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3 March SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Ambassador: US will Not Accelerate Removal of Troops - S&S

US Probe of Koran Burning Finds 5 Troops Responsible - WP

5 Soldiers Responsible for Koran Burnings, US Investigation Finds - LAT

Chain of Avoidable Errors Cited in Koran Burning - NYT

Official: Mistakes Led to Afghan Quran Burnings - AP

Afghan Clerics Deem US Quran Burning Unforgivable - VOA

Afghan Clerics Demand Punishment for Koran Burners - Reuters

Afghan Army Says Taliban Infiltration Very Sophisticated - Reuters

How to Rebuild Trust in Afghanistan - WP opinion



Suicide Bomber Targets Rival Militants in Pakistan - VOA

Bomber Kills Rival 'Pakistan Militants' - BBC

Bomber Kills Rival Militants in Pakistan - AP

Zardari Party Leads Pakistan Poll - BBC

Pakistan Builds Web Wall Out in the Open - NYT



Humanitarian Aid Stopped From Reaching Syrian Flashpoint Area - VOA

Syria Blocks Aid Convoy from Entering Devastated Homs District - LAT

Syria Blocks Red Cross Aid to Bab Amr - WP

Red Cross Blocked by Syria from Ex-rebel Enclave - AP

UN Chief Demands Access to Battered Syrian District - VOA

UN Chief Speaks of 'Grisly Reports' From Syria - Reuters

Syrian Authorities 'Committed Crimes' Against Civilians - BBC

Rights Group Says Photos of Homs Reveal Brutality of Shelling - LAT

Syria's Opposition Wants More Arms - VOA

Russia: Arming Syria Rebels Could Violate International Law - LAT

Q&A: Understanding Syria's Uprising - AP

Crushing Homs - NYT editorial

Staying out of Syria's Conflict - LAT editorial

Assad's Hidden Strength in Syria - LAT opinion

Six Ways the U.S. Has Faltered in Syria - CNN opinion

Satellite Images From Syria - NYT opinion

Libya's Lesson for Syria - KOW opinion



Obama Says Iran Strike Is an Option, but Warns Israel - NYT

Obama Says US Serious About Using Force Against a Nuclear Iran - LAT

Obama to Warn Netanyahu Against Military Strikes on Iran - WP

Obama Warns Against Iran Strike - BBC

Israeli PM Warns Against Renewed Talks with Iran - AP

Netanyahu Warns Against Diplomatic Path With Iran - Reuters

Voting Ends in Iran's Parliamentary Elections - VOA

Iran’s Government Declares Huge Turnout in National Vote - NYT

Ahmadinejad Rivals Leading in Parliament Vote - AP

Iran Parliament Vote Seen Bolstering Supreme Leader - Reuters

Iran Conservatives Contest Poll - BBC

Iranian Elections Not Free and Fair, Britain Says - Reuters

Iranian Parliamentary Elections - WP images

Should Israel Strike Iran? - WP opinion

Decoding Obama's Message on Iran - WP opinion

Starving Iran Won’t Free It - NYT opinion

Only Crippling Sanctions Will Stop Iran - NYT opinion



Egypt: Officials Target of Wrath as Foreign NGO Workers Leave - WP

US Government Ultimately Paid Bail for Egypt NGOs - Reuters

Spain to Extradite Egypt Tycoon - BBC

Egypt: Spain Orders Extradition of Mubarak Associate - AP



UN Report: Human Rights Abuses Continue in Libya - WP

UN Panel: Both Sides Committed War Crimes in Libya - AP

Libya's Muslim Brotherhood Sets Up Political Party - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Israel Guards Against Increased Terror Peril From Sinai - NYT

US Security Team Attacked in Yemen, Bomb Injures 22 - Reuters

Lebanon: Prosecutors Propose New Charge for Hariri Suspects - BBC

Bahrain Promises Weekday Visas to Rights Group - AP

Half a Loaf in the Middle East - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

SUVs of Death: Commandos Want Missiles in Their Trucks - DR

Dover Air Base Mortuary Supervisor Resigns - S&S

Ombudsman: Don’t Put Stripes with Military Media at Fort Meade - S&S


United States

International Smuggling Rings Busted, Says US Officials - BBC

Massive, Deadly Storms Strike Midwest, South - WP

US Negotiates Northern Route Deal - WP



East African Leaders Kick Off Major Infrastructure Project - VOA

East Africa Port Project Launched - BBC

Nigerian Militants Say They Attacked Marine Police - VOA

Key Somali Militant Base Captured - BBC

Report Shines Rare Light on Somali Gov't Finances - AP



Brazil Lashes Out after US Military Contract Canceled - LAT

Colombia Chief Prosecutor Quits - BBC

Bolivians Fight Over Quinoa Land - AP


Asia Pacific

A Chinese Voice of Dissent That Took Its Time - NYT

China Protest Village Holds Polls - BBC

Japan: Operation Tomodachi Could be Model for Disaster Planning - S&S

Japan Leader Points to Disaster Response Failures - AP

N. Korea Finds Purpose for ‘Friends’ Abroad - WP



EU Leaders Focus on Jobs, Economic Growth - VOA

Russia Offers Resumption of Relations With Georgia - NYT

Russia: Putin Confident About Presidential Win - VOA

Russia: Putin Sure of His Victory in Presidential Vote - AP

Russia: Putin Might Seek 4th Term in 2018 - NYT

Ireland Faces Long Road Back to Strong Economic Footing - WP


South Asia

Talks Reaffirm Growing US-India Partnership - AFPS

India: Activists See Gandhi as Congress Party’s ‘Star Campaigner’ - WP