Small Wars Journal

4 July SWJ Roundup

We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

-- U.S. Declaration of Independence


Graham, McCain Fret About Troop Withdrawals - WSJ

Republican Senators Criticize Afghan Pullout Plan - LAT

3 Senators Voice Worries on Obama's Withdrawal Plan - AP

McCain: Afghan Drawdown May Hurt Battle for East - Reuters

Border Strife in Afghanistan Shows Wider Tensions - AP

In Kabul, Taliban Videos Hold Allure - WP

Afghan Spy Agency: Insurgents 'Bought' Suicide Bomber - Reuters

NATO: Service Member Missing in Afghanistan - AP

Britain to Pull Some Troops From Afghanistan - VOA

Petraeus Marks July 4 With Troops in Afghanistan - AP


Pakistani Military Still Cultivates Militant Groups - NYT

Deadly Shelling by Pakistan Into Afghanistan Is Stoking Tensions - NYT

Hundreds of Afghan-Based Militants Launch Raid Into Pakistan - Reuters

Pakistani Muslims Condemn US Gay Rights Meeting - AP


Iraq Military Cracks Down on Militias, Arms Smuggling - Reuters

Gunmen Kill 6 Iraqi Policemen - VOA


Rights Activists: Syrian Troops Deploy Around Hama, Make Arrests - VOA

Tanks Pull Back From Hama, 2 Killed in Damascus Suburb - Reuters

Syrian Forces Arrest Residents in Hama - AP

Syrian Forces Enter Hama, Residents Take to Streets - Reuters

Syrian Security Troops Kill 2 in Damascus Suburb - AP

In Syria, Protests and Disorder Grow - WSJ


Libya Rebels Prepare for Push on Tripoli - CSM

Libyan Rebels Reject African Union Peace Plan - VOA

Rebel Offer to Qaddafi: 'Resign' and Remain in Libya - NYT

Rebel Chief: Gaddafi Can Stay in Libya if He Quits - Reuters

Turkey Recognizes Libya Rebels, Promises More Aid - AP

Turkey Recognizes Libyan Rebels, Offers Another $200 Million in Aid - VOA

Turkey Recognises Libyan Rebels - BBC

Libya Crisis Key Topic in Russia-NATO Talks at Sochi - BBC

Bishop Proves Unlikely Source of International Controversy - LAT


Yemen Says Youth Militias Formed to Fight al-Qaida - AP

Saleh Clings to Power While Unrest Rises in South - Reuters

Acting President: Yemen to Repair Oil Pipe Soon - Reuters

Israel / Palestinians

Israel, Palestinians Hope to Avoid Fall Violence - AP

Gaza Flotilla Determined to Sail Despite Setbacks - VOA

Gaza Flotilla Stalled; Both Sides Claim Victory - WP

Greece Offers Humanitarian Aid to Gaza With UN Assist - Reuters

Gaza Flotilla: We Still Plan to Breach Blockade - AP

Palestinian Authority Faces Budget Crisis - BBC

Palestinian Authority Can't Pay Full Salaries - NYT


Iran Funnels New Weapons to Iraq and Afghanistan - WSJ

MP: Iran to Prosecute 26 American Officials - CNN

Activist and Documentary Filmmaker Seized - LAT

Middle East / North Africa

Lebanon Bloc Urges Arrests in Hariri Killing - AP

Saudis Arrest at Least 20 After Rare Riyadh Protest - WSJ

Egypt: Vendors and Protesters Set Off Clash in Cairo - NYT

Egypt: Explosion Hits Gas Pipeline in Northern Sinai - BBC

Explosion Hits Egypt Gas Pipeline to Israel - Reuters

Jordan Navigates Warily in Turmoil of Arab Spring - AP

Morocco Protesters Seek More Reform - AP

Moroccan Reform Vote 'Corrupt' - BBC

Thousands of Moroccans Protest, Unmoved by Reforms - Reuters

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - AP


Anarchistic Hackers Keeping the Pressure On - WT

US Department of Defense

New Type of Commander May Avoid Katrina-like Chaos - AP

