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5 January SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Karzai Supports Direct US-Taliban Talks - WP

Karzai Gives a Lukewarm Welcome to Taliban Talks - NYT

Iran Intensifies Efforts to Influence Policy in Afghanistan - WP

Afghan Official Gunned Down on Way to Mosque - AP

Some Find Hope in Afghan Outcry Over Bride's Abuse - AP

‘AfPak Hands’ Program Pays Dividends in Afghanistan, Pakistan - AFPS

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Talking With the Taliban - NYT editorial



Pakistani Taliban Kills 15 Abducted Security Officers - VOA

Insurgents Say They Executed 15 Pakistani Soldiers - NYT

Pakistani Militants Kill 15 Security Officers - AP

Pakistani Taliban Say Kill 15 Soldiers, Vow Further 'Revenge' - Reuters



Iranian Bill Would Bar Warships from Gulf - WP

Work as Usual for US Warship After Warning by Iran - NYT

Europe Takes Bold Step Toward a Ban on Iranian Oil - NYT

EU Agrees to Ban Iranian Oil Imports - VOA

EU Agrees to Embargo on Iranian Crude - Reuters

Iranian President Expected to Visit Latin America - LAT

Iran Under Pressure - WP opinion



Syrian Activists: Damascus Misleading Arab League Observers - VOA

Syrian Activists Say Troop Withdrawal Is a Sham - Reuters

Doubts Over Syria Rebel Army After Escalation Threat - Reuters

Syria Releases 552 Detainees - BBC



Explosions Across Baghdad Kill Dozens - NYT

Baghdad Hit by Deadly Bomb Blasts - BBC

Explosions in Shiite Areas of Baghdad Kill 23 - AP

Four Blasts Kill 25 in Iraq's Capital - Reuters



Egypt’s Islamists to Vie for Power - WP

Egypt Leader’s Credibility Stumbles on His Words - NYT

One Year on, No Answers to Egypt Church Bombing - AP

Rulers Are Threatening the Gains of Tahrir Square - NYT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Analysis: Jordan Talks May Help Palestinian Leader - AP

Israel's Religion Minister Fears Jewish Divides - Reuters

Ex-Israeli Leader Olmert Accused of Bribe-Taking - AP

Turkey to Broach Kurdistan Issue in Tehran - VOA

In a Shift, the President of Yemen Will Stay Put - NYT

Yemen President Capitalizes on His Political Wits - LAT

Libyan Leader Says Militia Clashes Could Create Civil War - NYT

Libyan Leader Warns of Civil War - WP

UN Diplomat Wants Libya NATO Investigation - AP


US Department of Defense

Obama to Unveil Details of a Strategic Review for the US Military - WP

Pentagon Review 'Will Axe Troops' - BBC

It’s a Brave New World of Weaponry - WP

Navy Testing Long-range Drone that Tracks Suspicious Vessels - S&S

Air Force Continuing to Trim Workforce with 2nd Round of Buyouts - S&S

New Law Eases Airport Screening for Troops, Families - AFPS

Navy Pilot Killed Self in San Diego Murder-Suicide - AP

Retired Colonel Accused of Taking $2M from Guard Families Fund - S&S


United States

Military's Gold Star Families Often Feel Disconnected - S&S


United Kingdom

UK MPs Urge Foreign Aid Conditions - BBC

British Lawmakers Urge Ruling on Lethal Force Against Pirates - VOA

UK MPs: Clarify Piracy Defense Laws - BBC



Africa’s Many Elections Reap Few Rewards - VOA

Kenyans Still Living in Camps From '07 Elections - VOA

Nigerian Unions Call for Fuel Price Strike, Protests - VOA

Police Break Up Fuel Protest in North Nigeria - AP

Rwandan Rebels 'Kill 26 in Congo' - BBC

AU Prepares Big Anti-Shabab Military Push in Somalia - VOA



Iranian President Expected to Visit Latin America - LAT

Mexico Cartel Boss Pleads Guilty - BBC

31 Inmates Killed in Northern Mexico Prison Fight - AP

Cuba Blames Twitter for Castro Death Rumor - WP

Colombia's Wrong-way Reform - LAT editorial


Asia Pacific

China Pushes for N. Korean Stability - WP

Pitching US Liberal Arts in China - WP

Ties to China Linger as Issue as Taiwanese Prepare to Vote - NYT

Senior US Diplomat to Meet Top South Korean Nuclear Envoy - VOA

US and S. Korea Discuss Leadership Change in N. Korea - AP

South Korea Says Ready for Talk With Hostile North - Reuters

Finland Grants Transit Permit for Impounded Patriot Missiles to S. Korea - AP

Japanese Troops Heading to California to Train with Marines - S&S

Burma Celebrates Independence Amid Criticism - VOA

Britain’s Hague Urges Reforms During Burma Visit - VOA

UK's Hague Arrives in Burma to Urge Reforms - AP

Philippines Doubles Bounty on Fugitive Ex-General - AP

Aussie Kidnapped in Philippines Seeks $2M Ransom - AP

Cambodia Anti-Drug Chief Sentenced for Corruption - AP



Charges Against Journalists Dim the Democratic Glow in Turkey - NYT

German President Rejects Calls to Quit in Scandal - NYT

Experts Dispute Report Norway Mass Killer is Insane - AP