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31 March SWJ Roundup

Libya / Operation Odyssey Dawn

Obama's Missing Context on Libya - Washington Post

Chaotic Retreat for Rebels; Libyan Foreign Minister Quits - New York Times

Libya Rebels Flee Eastward by the Hundreds - Los Angeles Times

Gadhafi Push Tests Allies - Wall Street Journal

CIA Operatives in Libya to Gather Intel on Rebels - Washington Post

CIA in Libya Aiding Rebels, U.S. Officials Say - New York Times

CIA Operatives Are Aiding Rebels - Wall Street Journal

U.S.: CIA Officers in Libya are Aiding Rebels - Los Angeles Times

U.S., Britain 'Insert' Covert Agents Into Libya - Agence France-Presse

Obama Authorizes Secret Help for Libya Rebels - Reuters

Gadhafi Forces Drive Rebels From Key Oil Town - Voice of America

Gaddafi Forces Adopt Rebel Tactics - BBC News

Gadhafi's Forces Adapt to Airstrikes, Pound Rebels - Associated Press

Qaddafi Forces Said to Lay Land Mines at City - New York Times

Who Are the Rebels Fighting Libyan Govt Forces? - Voice of America

On Libya's Revolutionary Road - New York Times

Rebels Divided Over What Would Replace Gadhafi - Associated Press

World Powers Tangle Over Arming Libya's Rebels - Associated Press

Libyan Foreign Minister, Once Gaddafi Confidant, Defects - Washington Post

Libya Minister Resigns, in Blow to Regime - Wall Street Journal

Kadafi Aide Flees to Britain and Quits - Los Angeles Times

Libya Foreign Minister 'Defects' - BBC News

U.K.: Libya's Foreign Minister to Resign - Associated Press

Libya's Foreign Minister Defects, Arrives in Britain - Reuters

Nicaraguan Chosen to Represent Libya at U.N. - Associated Press

U.S. Wants Other Nations to Pitch in on Libya - Washington Post

Chinese President Criticizes France About Libya Bombing - Voice of America

Uganda Says It Would Welcome Libya's Gadhafi - Associated Press

Spotted: N. Korea Arms in Libya - Wall Street Journal

Official: Gadhafi Son Got VIP Tour of AF Academy - Associated Press

Obama's Forthright Defense of Limited War - Boston Globe editorial

Does the U.S. Really Want to Own Libya? - Washington Post opinion

Obama Flirts with a Doctrine - Los Angeles Times opinion

Praying Obama Gets Lucky in Libya - New York Times opinion

A Morass of Justifications, Objectives, and Scope - The Week opinion

An Incoherent Libya Policy - Investor's Business Daily opinion

Obama's Cautious Approach - Real Clear Politics opinion

Amazement at the Extent of Libyan Idiocy - The Spectator opinion


Elections in Egypt by the Fall, Leaders Say - New York Times

Egypt's Presidential Vote to Be Held by November - Associated Press

Egypt Says U.S. Slow on Freezing Mubarak Assets - Washington Post


Hundreds of Thousands Take to Streets Again - Daily Telegraph

Huge Yemeni Crowds Press On for President's Ouster - Associated Press

Yemen's Saleh Makes New Offer: Opposition Snub It - Reuters

Opposition Lists Key Demands as Demonstrations Continue - Bloomberg

Protesters Blame President for Factory Disaster - Voice of America

Sit-In Against the Govt Yields Business Opportunities - New York Times

The President Who Cried "Al-Qaeda!" - Time opinion


Syrian President Assad Vows to Defeat 'Plot' - Voice of America

Syrian Leader Blames 'Conspiracy' for Turmoil - New York Times

Assad Blames Protests on Conspiracy - Washington Post

Assad Blames Conspiracies for Syria Unrest - Los Angeles Times

Syria's President Assad Vows to Defeat 'Plot' - BBC News

Syrian President Blames Turmoil on 'Conspirators' - Associated Press

U.S. Dismisses Assad's Speech, Conspiracy Theory - Reuters

Analyst View: Syria Faces Crisis as Protests Flare - Reuters

Reuters Correspondent and Photographer Missing in Syria - Reuters

Can Syria's Dictator Reform? - Washington Post editorial


Opposition Leader Warns Against Foreign Interference - Radio Free Europe

Opposition Head Wants Iran, Saudi Arabia Out - Agence France-Presse

Bahrain Hardliners to Put Shia MPs on Trial - Daily Telegraph

Bahrain Arrests Leading Internet Activist - Voice of America

World Ignoring Bahrain Struggle - Toronto Star opinion


Death Toll Hits 57 in Iraqi Hostage Siege - Associated Presss


An Unchecked Iran Foments Instability - The Australian

Israel 'Gets Argentina Pledge' on Buenos Aires Iran Attacks - BBC News

Israeli: Argentina Gives Commitment to Iran Bomb Probe - Associated Press

Revolution's Long Shadow Over the Tehran Art Scene - New York Times


Kuwait Government Set to Quit Over Questioning - Reuters

Israel / Palestinians

Militants Put Gazans In Danger, Group Says - New York Times

Netanyahu Confirms Gaza Man Held by Israel - Reuters

A Knesset Inquisition - Washington Post opinion

Middle East / North Africa Unrest

Turkey: Arab Rulers Must Change or Risk Defeat - Reuters

Fleeing North Africa and Landing in an Italian Limbo - New York Times

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - Associated Press

Obama Wins Arab Respect - The Daily Beast opinion

Can We Start Being Honest? - Real Clear Politics opinion


