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30 September SWJ Roundup

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US Hopes New Commander Brings 'Fresh Look' to Afghan War Effort - DFP

As Marines Depart Helmand Province, Afghans Worry About Future - WP

Afghan Forces Also Suffer From Insider Attacks - AP

Violence Stalks Women Workers in Afghanistan - Reuters

Rugby Gaining Popularity Among Afghans - S&S



Battles Rage in Syria's Aleppo for Third Day - VOA

In Syria’s Largest City, Fire Ravages Ancient Market - NYT

Aleppo Souk Burns as Battles Rage - BBC

Ancient Market Burns as Fighting Rages in Syria's Aleppo - Reuters

Syrian Fighting Torches Historic Medieval Market - AP

Fleeing Syrians Struggle in Countryside Amid Indiscriminate Violence - NYT

Italy to Assist Libya on Security - AP

Whoever Wins in Syria Will Inherit Ruin - DS editorial

In Syria, First Do No Harm - NP opinion

Syria Between Hama 1982 and Lebanon - AT opinion



Iran Condemns US for Taking Group Off Terror List - AP

Iran's Rial Currency Dives to Historic Low - Reuters

How to Help Iran Build a Bomb - NYT opinion



Egypt, Yemen Push Back US Ideas - WP

Egypt's President Heads to Turkey to Build on Ties - AP

Egypt's Top Military Commander Promises Army Overhaul - Reuters

Egyptian Leftist Leader Eyes Parliament Majority - Reuters

Egypt's Copts to Return to Sinai Homes, Says Government - Reuters

Egypt Soldiers Get Suspended Sentence Over Protest - AP

Egypt Resets with US, China Waits in Wings - WPR opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Israel PM Tells Coalition Partners to Back Budget or Face Poll - Reuters

Bahrain Faces Riots After Boy Dies in Protest - NYT

Bahrain Opposition: Protester Killed in Clashes - AP

Yemeni Leader Says He Approves All US Drone Strikes - WP

Yemeni Government Official Escapes Suicide Attack - NYT

Egypt, Yemen Push Back US Ideas - WP

Security Lax in Libya Prior to Attack - WP

Libyans Hand Over Their Weapons in Arms Collection Drive - Reuters

Libyans Hand Over Hundreds of Weapons to Army - BBC

A Rare Apology from the Middle East - CSM editorial

A Palestinian Spring? - NYP opinion



Islamic Group Calls for Ban on Offending Prophet - AP

Algeria at UN: Limit Free Speech, Protect Islam - AP


United States

Report Says 3 of 4 US Adults Unqualified for Military - CV

Obama, Romney Gear Up for Debates - VOA

The World We’re Actually Living In - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

Mass Belfast Rally Marks Historic Oath - BBC

Tension, Though No Violence, as Protestants Parade in Belfast - NYT

Protestants in Northern Ireland March Peacefully - AP

Northern Irish Parade Passes Peacefully Amid Tight Security - Reuters

Why Marches Trigger Northern Ireland Strife - AP



Sole Canadian Held at Guantánamo Bay Is Repatriated - NYT

Youngest Guantanamo Detainee Transferred to Canada - WP

Last Western Detainee at Gitmo Returns to Canada - AP



In Somalia, Al-Shabab Withdraws From Kismayo - VOA

Islamist Rebels Flee Key Port City in Somalia - NYT

Somalia Islamists abandon Kismayo - BBC

US: Al-Shabab Will Continue Fighting - VOA

Nigerian Officials Arrested for Boko Haram Attacks - BBC

Sudan Tells United Nations Its Debts Must Be Canceled - Reuters

Eastern Congo City Suffers Upsurge in Violence - AP

Remembering Guinea Stadium Massacre Brings New Violence - VOA

Ivory Coast Arrests Former Gbagbo Spokesman Again - AP

Islamists Smash Sufi Saint's Tomb in Northern Mali - Reuters



Venezuelan Candidates Mobilize Backers Before Vote - AP

Two Die at Venezuela Poll Rally - BBC

Venezuela Opposition Party Says 2 Leaders Shot Dead - Reuters

Mexico's Lower House Gives Final Approval to Labor Reform - Reuters

Ecuador Reports Rescue of 2 Kidnapped Foreigners - AP


Asia / Pacific

Chinese Public Doubts Beijing’s Pledges to Fight Corruption - VOA

China Leaders Stage Show of Unity After Expelling Bo - Reuters

China Paves Way for Bo Charges - BBC

Elite and Deft, Xi Aimed High Early in China - NYT

Ex-South Korea Leader Haunts Presidential Bid - NYT

Burma's Thein Sein 'Would Accept Suu Kyi as President' - BBC

It's Time for Japan to Step Up - TA opinion

China Would Win a War with Japan - FP opinion



Spain: Madrid Anti-Austerity Protests Turn Violent Again - AP

Portuguese Protest Against Austerity, Await More Measures - Reuters

Tensions Rise in France After Roma Camp Torched - AP

Better Off Than They Were, Georgian Voters Ask: At What Cost? - NYT

Billionaire Georgia Opposition Leader Says Vote Win Hours Away - Reuters

Tymoshenko Calls on Ukraine to Rise Up Against 'Mafia-Rule' - Reuters

Russia: Deal to Keep Troops in Tajikistan in 2013 - AP

Democracy in the Former Soviet Republics - NYT editorial

Why Europe Riots - TG opinion


South Asia

Thousands in Pakistan Rally Against Anti-Islam Film - VOA

Bangladesh: Women Hurting Women - NYT opinion