Small Wars Journal

30 January SWJ Roundup

Days of Unrest

Egyptians Defiant as Military Does Little to Quash Protests - New York Times

Egyptian Protesters Demand U.S. Condemn Mubarak - Washington Post

Egypt: Looting Spreads as Vigilantes Roam - Los Angeles Times

Chaos Engulfs Cairo; Mubarak Points to Succession - Associated Press

Egyptian Soldiers Show Solidarity with Protesters - Washington Post

No End in Sight for Protests in Egypt - Voice of America

Looting Engulfs Cairo, Other Egyptian Cities - Associated Press

Lawlessness on Egypt Streets, Mubarak Clings On - Reuters

Appointments Continue Egypt's Martial Style of Rule - Washington Post

Protesters Challenge Regimes Around Middle East - Los Angeles Times

Obama Presses for Change, Not New Face at the Top - New York Times

Urging Restraint, U.S. Military Faces Test of Influence - New York Times

Egypt Crisis Puts Obama to the Test - Los Angeles Times

Egypt: Protesters Again Defy Curfew; Police Stand Down - Los Angeles Times

Egypt Vigilantes Defend Homes as Police Disappear - Reuters

Looters Smash Treasures And Mummies In Egyptian Museum - Reuters

Hosni Mubarak Under World Pressure - BBC News

ElBaradei: President Mubarak Must Go - Voice of America

Nobelist Has an Unfamiliar Role in Protests - New York Times

Yearning for Respect, Arabs Find a Voice - New York Times

Egypt: U.S. Wants to See an Overhaul, Not Overthrow - Los Angeles Times

Arab Executives Predict Regime Change in Egypt - New York Times

Egyptians Wonder What's Next - New York Times

Choice Likely to Please the Military, Not the Crowds - New York Times

Regional Reaction Mixed For Egypt Protests - Voice of America

Israel Fears Unrest in Egypt Could Jeopardize Peace Treaty - Voice of America

Jordanians Rally Against Corruption And Poverty - Reuters

Iraqis Watch Egypt Unrest With Sense of Irony - Associated Press

Egypt Protests Draw Mixed Reaction in Region - CNN News

Dictatorship to Democracy? Tunisia's Risky Venture - Associated Press

Canada Intends to Extradite Wealthy Tunisian Fugitive - Voice of America

Ruling Party Urges Talks In Yemen to Halt Protests - Reuters

As it Happened: Egypt Unrest Day Five - BBC News

Arab Rulers Only Have One Option: Reform - Daily Star editorial

The New Arab World Order - Foreign Policy opinion

White House Wobbles on Egyptian Tightrope - The Guardian opinion

Egypt's Military Now Pivotal - The Atlantic opinion

Egypt Needs Reform, Not Revolution - Daily Telegraph opinion

Is Qaddafi the Next to Fall? - The Daily Beast opinion

African Leaders Clinging to Power - Irish Times opinion

Israel Casts an Uneasy Glance at Protests - Global Post opinion

Egypt Protests Show Bush was Right - Washington Post opinion


Suicide Bomber Kills Kandahar Official - Washington Post

Suicide Bomber Kills Top Official in Key Afghan Province - Los Angeles Times

Suicide Bomber Kills Kandahar Deputy Governor - Voice of America

Family Vanishes In Attack On Market - New York Times

Afghans Plan to Stop Recruiting Children as Police - New York Times


U.S. Consulate Staffer Faces Murder Charges in Pakistan - Los Angeles Times

U.S. Demands Release of Diplomat in Pakistan - Voice of America

U.S. Seeks Release of Official in Pakistan - New York Times

U.S. Says Pakistan Illegally Holding Diplomat in Killings - Washington Post

U.S. Calls for Release of Official in Pakistan - Associated Press

Pakistan Says Law Must Take Its Course In U.S. Diplomat Case - Reuters

Seven Killed as Key Pakistan Tunnel Hit by Blasts - BBC News


Iraqi Security Forces Facing Serious Problems - Washington Post


Dutch Freeze Contacts with Iran Over Hanging - BBC News

Dutch Freeze Contacts With Iran After Hanging - Associated Press

To Defeat al-Qaeda, Defeat Iran - Washington Times opinion


WikiLeaks Unplugged - Los Angeles Times opinion

United States

Will We Ever Find Osama bin Laden? - Washington Post opinion


South Sudan Referendum: 99% Vote for Independence - BBC News

Over 99 Percent Of South Votes to Split From Sudan - Reuters

A.U. to Name Panel to Settle Ivory Coast Leadership Dispute - VOA

5 Somalis Brought to S. Korea to Be Tried for Piracy - Associated Press


Violence, Scandal Mar Governor's Race in Mexico - Associated Press

Drug Bust Shows Argentina-Europe Trafficking Ties - New York Times

Haiti to Release Election Results Wednesday, 2nd Round Set for March - VOA

Haiti to Release Election Results - Reuters

In Haiti, Duvalier Reopens Old Wounds - New York Times

Cuba's Economic Changes Create New Entrepreneurs - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

Burma Parliament to Open, but Army in Control - Associated Press


Russia Identifies Bomber as 20-Year-old Caucasus Man - Voice of America

In Moscow, a Bomber Is Identified - New York Times

Bosnia Presidency Chief Refuses Turkish Meeting - Reuters

Belarus Releases Detainees as EU Readies Sanctions - Reuters

Confronting the Crackdown in Belarus - Washington Post opinion

Middle East

Iran, Hezbollah Shift Power Balance in Lebanon - U.S. Institute of Peace

Syria, Not Hezbollah, Won in Lebanon - The Guardian opinion

Death by a Thousand Leaks - Los Angeles Times opinion

South Asia

Microcredit Pioneer Faces an Inquiry in Bangladesh - New York Times