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30 April SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Failed Assassination Try in Afghanistan Leaves 4 Dead - LAT

Lawyer in Afghan Murder Case Hopes to Put the War on Trial - LAT

Why Afghan Women Risk Death to Write Poetry - NYT

Bomb in Eastern Afghanistan Kills 2 Children - AP



Renewal of US Drone Strikes in Pakistan May Complicate Talks - WP

Drone Strike Kills Militants Hiding in High School - CNN

Pakistan Condemns US Strike After Drone Ban - AP

Lack of a US Apology Is Sticking Point for Pakistan - IHT

Year Later, Bin Laden Killing Still Colors Pakistan-US Ties - VOA

Pakistan's Spy Agency Seeks Credit for bin Laden's Death - WP

Kidnapped British Doctor Beheaded in Pakistan - VOA

British Red Cross Worker Killed in Pakistan - CNN



UN-Appointed Norwegian General Arrives in Syria, Urges End to Violence - VOA

Head of UN Observer Mission Arrives, Calls On All Sides to Stop Attacks - AP

Syrian Violence Continues as Monitoring Chief Heads to Country - VOA

Deadly Blasts Rock Northern Syria - BBC

Syria: 8 Killed in Bombings in City of Idlib - AP

Twenty Dead in Bombs at Security HQs in Syria's Idlib - Reuters

Absent in Syria - WP opinion



Eased Tensions Lower Chances of Iran Strike, Experts Say - NYT

Iran Hopes for 'Successful' Nuclear Talks With UN - Reuters

Former Israeli Premier Assails Netanyahu on Iran - NYT

Former Israeli Premier Against Iran Strike - AP



Salafist Vote Could be Decisive for Egypt - WP

Egypt Parliament Suspends Sessions - WP

Egypt's Brotherhood Says Army Plans Cabinet Reshuffle - Reuters

Egypt Tries to Woo Back Saudi Ambassador - VOA

Egypt's Military Pledges to Secure Saudi Missions - AP

The Good (and Bad) of Egypt's Election - Haaretz opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Yemen President Challenged by ex-President's Son - AP

Top Bahrain Activist Wins Retrial - BBC

Bahrain Orders Retrial for Hunger Striker, Others - AP

Saudis Welcome Bin Laden Widows - BBC

Israel Court Puts 60-Day Hold on Settlement Razings - Reuters

Ex-Libyan Oil Minister Found Dead in Danube in Vienna - VOA

Libya ex-Minister 'Dead in River' - BBC

Al Qaeda Offers to Free Briton if Cleric Released - Reuters

Iraq a Threat to Mideast Stability - FP opinion

New Ideas Emerge for Arab-Israeli Peace - TN opinion

Nothing Has Changed in Israel Since 1948 - Haaretz opinion


Al Qaeda / Terrorism

Bin Laden’s Death Hasn’t Killed al-Qaeda - WP

Weaker al-Qaida Still Plots Payback for US Raid - AP

Panetta: US Remains Focused on Pursuit of Al-Qaida - AFPS

Panetta: No One Way to Destroy al-Qaida - VOA

White House Uses 'Situation Room' as bin Laden Anniversary Nears - S&S

‘Manhunt’ Details bin Laden Mission - WP

How bin Laden is Winning - WP opinion


International Criminal Court

Is ICC the Best Way to Stop War Crimes? - McClatchy


US Department of Defense

Navy Nears Power Deal to Help Avoid Cal Blackouts - AP

Draft or Volunteer? - WP opinion

America's Air Supremacy Is in Danger - WS opinion


United States

New York Subway Terror Plot Case to Go to Jury - CNN

Finding Work Proves Harder for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans - S&S

American Colleges Brace for Flood of Veterans - S&S

Brennan Says No Secret Service Security Breach - AP

Barack Obama, Warrior in Chief - NYT opinion

The CIA’s Misuse of Secrecy - NYT opinion

Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the FBI - NYT opinion

US Foreign Policy, Brought to You by ExxonMobil - Salon opinion

Do Americans Still Hate the UN? - FP opinion


United Kingdom

Border Force 'Ready' for Olympics - BBC

UK Flats May be Olympic Missile Site - BBC

Apartment Blocks May Host Missiles for Olympics - AP



Sudan Declares State of Emergency Along Southern Border - VOA

Sudan Declares State of Emergency as Clashes Continue - NYT

Sudan 'Declares Border Emergency' - BBC

In Sudan and South Sudan, Questions of Nationality - Reuters

Nigeria University Christian Service Attack Kills 15 - VOA

Deadly Attack at Nigerian College - BBC

21 Killed in North Nigeria Church Service Attacks - AP

Kenya Grenade Attack on Church Kills 1, Wounds 16 - VOA

Kenya: Church Targeted in Nairobi Attack - BBC

CAR: In Vast Jungle, US Troops Aid in Search for Kony - NYT

CAR: Hunt for Kony Proves Tough for US - WP

CAR: US Lends Support in Hunt for Kony - CNN

CAR: US Special Forces Help in Hunt for Warlord Kony - AP

Uganda: 'Sudan Supporting Kony' - BBC

Mali Coup Leader Rejects ECOWAS Transition Decree - VOA

Africa Is Primed for Economic Take Off - Newsweek opinion



Mexican Gangs Battle for Control of Pacific State - Insight

French Journalist Kidnapped in Colombia - VOA

Journalist 'Abducted' in Colombia - BBC

Colombia: Missing Journalist Wounded in Arm - AP

Mexico Journalist's Death Investigated - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

Japan PM on US Trip to Boost Ties - BBC

China Rights Group: Missing Dissident Under US Protection - VOA

Obama Wants ‘Appropriate Balance’ on Chinese Dissident - WP

In Crisis Over Dissident, US Sends Official to China - NYT

Rights Group: US Asylum Likely for China Dissident - AP

China Blocking All Mention of Chen and His Daring Escape - IHT

China Activists Lifted by Blind Lawyer's Escape - AP

China Security Chief Down but Not Out After Dissident's Escape - Reuters

Philippines Role May Expand as US Adjusts Asia Strategy - NYT

Philippine Troops, Rebels Clash Twice, 10 Killed - AP

UN Chief Ban Arrives in Burma to Promote Reforms - AP

Rights Groups Call on UN Chief to Press Burma on Reforms - VOA

UN Chief Will Ask West to Lift Myanmar Sanctions - NYT

UN Chief Meets Burma President, to Address Parliament - Reuters

Unite for Change, Ban Urges Burma - BBC

Malaysia's Najib Weathers Protest, May Still Call Early Poll - Reuters

Malaysian Police Release Protesters - VOA

China: The Chen Case - WP opinion

North Korea: The Day After - NYT opinion

In the Philippines, Haunted by History - NYT opinion



Twenty Years After War Began, Bosnia Grows More Divided - McClatchy

Analysis: French Will Resist Reform Till Things Get Worse - Reuters

France: Sarkozy on Defensive in Bitter Final Election Battle - Reuters

Rise of Far Right in Greece Worries Mainstream - AP

Czech Leader Cancels Ukraine Visit Over Tymoshenko - Reuters

Turkey Has Reasons to Fear Arab Spring - BL opinion


South Asia

Opposition General Strike Disrupts Bangladesh Life - AP

India's Former BJP Leader Jailed - BBC

A Curious Turn in India-Pakistan Ties - TH opinion