arrest - BBC

US Senate’s Bill on Tariffs Angers China -NYT

China Moves to Rein in Microblogs - WP

DOD Official Cites Importance of Stability in Taiwan Strait - AFPS

North Korea Rejects Preconditions for Nuclear Talks - AFP

N. Korea Wants Back 2 Citizens Found in South Waters - AP

Malaysia Frees 125 Suspects in Security Law Repeal - AP

Thailand Flood Deaths Exceed 200 - BBC

Philippine Police Capture Suspected Beheader - AP

The Wrong Way to Deal With China - NYT editorial

In Myanmar, Seize the Moment - NYT opinion



Europe Wavers on Terms of Second Greek Bailout - VOA

Greece Hit by New General Strike - BBC

Greek Workers Strike to Protest Austerity Program - NYT

Greek Terrorist Trial Postponed Due to Strike - AP

Italy's Credit Rating is Slashed - BBC

Russia Declares Close to Joining the World Trade Organization - NYT

Putin Aide Woos Russia's Middle-Class Voters - Reuters

Russia Reveals China 'Spy' Arrest - BBC

In Polish Election, a Rivalry Deepened by Tragedy - AP

Turkey Detains 140 in Inquiry on Kurds - NYT


South Asia

India Police Make 'Gandhi Gaffe' - BBC

Ceasefire by West Bengal Maoists - BBC