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5 March SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


US-Afghanistan Talks Falter Despite Leeway on Detention Facilities - NYT

A Number of Troops Return to Battle after Suffering Severe Wounds - AP



Syrian Forces Pound Rebel-held Town as Some Aid Gets Through - VOA

Red Cross Allowed into City, but Barred from Worst-Hit Area - WP

Syria Army Shelling Homs and Nearby Villages, Opposition Says - LAT

Heavy Clashes Erupt in South Syria Near Jordan Border - Reuters

Lebanon Expects Influx of Syrian Refugees - NYT

Israel Offers Humanitarian Aid to Syria - WT



Ahmadinejad's Supporters Defeated in Parliamentary Election - VOA

Elections Favor Ayatollah’s Allies, Dealing Blow to President - NYT

Obama: Diplomacy Top Option on Iran - VOA

‘Loose Talk of War’ Only Helps Iran, President Says - NYT

Obama Rejects 'Bluster' over Iran but Assures Israel's Supporters - LAT

Obama Warns of Force Against Iran - BBC

Obama Assures Israel US Force an Option on Iran - AP

Peres: US, Israel Agree on Stopping Iranian Nukes - WT

Israeli Leaders Praise Obama's AIPAC Speech - AP

Obama, Netanyahu Face Struggle Over Iran 'Red Lines' - Reuters

West Pushes Hard on Iran at Nuclear Meeting - AP

House Bill Seeks Report on Iran in Latin America - WT

Israel's Brinkmanship, America's Peril - LAT opinion

Would Military Strike on Iran Be Legal? - RCP opinion



Al Qaeda in Iraq Mounts Comeback - WT

20 Police Killed in Western Iraq - NYT

Wave of Iraq Attacks Kills Police - BBC

Officials: 25 Police Killed in Western Iraq - AP

Iraq, Saudi Arabia Show Relations Thaw - WP


Middle East / North Africa

Israel Trims Detention of Palestinian Hunger-Striker - Reuters

Southern Yemen Fighting Kills 35 Soldiers, 20 al-Qaida Militants - VOA

Dozens of Yemeni Soldiers Reported Dead in Militant Attack - NYT

Saudi Flexes Gulf Grip With Bahrain 'Union' Plans - AP

Libyan Militia Says UK Journalists are 'Spies' - BBC

Libya: Fury over Attack on British War Graves in Benghazi - BBC


United States

Attorney General to Explain Rationale for Targeting US Citizens Abroad - WP

US to Offer Legal Backing for 'Targeted Killing' - Reuters

Gitmo War Crimes Court Surprises Some Observers - AP

Guilty Verdicts for Guantanamo Prisoners - AP

Obama’s Allies, Foes Speculate on a Big Second-term Agenda - WP

Families Oppose 9/11 Remains at Memorial Museum - AP

National Guard Troops Respond to Midwestern, Southern Tornadoes - AFPS

A Fair Deal for a Terrorist - WP editorial

Defense is Under the Gun - WP opinion

Can US Still Promote Democracy Abroad? - FP opinion



Nigeria Military Kills 3 Suspected Sect Members - AP

At Least 200 Reported Dead in Republic of Congo Blasts - VOA

'Bad Wiring' Caused Congo Blasts - BBC

IOM: Impossible to Meet Deadline for Repatriating S. Sudanese - VOA



House Bill Seeks Report on Iran in Latin America - WT

Venezuela's Chavez says Tumor was Malignant - BBC

Chavez Faces More Cancer Treatment Before Venezuela Vote - Reuters

Peru Captures 'Shining Path Boss' - BBC

Haiti's Martelly Wants Camps of Ex-Soldiers Cleared - Reuters

Falklands are British, Not Argentine - WT opinion


Asia Pacific

China's Premier Warns of Slower Growth - WP

In China’s Annual Assessment, Wen Is Optimistic - NYT

China Ups Domestic Spending as Economy Slows - AP

China Boosts 2012 Military Spending  - VOA

China Announces Double-Digit Hike in Defense Budget - LAT

China to Boost Military Spending - WP

China Boosts Military Spending More Than 11 Percent - NYT

China Begins Parliament Session - BBC

China: Tibetan Mother of 4 Sets Herself on Fire in Protest - VOA

China: Tibet Woman Sets Herself on Fire - BBC

Korean Nuclear Envoys Could Meet During US Forum - AP

Market Blast Kills 1, Wounds 7 in Thailand's South - AP

Indonesia Sentences Militant to 18 Years in Prison - AP



Putin Declares Victory in Russian Presidential Election - VOA

Russia: Putin Celebrates Election Victory - BBC

Russia: Putin Wins, but Opposition Keeps Pressing - NYT

Russia: Putin Wins Election Amid Fraud Complaints - WP

Putin Declares Presidential Victory in Russia - LAT

Russia: Putin Faces Energized Opposition - WP

Russian Turnout Includes Thousands of Eager Election Observers - NYT

Foreign Observers: Serious Problems in Russia Vote - AP

Monitors: Russian Vote Skewed in Putin's Favor - Reuters

Russia: Medvedev Orders Review of Tycoon’s Conviction - NYT

Iceland Ex-Premier Trial Begins - BBC

Small Bomb Blast Near Turkish PM Building - Reuters

Russia: The End of Putinism - WP opinion

Putin's Pyrrhic Victory - LAT opinion

Cleaning Up in Moscow - FP opinion