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4 March SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


CIA-led Force May Speed Afghan Exit - AP

Panetta: Taliban’s Murder Tactics Show Their Weakness - AFPS

US Newspaper Says Quran Burning Followed a Chain of Mishaps - VOA

Conflicting Accounts Over Afghan Quran Burnings - AP

Afghan Army Chief Warns Against Another NATO Blunder - Reuters

How to Rebuild Trust in Afghanistan - WP opinion



Pakistan Proposes Curbs on Media - WP



Syrian Forces Shell Homs, Block Aid to Rebel Stronghold - VOA

Government Blocks Aid Convoy, Tightening Hold on Devastated Area - NYT

Red Cross Attempts Entry to Baba Amr for Third Time - BBC

Syria blocks Red Cross aid to Baba Amr - WP

Fresh Assault on Homs as Red Cross Seeks Access - AP

Syrian Rebels in Idlib Bide their Time - LAT

Syria Splits Along Sectarian Lines, Shaking Mideast - McClatchy

US Sees Iran’s Hand in Syrian Crackdown - WP

Turkey Compares Syrian Conflict to 1990s Balkans - AP

Turkey Says Assad's Forces Committing War Crimes - Reuters

China Offers Plan on Syria but Nixes Intervention - AP

Latest in Mysterious Car Bombings in Kills Three - LAT

Satellite Images Appear to Show Shelling of Homs - WP

Bearing Witness in Syria: A War Reporter’s Last Days - NYT



Obama, Netanyahu to Hold Critical Talks on Iran Options - VOA

US Backers of Israel Pressure Obama Over Policy on Iran - NYT

Iran Trumps Palestinians as Top US-Israel Issue - AP

Ahmadinejad Rivals Lead in Parliamentary Vote - VOA

Ahmadinejad Critics Lead after Vote - WP

Iran: Poll Turnout 'Slap' to West - BBC

Iranian Opposition Group Eyes Jordan Relocation - AP

Should Israel Strike Iran - WP opinion

Decoding Obama's Message on Iran - WP opinion



Egypt Prepares to Draft Constitution - WP

Egypt Lawmakers Clash Over Writing Constitution - AP

US Says Ties With Egypt Still Strong After NGO Row - Reuters

Egypt Appoints New Judges for Nonprofit Trial - AP

Egypt Parliament Sees 'Interference' in Activists' Release - Reuters

Egypt’s Famed al-Azhar Mosque at a Crossroads - WP


Middle East / North Africa

Israeli Minister Says World Cannot Protect Israel - AP

Palestinians to Give Israelis Deadline on Talks - AP

Suicide Bombers Hit Yemen Army Camp, Kill Soldier - AP

Four Dead in South Yemen Blasts, Al Qaeda Blamed - Reuters

Freed of Gadhafi, Libya's Instability Only Deepens - AP

Muslim Brotherhood Forms Political Party in Libya - AP

Suicide Bomber Attacks Algerian Security Base - Reuters

Is Israel a Formal US Ally? - CSM editorial

The ‘One State’ Solution - WP opinion

Why Is America Obsessed With Israel? - FP opinion


United States

US Busts Multi-Million Dollar Counterfeiting Ring Linked to China - VOA

President Obama Says US Must Refine Energy Goals - VOA

Los Alamos Braces for Layoffs at Lab - NYT

Surveillance, Security and Civil Liberties - NYT editorial



Sudan’s Bashir Lashes Out at ICC - VOA

Sudan's Bashir Slams ICC Warrant for Defense Minister - Reuters

Rebel, Army Clashes Kill Nine in Somalia's Puntland - Reuters

Report: 10 Dead in Ethnic Clashes in Burkina Faso - AP



VP Biden Goes to Latin American Amid Drug Debate - AP

Drug Allegations May Hamper Former Mexico Ruling Party's Return - LAT

Three Killed by Bomb in Colombia - BBC

In Colombia, Freedom Nears After 14-Year Captivity - AP

Venezuela Releases Photos of Chavez with Castro - VOA

Brother of Peru's President In in Prison Transfer - AP


Asia Pacific

China to Up Defense Spending by 11.2 Pct in 2012 - AP

China Protest Village Elects Head - BBC

China Protest Leaders Elected to Lead Village - LAT

Protest’s Success May Not Change China - NYT

North Korea's Kim Orders High Alert During DMZ Visit - S&S

North Korea: Military Exercises Show US is ‘Double Faced - VOA

Japanese PM Says Government Shares Blame for Nuclear Disaster - NYT

Burma Democracy Leader Falls Ill During Campaign Rally - NYT

As Burma Thaws, Decades-Old Civil War Festers On - AP

A North Korean Corleone - NYT opinion



With Putin Ahead in Surveys, Voting Starts in Russia’s Presidential Election - VOA

Russian Presidential Vote Begins - BBC

Putin Heads Toward Russia’s Presidency - WP

Fear of Return to ’90s Hardship Fuels Support for Putin - NYT

Russia Youth Have Known Nothing but Putin, Won't Vote for Him - LAT

Russian Election: Putin Seeks Return to Kremlin - AP

Putin Set to Reclaim the Kremlin in Russian Vote - Reuters

French-German Border Shapes More Than Territory - NYT


South Asia

More Indians see Democracy as Burden - WP

Surveys Point to Election Blow for India's Gandhis - Reuters