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31 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


5 Australian Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan - VOA

5 Australian Troops Killed - WP

5 Australian Soldiers Die in Afghanistan - NYT

5 Diggers Killed in Afghanistan - BBC

Helicopter Crash Kills 2 ISAF Members in Afghanistan - AFPS

Uzbekistan, Key to Afghan War Drawdown, to Ban Foreign Military Bases - CSM



Threat to Syrian Civilians Is Growing, Officials Say - NYT

Syria Refugee Camp Plea Vexes UN - BBC

Activists: Rebels, Syrian Troops Clash in Aleppo - AP

UN All Talk on Syria Aid as West Mulls Military Action - Reuters

Summit Meeting in Iran Disrupted by Rebukes of Syria - NYT

Egypt's Leader Denounces Syrian Regime During Iran Visit - VOA

Egypt Condemns 'Oppressive' Syria - BBC

Syrian Diplomat Says Joined Opposition While at UN Mission - AP

Dad: Missing US Reporter Likely in Syrian Custody - AP

It Is Long Past Time to Intervene in Syria - JP opinion



UN Airs New Concerns After Iran Says Nuclear Program Peaceful - VOA

Inspectors Confirm New Work by Iran at Secure Nuclear Site - NYT

UN: Iran Boosts Uranium Enrichment - WP

IAEA Report: Iran Increasing Stockpile of Enriched Uranium - S&S

Iran Makes Little Headway on Key Nuclear Equipment - Reuters

UN Nuke Agency: Iran 'Significantly' Hampers Probe - AP

Iran Pushes to Blunt UN Nuke Agency Powers - AP

White House Not Surprised by IAEA Report on Iran - VOA

Iran 'Doubles Capacity at Nuclear Plant' - BBC

Report on Iran Nuclear Work Puts Israel in a Box - NYT

Israel Under International Pressure Not to Attack Iran Alone - Reuters

Iran at the Brink - WP editorial

The ‘Deterrence Works’ Fantasy - WP opinion

Chance of War with Iran Increases to 40% - TA opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

NORAD, Russia Train to Confront Terrorist Hijackings - AFPS

NORAD, Russians Join for Computer-based Mock Terrorist Exercise - TG

Ex-SEAL Offers Firsthand Account of Bin Laden Death - VOA

DOD Threatens Legal Action Against Author of bin Laden Raid Book - S&S

Author of Book on bin Laden Raid Could Face Legal Action - WP

Pentagon May Sue Bin Laden Author - BBC

Final Probes of CIA Interrogations End Without Charges - S&S

No Charges Filed on Harsh Tactics Used by the CIA - NYT

Justice Closes CIA Probe Without Charges - WP

Apple Again Rejects App that Tracks US Drone Attacks - LAT

Coast Guard Faults Ship in NJ Port Security Breach - AP

Former SEAL Writes a Book; Cue Indignation - WSJ opinion


US Department of Defense

Military Advisors Reflect on Vietnam War Experiences - AFPS

Georgia Prosecutor Seeks Death Penalty for 3 Soldiers - AP

Accused Fort Hood Shooter Makes First Statement in Court - CNN

Fort Hood Shooting Suspect Fights for Beard - AP

Army Private Charged in WikiLeaks Case Set to Stand Trial in February - AP

Crew Blamed for Air Force Osprey Crash in Florida - S&S

Navy Report Faults USS Essex Crew for May Collision - S&S


United States

Republicans Confident After Convention - VOA

Republicans Set Stage for Battle Over Link Between Climate, Security - S&S

Romney Draws Battle Lines, Vows to Restore Nation’s Economic Strength - WP

Romney Vows a Way Out of Travails - NYT

Spotlight Focuses on Romney's Mormon Faith - VOA

National Guard, NORTHCOM Support Isaac Effort - AFPS

Obama to Order VA to Add Staff, See Suicidal Vets within 24 Hours - S&S

Judge Deciding US-born Taliban Fighter's Lawsuit - AP

Neil Armstrong’s Lasting Legacy - WP opinion

Deportation Nation - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

UK: No Solution in Sight to WikiLeaks’ Assange Standoff - AP

Assange Says 'Facing Year in Ecuador Embassy' - BBC



Software Meant to Fight Crime Is Used to Spy on Dissidents - NYT



Dakar Rights Activists Rally Against Gambian Executions - VOA

Nigeria Introduces New Currencies - VOA

South African Miners Charged in Police Shootings of Strikers - VOA

In Police Shooting of Miners, South Africa Charges Miners - NYT

South African Miners Charged with Murder - BBC

Angola Set for General Election - BBC

Ghana’s NDC to Nominate Mahama to Lead Party in December Poll  - VOA

Will Togo Sex Strike Work? - VOA



Mexico Court Rejects Presidential Vote Appeal - BBC

Mexican Court Nixes Election Appeal, Upholds Vote - AP

Ecuador Journalist Gets US Asylum - BBC

Venezuela to Investigate Report Brazilian Miners Massacred Village - NYT

Amazon Forest Threat Greater Outside Brazil - WP

Cuba Reports Mixed Results of Labor Reform - Reuters


Asia Pacific / Central

Clinton Begins Asia Tour Amid Chinese Protests - VOA

Clinton in South Pacific with China in Focus - AP

Clinton’s Visit to Cook Islands Criticized by China’s Official Media - S&S

US Defense Secretary to Visit China Soon Amid Disputes - AP

Chinese Dissident in Yahoo Case Is Freed After 10 Years - NYT

Ex-US Guard in China Pleads Guilty in Secrets Case - AP

North Korea Holds Rare Talks With Japan, Agrees to Meet Again - Reuters

South Korean Government Aims to Rebalance Power - WP        

Burma Pressed on Political Prisoners - WP

Burma Reveals Blacklisted Names - BBC

Flags Burnt in Attacks in Thailand's Restive South - AP



'Civil War' Among Muslims Shakes Russia's South - VOA

Brutality, Anger Fuel Jihad in Russia's Caucasus - Reuters

Russia to Develop Naval Missile Defense System - AP

Officials Detail Hostage Siege in Georgia - NYT

Amnesty Urges Balkans to Investigate War Missing - VOA

German Air Force Wants Drones for Future Conflicts - DPA

Struggling Romanians Yearn for Communism - WT

A New Balkan Flashpoint - WP opinion


South Asia

Pakistan Arrests Head of Banned Extremist Group - VOA

No Bail Set for Pakistani Girl Accused of Blasphemy - VOA

Fearful Pakistani Christians Make Home in Forest - AP