Small Wars Journal

29 July SWJ Roundup


Talks on Long-term Afghan-US Partnership Stalled - WP

Deputy Notes Progress of Afghan Training Mission - AFPS

Suicide Bombers, Gunmen Attack Afghan Provincial Capital - LAT

At Least 19 Killed as Insurgents Launch Attacks in South - WP

Eighteen Civilians Killed in Helmand Blast - BBC

Roadside Bombs Kill 23 in South Afghanistan - Reuters

Deadly Attack in Tarin Kowt, Uruzgan - BBC

Mission Offers Young Army Officer a Lesson - S&S

Marine Reaches Out to Afghan Women - AFPS

ISAF Operations Roundup - AFPS


Pakistan Dealing With Flood Effects One Year Later - VOA

Holding Pakistan to Account - NYT editorial


Record Number of US Troops Killed by Iranian Weapons - NJ

Double Bombing Kills at Least 16 in Iraq - WP

Tikrit City Hit by Deadly Twin Bombings - BBC

Double Bombing Kills 12 Outside Bank in Iraq - AP

Syria Still Looks Like an Oasis to Iraqis - NYT

Army Corps Agrees to Pay Whistle-Blower In Iraq Case - NYT


Syrians Planning for Stepped Up Protests During Ramadan - NYT

Syrian Revolt Still Spontaneous and Leaderless - WP

Syrian Forces Kill 5 People in Two Towns - Reuters


Death of Rebel Leader Stirs Fears of Tribal Conflict - NYT

Abdul Fattah Younis, Libyan Rebel Military Commander, Killed - WP

Top Libyan Rebel Commander Killed - BBC

Libyan Rebels' Military Chief of Staff Slain - LAT

Libyan Rebels Say Their Military Chief Shot Dead - Reuters

Libyan Rebels Claim Success After New Offensive - VOA

Minefields: Ill-equipped Rebel Teams Defuse Devices - LAT


US Accuses Iran of Secret Al-Qaida Ties - VOA

US Accuses Iran of Aiding al-Qaeda - WP

US Accuses Iran of Pact With al Qaeda - WSJ

US Accuses Iran of 'Secret Deal' with al-Qaida - AP

US Accuses Iran of 'Secret Deal' with al-Qaeda - TT

Hikers' Families Await Justice from Iran - LAT opinion


Will Egypt Be Able to Restore Security, Stability? - VOA

Mubarak Trial to be Held in Cairo - VOA

Hosni Mubarak to Go on Trial in Cairo - BBC

Mubarak Declared Fit for Aug. 3 Trial - WP

Middle East / North Africa

40 Dead in Clash Between Yemen Army and Tribes - AP

Yemeni Forces Fire on Protesters in South's Taiz - Reuters

Jordan Convicts al-Qaeda 'Mentor' - BBC

Tunisia's Ex-President, Daughter, Nephew Convicted - AP

Al Qaeda

Zawahri, Al Qaeda's New Leader, Praises Syrian Protesters - NYT

Ex-Counterterrorism Aide Warns Against Complacency on Al Qaeda - NYT

US Department of Defense

AWOL Soldier Accused of Plotting Fort Hood Attack - WP

Soldier Held Amid Claim of Terror Plot at Fort Hood - NYT

US Soldier Arrested Near Fort Hood, Planning Attack - VOA

US Serviceman Arrested in Plan to Attack Fort Hood - S&S

CNO Nominee: Greenert Outlines Priorities at Senate Hearing - AFPS

Jacoby: Relationships Drive Northcom, NORAD Missions - AFPS

Most Acquisition Reform Policies, Plans in Place, Official Says - AFPS

DOD Working Toward Full Financial Audits, Comptroller Says - AFPS

Troops Could Soon Learn What Debt Debate Means - S&S

United States

House Leaders Postpone Vote on Debt Plan - WP

House Puts Off Debt Vote as Press by Boehner Fails - NYT

27 Deemed to Be Threats Held Aviation Licenses - NYT

States of Conflict: An Update - NYT opinion


10 Killed in Battle to Keep Somali Aid Flowing - VOA

World's Biggest Refugee Camp Extended as Somalis Flood In - Reuters

Has Somalia's Famine Weakened al-Shabab? - VOA

Somali Pirates Release UAE-Flagged Ship, Crew - VOA

UN Peacekeepers Deployed to Sudan's Abyei Region - VOA

UN Accuses Eritrea of Bomb Plot - BBC

Zambia Election Set for September 20 - VOA

Sweden Releases Rwandan Genocide Suspect - VOA

Behind Africa's Famine - WP opinion


Study: Mexico Homicides Rose 23 Percent in 2010 - AP

Mexico Suspends Police Aid to Violent Border City - AP

Mexico Prison Shooting: Police Row Over Response - BBC

Venezuela: Chavez Turns 57 Vowing to Stay in Power Until 2031 - AP

Peru's Ollanta Humala is Sworn In - BBC

Cocaine Recovered From Sunken Sub Off Honduras - Reuters

UK Boost for Bolivian Battle Against Cocaine Production - BBC

Return of Guatemalan Military Looms as Left Falters - Reuters

Ecuador's Media Crackdown - WP editorial

Asia Pacific

US-North Korea Talks Begin in New York - VOA

US, N. Korean Diplomats Meet in New York - WP

North Korea Nuclear Talks Business-like, Says US - BBC

South Korean Envoy Downbeat on Nuclear Talks - Reuters

South Korea Storm Toll Rises - LAT

S. Korea Flooding: US Bases Hit Hard - S&S

Blogs Erode China Censorship - NYT

Indonesia: No Justice for Victims of Islamic Sect Attack - AP


NATO Takes Over Kosovo Border Posts After Clashes - BBC

Serb Police, NATO Boost Forces After Kosovo Violence - Reuters

NATO Peacekeepers Can Fire if Attacked in Kosovo - AP

3 Civilians Killed in Russia's Restive Dagestan - AP

Poland Releases Report on Presidential Plane Crash - AP

South Asia

Mumbai Gunman Qasab Appeals Against Death Penalty - BBC

Leader of India State Resigns Over Corruption Inquiry - NYT