Signs of Strain as Taliban Gird for Renewed Fighting - New York Times

Looming Battle Over Pace of Afghanistan Drawdown - Washington Post

In Afghan Info War, Being First Trumps Being Right - Stars and Stripes

Karzai Denounces Alleged 'Trophy' Killings - Los Angeles Times

Karzai Blasts U.S Troops for Gruesome Afghan Deaths - Associated Press

Stavridis Praises Allies' Afghanistan Efforts - American Forces Press Service

Forces Detain Insurgents in Afghanistan - American Forces Press Service


Pakistan Handles Islamic Extremism with Kid Gloves - Los Angeles Times

Official: CIA Tipoff Led to Pakistan Arrest - Associated Press

Bomber Hits Checkpoint in Pakistan, Kills 13 - Associated Press

Seven Die in Pakistan Suicide Bike Bombing - BBC News

Japan Earthquake / Tsunami

Situation at Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Plant Still Serious - VOA

Japan Plant Had Barebones Risk Plan - Wall Street Journal

High Radiation in Water Near Japanese Plant - New York Times

U.N.: High Radiation Outside Japan's Exclusion Zone - Associated Press

IAEA Suggests Japan Widen Exclusion Zone Near Nuclear Plant - Reuters

4 of 6 Daiichi Reactors Can't be Fixed - Washington Post

4 Reactors at Fukushima Complex Have to Be Scrapped - Los Angeles Times

Workers Give Glimpse of Japan's Nuclear Crisis - New York Times

Up to the Minute Updates ... - Stars and Stripes

U.S. Department of Defense

New Pentagon Cyber Strategy Complete - Defense News

Cyber Breach May Leave DOD Networks Exposed - Stars and Stripes

Audit of Pentagon Spending Finds $70 Billion in Waste - New York Times

Budget Slows Defense Growth, Comptroller Says - AFPS

Defense Employees Bear Burden in Efficiency Plan - Government Executive

Pentagon Works to Tackle Cost Overruns, Official Says - AFPS

Technology Extends Stratcom's Priorities - American Forces Press Service

Hasan's Lawyer Wants New Leader on Case - Associated Press

Arlington's Grave Mix-Ups: Will the Army Ever Fix the Problem? - Time

Ex-colonel Goes to Prison for Faked Paternity Test - Associated Press

U.S. Department of State

Top Official to be Replaced by Middle East Expert - Washington Post

United States

GOP Drafts Legislative Assault on Illegal Immigration - Los Angeles Times

U.S. to Reduce Oil Imports by a Third by 2021 - Los Angeles Times

Obama Hits Low Point in New Poll and Libya Does Not Help - Voice of America

Barack Obama Takes a Back Seat - Daily Telegraph editorial

The Two Obamas - Washington Post opinion


Police Make 'Terrorism' Arrest at Toronto Airport - Reuters


Pro-Ouattara Fighters Enter Ivory Coast Capital - Voice of America

Ivory Coast: Ouattara Fighters 'Capture Yamoussoukro' - BBC News

Opposition in Ivory Coast Seizes Capital - New York Times

Ivory Coast Capital Seized by President-elect's Forces - Los Angeles Times

Pro-Ouattara Forces Seize Ivory Coast Capital - Associated Press

Ouattara Forces Enter Ivory Coast's San Pedro Port - Reuters

U.N. Imposes Sanctions on Ivory Coast's Gbagbo - Associated Press

U.N.: Sudan's North, South Militarise Disputed Abyei - Reuters

Nigerian President Will Not Face Main Rivals at Final Debate - VOA

Lawyer Seeks Mozambican's Removal From Drug List - Associated Press

Tear Gas Fired After Malawi Protesters Throw Rocks - Associated Press


Mexican Cartels Get Heavy Weapons from CentAm - Borderland Beat

Mexico: Rewards Over Shooting of U.S. Agents - Reuters

Guatemala's Alleged No. 1 Drug Trafficker Captured - Associated Press

U.S. Captures Major Guatemalan Drug Trafficker - Reuters

Brazil Joins Bolivia Anti-drug Fight - BBC News

Carter Criticises U.S. Cuba Policy - BBC News

Carter Leaves Cuba Without Jailed U.S. Contractor - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

China: South China Sea a 'Core Interest' Worth War? - New York Times

China's Military Says Seeks More Exchanges - Associated Press

In Crackdown By Chinese, A New Arrest - New York Times

G20 Meet to Highlight China's World Finance Role - Associated Press

Philippines Says China Executes Three Filipinos - New York Times

North Koreans Upbeat After Talks with ex-U.S. Envoys - Associated Press

U.N. Sees Urgent Need for N. Korean Food Aid - Associated Press

Spotted: N. Korea Arms in Libya - Wall Street Journal

Burma's Military Government Dissolved, 'Civilian-Led' Govt Sworn In - VOA

President Replaces Junta in Burma Shadow Play - New York Times

Burma Junta Is 'Dissolved' as Govt Sworn In - Associated Press

Philippines: 3 Abu Sayyaf Killed in Clash with Military - Inquirer

Cambodia: Dispute Over Sentence of KR Prison Chief - New York Times


Russia: Medvedev in 'Blow to Putin Ally' - BBC News

Debate Plan on Rising Muslim Population in France Savaged - Daily Mail

France's Islam Debate Attacked - Associated Press

Sarkozy's Last Chance - Wall Street Journal

South Asia

India and Pakistan Pledge to 'Normalise Relations' - BBC News

India and Pakistan Leaders Meet at Cricket Match - New York Times

Cricket: India and Pakistan Gripped by World Cup Clash - BBC News

Joyous Celebrations Mark 'Cricket-Diplomacy' - Reuters