Small Wars Journal

5 March SWJ Roundup

Middle East / North Africa Unrest

Wave of Arab Unrest Continues - Washington Post

U.S. Wavers on Arab 'Regime Change' - Wall Street Journal

Qaddafi Brutalizes Foes, Armed or Defenseless - New York Times

Gaddafi Loyalists Unleash Fiercest Attack Yet - Washington Post

Fighting, Airstrikes and Protests Rock Libya - Voice of America

Libyan Rebels Locked in Battles - BBC News

Gadhafi Forces Battle Rebels as 37 Killed in Libya - Associated Press

Libyan Forces Attack Western Town, Rebel Push in East - Reuters

Libyan Rebels Accused of Targeting Blacks - Los Angeles Times

A Dissident Takes on Kadafi - Los Angeles Times

Foreigners May Be Prevented From Leaving Libya - Reuters

U.S. Says Gadhafi Has 'Forfeited' Right to Lead Libya - VOA

U.S. Warships Arrive at Crete in Libya Buildup - Associated Press

New Egyptian PM-Designate Addresses Protesters - Voice of America

Egypt: Crowd Cheers Newly Appointed Prime Minister - Washington Post

New Premier Speaks in Cairo Square - New York Times

New Egypt PM Shows Popular Touch in Tahrir Square - Reuters

Egypt: Protesters Storm Alexandria State Security HQ - BBC News

Hundreds March on State Security Building in Egypt - Associated Press

U.S. Offers Aid for Egyptian Democracy - Washington Post

Venezuela Says Libya OKs Chavez Mediation Plan - Associated Press

Previous Tunisia Regime Called 'a Gang of Saboteurs' - Voice of America

Fleeing Migrants Ease at Tunisian Border Crossing - New York Times

New Sectarian Violence Erupts in Bahrain Protests - Voice of America

Bahrainis Fear the U.S. Isn't Behind Fight for Democracy - New York Times

At Least 3 Dead in Yemen Clash - Washington Post

Shooting in Yemen May Widen Tensions - New York Times

Yemen Rallies Grow, Saleh Rejects Plan to Step Down - Reuters

Jordanian Protesters Ratchet Up Demands - Washington Post

More Shi'ite Protests in Saudi Oil Region - Reuters

Palestinian Protests More Muted - Washington Post

A Low-key Mideast Gamble - Washington Post opinion


Maliki's Broadened Powers Seen as a Threat in Iraq - New York Times

Iraqis Protest in 'Day of Regret' - Washington Post

New Iraq Protests Smaller, Less Violent - Los Angeles Times

Iraqis Defy Checkpoints, Vehicle Bans to Protest - Associated Press


U.S. and Sweden to Push U.N. Rights Body to Act on Iran - Reuters


Marines Await Taliban Move in Deadly Afghan Valley - Associated Press

U.S. Seeks Friends in Afghan Detainees - Wall Street Journal

Amputations and Genital Injuries Increase Sharply - Washington Post

Forces Kill Haqqani Terrorist in Afghanistan - AFPS

'AfPak Hands' Strive for Cultural Awareness - AFPS

Pentagon Hit for Lax Oversight of $4.2b Supply Contract - Bloomberg


Grief-Stricken Pakistanis Bury Slain Minister - Voice of America

Slain Cabinet Minister Is Buried in Pakistan - New York Times

Pakistan Christians Bury Murdered Leader - BBC News

Pakistanis Bury Slain Christian, Warn of Extremism - Associated Press

Pakistan: Nowshera Mosque Bombing 'Kills Nine' - BBC News


Even YouTube Can't Silence Radical Cleric - New York Times

Frankfurt Airport Shooting

Gunman in Germany Wanted 'Revenge' for Afghanistan - New York Times

Frankfurt Airport Shooting: Jammed Gun 'Saved Lives' - BBC News

Suspect Chatted With Soldiers Before Shooting - Wall Street Journal

U.S. Department of Defense

Gates Ratchets Up His Campaign of Candor - New York Times

U.S. Must Prepare for Varied Threats, Gates Says - AFPS

Commanders Cite Unpredictable Future Threats - AFPS

Gates Urges New Air Force Leaders to Think Creatively - AFPS

Gates: Air Force Must Find Balance for Future Wars - Associated Press

Lynn Praises Work, Successes of IED-Defeat Agency - AFPS

Senate Confirms Hertling as USAREUR Commander - Stars and Stripes

Fort Hood Suspect Step Closer to Court-Martial - Associated Press

MAJ Nidal Hasan Faces Death Penalty - Stars and Stripes

Sailor Charged with Espionage - Stars and Stripes

United States

Federal Grand Jury in Tucson Indicts Loughner - Washington Post

Rep. Peter King (R-NY): IRA Supporter - Washington Post

United Nations

U.N. Members Eyeing Arms Trade Treaty - Associated Press


Somalia Fighting Forces Thousands of Refugees Into Kenya - VOA

Somalia: At Least 50 A.U. Peacekeepers Dead - Washington Post

Danish Child Hostages Moved to Ship Off Somalia - BBC News

Ivorian City 'Resembles War Zone' - BBC News

Video Shows Women Gunned Down in Ivory Coast - Associated Press

Ivory Coast Pays Government Workers as A.U. Mediators Stall - Reuters

Sanctions Hurt Ivory Coast Economy - Voice of America

The View From Sudan - Washington Post opinion


Mexico: Concerns Raised Over Young Police Chief - New York Times

Rights Activist: Young Mexico Police Chief in U.S. - Associated Press

Family of Slain Mexican Activist Seeks U.S. Asylum - Associated Press

A Free Man Still Looks Over His Shoulder in Mexico - New York Times

13 Mexican Troops Charged With Transporting Drugs - Associated Press

U.S. Orders Mexico Border Gun Probe - BBC News

Mexico's Frustration with U.S. Drug Policy - Washington Post editorial

Arrest of Top Bolivian Drug Cop Riles President - Associated Press

Trial Against U.S. Contractor Starts in Cuba - Associated Press

Cuba Frees Dissident, Other Prisoners - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

Beijing Resumes Rapid Increase in Military Spending - New York Times

China to Boost Military Spending - Voice of America

China Muzzles Media to Prevent Mideast-Style Protests - Voice of America

China's Premier Wen Jiabao Targets 'Social Stability' - BBC News

Virus Infects 40 Web Sites In South Korea - New York Times

Dozens of South Korean Websites Attacked - Associated Press

N. Korea Heir Formally Invited to China-S. Korea Spy Agency - Reuters

Burma Democracy Group Slams Military Fund - Associated Press


German Minister Reopens Row Over Muslim Integration - The Guardian

Austria Holds ex-Bosnia General Divjak on Serb Warrant - BBC News

South Asia

Villages Set to Expand India's Consumer Market - Washington Post

Nepal's Ex-Rebels Finally Join New Government - Associated Press