Last Vietnam-era Draftee Retiring from Army - AP

United States

With the Shuttle Program Ending, Fears of Decline at NASA - NYT

Guidance System for Skies Could Face Delays - WP

Robert Widmer, Designer of Military Aircraft, Dies at 95 - NYT

Fixing Federal Hiring - WP editorial


Free Speech and the Internet - NYT editorial


N. Sudan: UN Should Leave Volatile Border Area - AP

S. Sudan Party Warns of Civil War Over Border Tensions - Reuters

Sudanese Struggle to Survive Endless Bombings - NYT

Nigeria 'Militant' Attacks Leave 10 Dead in Maiduguri - BBC

Nigeria Official: 10 Killed in Restive North - AP

Blast Kills Five at Northeast Nigeria Bar - Reuters

Ethiopia Drought: UK Pledges £38m in Food Aid - BBC

Ethiopia: 2 Swedish Journalists Found With Rebels - AP

Somalia: S. Korean Navy Blocks Suspected Pirates - AP


Mexico Votes, All Eyes on 2012 Presidential Election - LAT

PRI Wins Key Mexico State Election in Landslide - AP

Mexico's Former Ruling Party Hammers Calderon in Vote - Reuters

Texas Warns US Tourists of Mexico Zeta Cartel Threat - BBC

Gunmen Kill Widow of Legendary Mexican Guerrilla - AP

FARC Leader Narrowly Escapes Colombian Troop Attack - VOA

Colombia: Troops Nearly Capture Top FARC Leader - AP

Venezuela: Thousands March in Show of Support for Chavez - AP

Cuba Tries to Drag Shadow Economy Into the Light - AP

Asia Pacific

Thai Opposition Wins Election by Comfortable Majority - VOA

Thais Back Ousted Prime Minister's Party in Landslide - NYT

In Thailand, First Female PM After Landslide Win - WP

Ex-Thai Leader's Party Wins Election - WSJ

Thaksin's Sister to Lead Thailand - BBC

Thai Voters Pick Female Prime Minister - WT

In Thailand, First Female PM - AP

Victorious Thai Party Forms Coalition - NYT

Thai PM Resigns as Party Leader After Loss - AP

Stunning Thai Election Win Brings Hope of Stability - Reuters

Thailand: Yingluck Shinawatra Faces Many Challenges - BBC

Thai Red Shirts Predict Peace After Election Win - Reuters

Thailand's Military Accepts Sweeping Election Win - AP

Malaysia Protesters to Back Down if King Says So - AP

North Korea Is Offered Aid to Ease Food Crisis - NYT

EU Sends Food Aid to North Korea - AP

South Korean Kills 4 Fellow Soldiers in Shooting Spree - Reuters

A Top Burmese Diplomat Defects to US - VOA

Burma's Suu Kyi Travels for First Time Since Release - Reuters

Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi Travels to Temple City - VOA

Vietnamese Protesters Denounce China in Maritime Dispute - VOA

Huge Rare Earth Deposits Found in Pacific - Reuters


Mladic Ejected from War Crimes Court - VOA

Hague Judge Orders Mladic Removed From Courtroom - NYT

Judges Enter Not Guilty Pleas for Ratko Mladic - AP

Mladic Removed from Hague Court - BBC

Lawyer: Mladic to Boycott Court Appearance - AP

Italy Expels Algerian Jailed for Planning Attacks - Reuters

Belarus Cracks Down on Clapping Protesters - NYT

Belarus: Lukashenko Vows to Quell 'Revolution Plot' - BBC

Police in Belarus Use Tear Gas to Disperse Protest - AP

French See Case Against Strauss-Kahn as American Folly - NYT

South Asia

India Pledges Anti-corruption Law - BBC

India MLAs Stage Mass Resignation - BBC

Bangladesh Orders Arrest of Tarique Rahman - BBC

Bangladesh Court Orders Arrest of Ex-Premier's Son - AP

Bangladesh Strike Clashes Erupt - BBC