Small Wars Journal

4 October SWJ Roundup


U.S. Military Apologizes for Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan - New York Times

Coalition Forces Investigating Civilian Death in Kandahar - Voice of America

Afghan Colonel Vital to U.S. Despite Graft Allegations - Washington Post

Afghanistan Begins Promise to Disband Private Security Firms - VOA

For Female Marines, Tea Comes With Bullets - New York Times

Case of Accused Soldiers May Be Worst of 2 Wars - New York Times

NATO Troop Killed in South Afghanistan Bomb Blast - Associated Press

'Obama's Wars Parallels to Vietnam - Washington Post opinion

The Limits of War - Washington Post opinion


Militants Hit NATO Convoy in Pakistan Again - New York Times

Militants Set NATO Fuel Tankers Ablaze in Pakistan - Washington Post

Taliban Attacks NATO Supply Trucks in Pakistan - Associated Press

Pakistan Militants Vow More Attacks on NATO Supplies - Reuters

Pakistan: Dozens of Europeans in Terror Training - Associated Press

CIA Backed by Military Drones in Pakistan - Washington Post

Mullen Expresses Confidence in U.S.-Pakistan Relationship - AFPS

The Continuous Struggle Along Pakistan's Frontier - Washington Post opinion


As Maliki Clings to Power, Iraq's Fissures Deepen - New York Times

Premier Works to Build Broader Coalition in Iraq - New York Times

Tortuous Path Ahead to Form Iraq Government - Reuters

Iraq's Kurds Hold Political Cards for Al-Maliki - Associated Press

In Iraq, New Leadership but Same Reality - New York Times

Bomb Hits Convoy of Iraqi Official, Kills 1 - Associated Press


Iran Lifts Ban on Director, Saying He Issued an Apology - New York Times

U.S. Department of Defense

Corps to Roll Out New Leadership Training - Marine Corps Times

Traumatic Brain Injury: Hidden Yet Life-altering - Washington Post

United States

Will Obama's Foreign Policy Follow Democracy Rhetoric? - Washington Post


How Widespread is Cyberwarfare? - New York Times

Survey Finds Corruption Tainting Legal Profession - Associated Press


Africans See Economic Gains, Democracy Losses - Reuters

Frenzy of Rape in Congo Reveals U.N. Weakness - New York Times

Foreign-Based Group Behind Nigeria Bombs - Reuters

Americas and Caribbean

Violence Stalks Mayors in Mexico - Washington Post

Smugglers of Drugs Burrow on Mexico, U.S. Border - New York Times

Explosion at Plaza Injures 15 in Northern Mexico - Associated Press

Brazil Election Goes to Runoff - Voice of America

Runoff Will Decide the Presidency of Brazil - New York Times

Dilma Rousseff Likely Winner in Brazil Vote - Washington Post

Brazil's Rousseff Facing Runoff Presidential Vote - Associated Press

Brazil Vote Goes to Runoff as Rousseff Falls Short - Reuters

Debate Over Meaning of Standoff in Ecuador - New York Times

Chavez Says Venezuela Militia Should Be Armed Full-Time - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

Plaintiffs' Attorneys Hunt for North Korea's Money - Los Angeles Times

U.S.: China, ASEAN Should Strengthen Spratlys Pact - Associated Press

More Countries Adopt China's Tactics on Currency - New York Times

China: Migrant 'Villages' Within a City Ignite Debate - New York Times

Japan to Charge Ruling Party's Ozawa Over Scandal - Reuters

Japan Government Support Slides on Handling Of China Row - Reuters


U.S., Britain Issue Travel Alerts for Europe - Voice of America

U.S. Issues Travel Alert for Americans in Europe - Washington Post

U.S., U.K. Raise Terrorism Threat Level In Europe - Reuters

Vagueness of U.S. Terror Alert Leaves Travelers Frustrated - New York Times

Ex-Mayor of Moscow to Form Political Movement - Associated Press

Moscow Ex-Mayor Not Planning Legal Battle - Reuters

Ethnic Wins in Bosnia May Cause Deeper Splits - New York Times

Bosnian Wartime Leader's Son to Become President - Reuters

Preliminary Results Show Bosnians Divided on Vote - Associated Press

Turkey Aims for Elections in June - Associated Press

Dutch Politician on Trial on Hate Speech Charges - Associated Press

Dutch Anti-Islam Lawmaker on Trial For Inciting Hate - Associated Press

Middle East

U.S. Mideast Envoy: Palestinians Want Peace Talks to Continue - VOA

Settlers Set Fire to West Bank Mosque - Reuters

Syria Seeks Arrests Over Hariri Probe - Reuters

South Asia

India Opens Commonwealth Games With Pageantry, Tradition - Voice of America

Commonwealth Games Start Strong - Washington Post

Frustrations Aside, Indians Bask in Opening of Games - New York Times

Games India Isn't Ready to Play - New York Times opinion

India the Incompetent - Washington Post opinion