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5 February SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


US Plans Shift to Elite Units as Afghan Exit Approaches - NYT

Coalition Commander Says Afghan Plan Still Intact - VOA

Qatar New Focus For Afghan Reconciliation - VOA

Military Comeback a Distant Dream for Afghan Taliban - Reuters

UN: Afghan Civilian Deaths Up for 5th Straight Year - VOA

Afghan Civilian Deaths Hit Record    - WP

UN: Civilian Deaths in Afghan War Hit Record High - AP

22 Children Killed by Afghan Winter's Cold - VOA

Afghan Officials: US Soldier Shoots Afghan Guard - AP

Army Drops Murder Charge Against Last Soldier in "Kill Team" Cases - S&S

Afghan History, Without the Wars - WP

America Rushes for the Afghan Exit - TE editorial

The Coming Civil War in Afghanistan - FP opinion



Iran Begins Naval Exercises Near Key Gulf Strait - AP

German FM: No Military Action Against Iran - AP

Chavez: Iran Sanctions Hurt Joint Auto Venture - AP



Russia, China Veto UN Resolution on Syria - VOA

Russia and China Block U.N. Action on Crisis in Syria - NYT

Russia and China Veto UN Resolution on Syria - WP

Russia, China Veto New UN Resolution on Syria - LAT

Russia, China Veto UN Resolution on Syria - AP

Russia, China Veto UN Plan for Syria - Reuters

West Deplores UN Syria Vote Veto - BBC

Syrians and Turks in Istanbul Protest Latest Syrian Show of Force - VOA

Syrians Storm Embassies After Uprising's Worst Violence - Reuters

Protesters Storm 5 of Syria's Embassies - AP

France, Partners Planning Syria Crisis Group - Reuters

Prepare for the 'Day After' in Syria - WPR opinion



Riots in Egypt Continue: At Least 12 Dead, 2,500 Injured - VOA

Cairo Clashes Over Football Anger - BBC

12 Killed in Recent Clashes in Egypt - WP

Protests Over Soccer Match Riot Continue in Egypt - NYT

US Assistance to Egypt in Peril - WP

Clinton Warns of 'Problems' With Egypt Over NGOs - Reuters

US Renews Warning to Egypt Over Aid - AP

Egypt Council Wants Earlier Presidential Vote - Reuters

Blast Hits Egypt's Gas Pipeline to Israel - Reuters

Egypt Is a Disaster - DS editorial


Middle East / North Africa

Chinese Seeks Reconstruction Role in Libya - Reuters

Libyan Sufis Mark Prophet's Birthday Despite Tension - Reuters

Hamas Gets Tight With Jordan - JP opinion



Panetta Calls for Europe, NATO Defense Investment - AFPS

NATO: Missile Shield Plans Proceed Despite Russia - AP


United States

Bush's `Evil' Trio holds Sway Over US Decade Later - AP

Who Reviews the US 'Kill List'? - LAT opinion



S. Africa: Suspension of ANC's Youth Leader Upheld - VOA

S. Africa: ANC Keeps Suspension of a Leader - NYT

Mali Says 20 Rebels Killed, Thousands Flee - Reuters



Argentines Seek Peaceful Resolution in Falklands - AP

Chavez and Allies Back Argentina on Falklands - AP

Prince William Starts Falklands Duties - BBC

Venezuela: Chavez Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Coup Attempt - AP

Venezuela: Opposition Angered as Chavez Celebrates Coup - Reuters

Murders Spike During Police Strike in Brazil - AP

Mexico 'Cartel Enforcer' Detained - BBC

5 Norteno Musicians, 4 Others Killed in Mexico - AP

Mexican Aid Lags for Starving Tarahumara Indians - AP

Cuba: Fidel Castro Launches Memoirs - BBC

Cuba: Fidel Castro Presents 2-Volume Memoir - AP


Asia Pacific

US Senator: China Cannot Avoid ‘Arab Spring’ - VOA

Report Says 3 Set Themselves on Fire in China - AP

China Fires 7 Officials After Spill - NYT

Philippine Extremist Planning Attacks When Killed - AP

S. Korea Security Law Used to Silence Dissent, Critics Say - LAT



Panetta and Clinton Seek to Reassure Europe on Defense - NYT

Panetta and Clinton Reassure Europe - WP

Europe Remains a Partner of First Resort, Clinton Says - S&S

Panetta Reassures European Allies Over Defense Cuts - Reuters

Clinton: US, Europe Must Do More Against Tyrants - AP

US Army in Europe Eyes Greater Partner Training - Reuters

Russia: Pro- and Anti-Putin Rallies Draw Mass Turnouts in Moscow - VOA

In Biting Cold, Protesters Pack the Center of Moscow - NYT

Tens of Thousands Brave Moscow Cold to Protest Putin - LAT

Russians Rally En Masse Against Putin - WP

Heavy Snow Traps Many People in Bosnia - AP

Truth on Trial in Spain - NYT editorial

Russia: Sort of, But Not Really - NYT opinion