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5 August SWJ Roundup

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US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


As Drawdown Nears, Afghans Have Little Faith in Own Security Forces - S&S

Allen Congratulates New US Ambassador to Afghanistan - AFPS

Officials Try to Find Out if Boy, 11, is Suicide Bomber - S&S

2 New Zealand Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan - AP

Key Afghanistan Ministers 'Fired' - BBC

Two Top Afghan Security Ministers Face Dismissal - NYT

Afghan Parliament Votes to Oust Key Ministers - AP

Looted Afghan Artifacts Returned - BBC

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

The War the Candidates Forgot - WP opinion

The Forgotten Afghan War - WP opinion

Soccer or Civil War? - WP opinion

Afghan Aid Not a Road to Nowhere - WP opinion



Pakistan Accuses Afghanistan of Backing Taliban Enemy - Reuters

Pakistan: Main NATO Supply Route Reopens - AP

Pakistan Army Jails Top Officers - BBC

Police: Bomb Kills 3 in Southwest Pakistan - AP

Pakistan Police Parade Naked Pair - BBC

Pakistan Revels in Boast of Water-Run Car - NYT



State Department and Pentagon Plan for Post-Assad Syria - NYT

Intensified Fighting Reported in Battles for Damascus and Aleppo - NYT

Scores Killed as War Shakes Syrian Capital - WP

Syrian Forces Push for Control of Damascus, Aleppo - VOA

Fighting Intensifies in Aleppo - BBC

Attention in Syria Shifts to Aleppo - WP

Assad's Forces Pound Rebel Stronghold in Aleppo - Reuters

Fighting Could Redraw Political Boundaries - VOA

As Syrian War Roils, Sectarian Unrest Seeps Into Turkey - NYT

Clinton Going to Turkey for Syria Talks - AP

Syrian Regime Pleads with Russia for Economic Aid  - AP

Iranian Pilgrims Kidnapped in Syria - WP

Militant Group Claims Kidnap, Killing of Syrian TV Presenter - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Eye on Iran and Syria, Israel Hardens Missile Shield - Reuters

Iran Tests Missile with New Guidance System - VOA

Iran Says Test-Firing of Missile a Success - AP

In Iraq, Symbols of War, and of Joy - WP

Palestinians: Abbas to Move on UN Membership Bid in September - AP

Israel Sees UN Majority for Palestine Status Upgrade - Reuters

Yemen Suicide Attacker Kills 30 - BBC

Yemen: Toll from Funeral Bombing More than 30 - AP

Saudi Arabia Soldier 'Killed by Gunmen' - BBC

Egypt's President Asserts Authority, Defends Army - AP

Riot Leaves an Egyptian Village Without Christians - AP

Egypt Demands Release of Guantanamo Detainee - WP

Morocco Olympic Head Arrest Urged - BBC

Meshing Realism and Idealism in Middle East - WP opinion

Israel’s Fading Democracy - NYT opinion


US Department of Defense

Panetta Asks Board to Review Military Justice in Deployed Areas - AFPS

Additional Firefighting Aircraft Head to Rocky Mountain Region - AFPS


United States

NASA Announces Plans to Launch Astronauts From US - VOA



Google Project Shows Scale of Global Small Arms ‘Ecosystem’ - S&S



Clinton in Kenya to Push for Democracy - VOA

Clinton Warns Kenya on Repeat of 2007 Vote Chaos - AP

Clinton Offers Stern Advice in S. Sudan - WP

Clinton to Urge Somali Leaders to Complete Transition on Time - VOA

Two Sudans Reach Deal on Fees for Oil Pipelines - NYT

Sudan and South Sudan in Oil Deal - BBC

Health Situation In South Sudan Refugee Camps Alarming - VOA

Deadly Attack Off Nigeria Coast - BBC

Ivory Coast Truth Panel 'Not Working' - BBC



Acid Attacks in Colombia Reflect Rage - WP

Venezuela Heads to Practice Polls - BBC

Honduran Journalist Flees Attacks - BBC

Leader’s Torture in the ’70s Stirs Ghosts in Brazil - NYT

Major Brazil Bribery Trial Starts - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

DOD Officials Detail Defense Posture in Asia-Pacific - AFPS

Asia-Pacific Focus Represents ‘Whole of Government’ Rebalance - AFPS

No Osprey Flights Until Japan Agrees on Safety, Says Panetta - AP

Panetta: Ospreys Key to Asia-Pacific Operations - AFPS

China Summons US Diplomat Over South China Sea Remark - S&S

China Calls in US Diplomat Over South China Sea - Reuters

UN Body Sends First Food Aid to Flood-Hit North Korea - VOA

North Korea to Receive Aid After Floods - Reuters

Burma Journalists Demand End to Censorship - AP

Australia, New Zealand to Re-establish Ties With Fiji Military - VOA

Uzbek Group Says Drone Killed Leader - NYT



Defense Minister: Germany Should Use Armed Drones - Reuters

Spain's PM Hints He Might Seek Economic Bailout - VOA

Al-Qaida Suspects Questioned in Spain - VOA

For Greece, Privatization a Tough Bet - WP

Serbia Law Reins in Central Bank - BBC

Tensions Rise as Turkey Continues Offensive Against PKK - VOA

Turkey: Clash with Kurdish Rebels Leaves 19 Dead - AP

Turkey Retires 'Coup' Generals - BBC

Turkey Retires Charged Commanders - NYT


South Asia

India Facing First Drought in Three Years - VOA

Bangladesh Charity Urges Ban Lift - BBC