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4 October SWJ Roundup

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Clinton: US Committed to Afghanistan Despite Deadly Attacks - VOA

ISAF Adds Precautions to Counter Insider Attack Risks - AFPS

Commander: Troops Safer Against Insider Attacks - AP

ISAF Troops Step Back as Afghans Become Face of Security - AFPS

Northern Ireland Lessons Offered to Afghanistan - VOA

Karzai Says 2014 Afghan Elections Will Be on Time - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Ending the Afghan War - WP opinion



Turkey Renews Syria Strikes After Deadly Cross-Border Shelling - VOA

Turkey Strikes Back for 2nd Day After Shelling Kills 5 Civilians - NYT

Turkey Resumes Strikes in Syria - WP

Turkey Renews Strikes on Syria - BBC

Scores Killed as Car Bombs Strike Syria - VOA

Cajoling, Drugging and More as Rebels Try to Draw Defectors - NYT

Pro-Assad Media Gives Government View of Syrian Conflict - VOA



Iranian Police Clash With Protesters After Currency Plunges - VOA

Tensions Over Currency Spark Clashes Between Protesters, Security - WP

Violence and Protest in Iran as Currency Drops in Value - NYT

Ex-US Defense Chief Says Hit on Iran Would be Disastrous - VP



Sensitive Documents Left Behind at American Mission in Libya - WP

State Department Opens Libya Consulate Attack Probe - AP

Obama Faces New Libya Questions - BBC


Middle East / North Africa

Rift Grows Between Israeli Leaders Over Relations With US - NYT

Devout Israeli Jews Moving to Arab-Jewish Cities - AP

HRW Report Details Gaza Prison Abuse, Torture - VOA

Rights Group Criticizes Hamas-Run Justice System in Gaza - NYT

Suspected US Drone Said to Strike in Yemen - AP

Four Qaeda Militants Killed in Yemen US Drone Strike - Reuters

US Concerned After Bahrain Upholds Health-Care Workers’ Jail Terms - WP

US Citizen Sentenced to Life in Iraqi Prison - AP

New Egyptian TC Channel Pitches Strict Vision of Islam - WP

2 Christian Boys Held in Egypt on Charges They Defiled a Koran - NYT

Egypt Struggles to Pay Oil Bill - NYT

Crowd Backs Tunisia 'Rape' Woman - BBC


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Book: Obama Hoped to Try bin Laden, if Captured - AP

Intelligence Effort Named US Citizens, Not Terrorists - AP

France: Bill Targets Overseas Militant Training Camps - BBC

UK Lawyer: Extremist Wanted by US is Depressed - AP

UK: Private Terrorism Prosecution Rejected - BBC

Al-Qaeda's Dead? Hardly - FP opinion



NATO’s Secretary-General Discusses Afghanistan, Libya - LAT


US Department of Defense

Top Military Officer Tells Troops to Ban Together to Endure Changes - KS

Submarine Force Makes Public Case for New Sub - TD

Why Camouflage Uniforms Aren’t Uniform - WP

Official Describes Joint Information Environment - AFPS

Debate Over Military Voting Heats up - DP


United States

House Vets Chair Says VA Has ‘a Leadership Void’ - S&S

Nation's Heroes Gather to Remember Fallen Comrades - S&S


United Kingdom

FS Hague Issues Warning About Global Cybercrime Danger - BBC

Northern Ireland Lessons Offered to Afghanistan - VOA



US Expands Military Operations in Africa - VOA

Nigeria Makes Arrests Over Student 'Massacre' - BBC

Nigeria Police Make Arrests After College Massacre - Reuters

Sudan: Ambush Kills Darfur Peacekeepers - BBC

Rights Group Alleges Violations by S. Sudan Forces - VOA

Civilians 'Abused' in South Sudan - BBC

UN to Weigh Mali Intervention Plan - WP

Mali Islamists Execute Man in Timbuktu - VOA

Mali Islamists Kill 'Murderer' - BBC

South African Inquiry into Miners' Deaths Stalls - VOA

More Than 60 Inmates Escape From Liberian Prison - AP



Fears Abound Ahead of Close Venezuelan Elections - AP

Venezuela's Chavez Fights Young Rival in Re-election Bid - Reuters

Son of Embattled Mexico Ex-Governor Found Dead - AP

Brazil: Lula Aide 'Led Corruption Scheme' - BBC

Colombia's Santos Recovering Well - BBC

Argentina Naval Ship in Ghana Seized Over Loans Default - BBC

Argentina: Police Fury at Pay Cuts - BBC

Has Mexico's Drug War Accomplished Anything? - TA opinion

Is Venezuela’s Chavez on the Brink? - WFP opinion


Asia / Pacific

Carter: Regional Prosperity at Heart of Asia-Pacific Strategy - AFPS

China Vows to Continue Patrols Near Disputed Islands - VOA

China Boats Sail to Islands Amid Talk of Bank 'Pullout' - BBC

Vietnam's Trade With China Flourishes Despite S. China Sea Tensions - VOA

Taiwan Politician in China Visit - BBC

US Waives Visa Requirements for Taiwanese - VOA

Balloons Carry anti-South Korea Message Across DMZ - S&S

Pesticides Threaten Thailand’s Reputation as Food Exporter - VOA

Suu Kyi: Burma Must Develop Its Own Democracy - VOA

Philippines Ex-President Is Arrested in Hospital on New Charges - NYT

Philippine Court Orders ex-President Arrested for Plunder - BBC

Internet Law in Philippines Takes Effect, Raising Fears - NYT



Europe’s Nuclear Reactors Need Repair or Upgrades - NYT

US: Immigrant Stole Military Technology for Russia - AP

US 'Cracks Russian Hi-Tech Plot' - BBC

Russia Denies Involvement in US Smuggling Network - Reuters

Ivanishvili Backtracks on Call for Georgian President's Resignation - VOA

Georgian Politician Rescinds Call for President to Quit - NYT

Greece Predicts It Will Reach New Funding Deal - VOA

Unemployment Rises in Spain With No Relief in Sight - VOA

Netherlands: Prosecutors Seek to Strip War Criminal of Profits - AP

Spain Says Arrested Man Planned University Attacks - AP

Hackers Strike Against Swedish Websites - AP

Georgia Speaks Its Mind - NYT editorial


South Asia

India to Announce More Reforms - BBC

Russia, Pakistan Stress Ties Despite Scrapped Trip - AP

Pakistan Struggles With Smuggled Buddhist Relics - AP

Four Held Over Maldives MP Murder - BBC