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3 February SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


US Combat Plan for Afghanistan Jolts NATO Members - LAT

US Will Keep Fighting as Afghans Take the Lead, Panetta Says - NYT

Panetta: NATO Ministers Agree Afghan Transition on Track - AFPS

NATO Ministers Review US, French Plans to End Afghanistan Combat Role - VOA

NATO Mulls Paying for Afghan Forces After 2014 - AP

Transition to Afghan Control a Prudent Step, Officials Say - AFPS

US, NATO Seek to Clarify Panetta Comments - WP

DOD: No Policy Changes, Despite Panetta Statement About Transition - S&S

US Seeks to Play Down Panetta's Afghan Comments - Reuters

In Winding Down Afghan War, a Different Challenge than in Iraq - WP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Panetta Adds a Few Details About US Step Back - WP opinion

The Hard Way Out of Afghanistan - NYT opinion



Supreme Court to Charge Pakistani PM with Contempt - AP

7 Pakistan Soldiers Killed - VOA

Militants Kill Pakistani Soldiers - BBC

Pakistan Clashes Kill 7 Soldiers, 18 Militants - AP



Senate Panel Approves Potentially Toughest Penalty Yet - NYT

Israeli Leaders: Iran Must be Stopped Soon - WP

Israel: More World Support for Possible Iran Hit - AP

US Plays Down Warning By Israeli Over Iran’s Missiles - NYT

Iran Warns of Retaliation Over Oil Sanctions - Reuters

Khamenei: Iran to Aid Anyone Confronting Israel - AP

Khamenei Warns Over Military Strike, Oil Embargo Threat - Reuters

Effort to Rebrand Arab Spring Backfires in Iran - NYT

Germany Seeks China's Help on Iran - VOA

Iran Says it Launched Homemade Satellite - WP

Iran Reports Launch of Small Satellite Into Orbit - AP

Attack Iran? - WP opinion

Israel's Profound Choice on Iran - LAT opinion

Envisioning a Deal With Iran - NYT opinion

The Latest Iran Frenzy - FP opinion



UN Talks on Syria Stall Again - VOA

UN Tentatively Backs a Plan for Syria - NYT

UN Diplomats Fail to Reach Agreement on Syria - AP

UN Envoys Debate Revised Syria Text; Hama Marks 1982 Massacre - VOA

US Says Syria's Assad Turns to Iran to Keep Power - VOA

Arabs, West Seek to Avert Russian Veto of UN Syria - Reuters

US Courts Russian Support on Syria - WP

Russia Will Not Stop Selling Arms to Syria - AP

Syrian Soldiers, Rebels Clash in the South; 1 Dead - AP

Syria: It’s Not Just About Freedom - WP opinion

Syria’s Outcome Has High Stakes for Entire Mideast - WP opinion

Why We Shouldn’t Attack Syria (Yet) - NYT opinion



Egyptians Blame Military for Soccer Bloodshed - VOA

Police Kill 4 Protesters as Egyptians Unleash Fury Over Soccer Riot - NYT

Egypt Mourns Soccer Riot Victims; Thousands March in Cairo - LAT

In Egypt, Protesters Clash with Police - WP

Two Shot Dead in Egypt Violence - BBC

3 Die in Egypt Clashes Over Deadly Soccer Riot - AP

Egypt's Cairo Braced for More Football Unrest - BBC


Israel / Palestinians

Gaza Protesters Pelt UN Chief's Convoy With Shoes - VOA

Turkey and Hamas Grow Close - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Opposition Gains in Kuwait Vote - BBC

Kuwait Islamists Ride Opposition Election Surge - AP

Lebanon: Hariri Murder Suspects to be Tried in Absentia - BBC

Rights Group: Libyan Ex-Envoy Dies After Arrest - AP



NATO to Consolidate Air Command Operations at Ramstein - S&S


US Department of Defense

Obama to Revamp Plan to Move Okinawa Marines to Guam - S&S

Navy Undersecretary Says Service Essential to New Defense Strategy - S&S

Judge Delays Fort Hood Shooting Rampage Trial - AP

Some Top Military Brass Making More in Pension than Pay - USAT

Don’t Forget ‘Hard’ Power - WP opinion


United States

Intelligence Leaders Urge Congress to Act on Cyber Laws - AFPS

Obama Eeeks $6B to Hire Thousands of Vets for Public Service Jobs - S&S



Top Security and Defense Officials Meet in Munich - AP



African Union Considers Future Leaders After Election Failure - VOA

Britain Vows to Step Up Fight Against Somali Terrorism, Piracy - VOA

UK's Foreign Minister in Somalia - BBC

UN: Somalia Famine Over, but Millions Still Need Food Aid - VOA

Famine 'Over' in Somalia, UN Says - BBC

UN Downgrades Somali Famine; Situation Still Dire - AP

UN Official Warns of Looming Crisis in South Sudan - LAT

Senegal Opposition to Launch Election Campaigns - VOA

Liberia: Lawyers for Taylor Want to Re-open Defense Case - BBC

Mali Protests Over Tuareg Rebels - BBC



Mexican Army Sends More Troops to West - AP

Second Deadly Attack in Colombia - BBC

Brazilian Cities Minister Resigns - BBC

2 Chileans Held in Peru: Innocents or Spies? - AP


Asia Pacific

Self-Immolations in China's Tibetan Areas Mark Shift in Tibet Movement - VOA

Merkel Holds Talks with Top Chinese Leaders - VOA

China Considers Offering Aid in Europe’s Debt Crisis - NYT

North Korea Opens Door to Talks With South Korea - AP

Filipino Troops Still Search for JI Terrorist Leader - AP

US Military Back in Thailand for Flood Relief Efforts - S&S

Cambodia: Life Term for Khmer Rouge Jailer - BBC

Cambodia: Khmer Rouge Chief Jailer Gets Life in Prison - AP



Russia’s Opposition Movement Spreads Far Beyond Moscow - VOA

At Moscow Rally, Fighting the Cold and the Kremlin - NYT

Russia's Provinces Have Putin's Back - LAT

Russian FM Assails EU Foreign Policy Chief - AP

Is Russia’s Space Program Viable? - VOA

World Court Upholds German Immunity in Nazi Cases - AP

2 German Men Plead Guilty to Terror Charges in UK - AP


South Asia

India: No Show by Pakistan's Mumbai Team - BBC