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29 February SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


NATO Chief: Troops Show ‘Remarkable Restraint’ in Afghanistan - VOA

Clinton Defends US Mission in Afghanistan - AP

UN Staff Leaves an Afghan Office - NYT

The Afghan Strategy is Worth Saving - WP editorial



Wikileaks Publishes Claim about Pakistani Knowledge of Bin Laden - LAT



Syria’s Sectarian Fears Keep Region on Edge - NYT

UN: Assad's Crackdown Has Killed 'Well Over 7,500' People - VOA

Syria Toll Passes 7,500, UN Says - BBC

Dozens Killed in Syria as UN Calls for Cease-Fire - VOA

13 Syrians Die in Bid to Rescue Journalists - WP

Wounded British Journalist Smuggled From Syria - AP

Syrian Army Attacks Rebel Stronghold in Homs - Reuters

Diplomats Warn Syria of Consequences for Violent Crackdown - NYT

UN Rights Group Slams Syrian Government - VOA

US Slams Syria over UN Rights Meeting Walkout - AP

Syria 'Humanitarian' Vote Pressed - BBC

Syria's Nonviolent Activists Face Uphill Battle for Democracy - LAT

Venezuela Shipping Fuel to Aid Syrian Regime - AP

Hamas Political Chiefs Exit Syria - BBC



US Sees Iran Attacks as Likely if Israel Strikes - NYT

Israel Wouldn't Warn US on Iran Strike - AP

Obama Likely to Resist Pressure to Further Toughen Iran Stance - LAT

Clinton: Internal Power Struggle in Iran Over Nuclear Weapons - VOA

Iran FM Calls for More Talks on Nuclear Issue - AP

Iran Accuses West of Double Standard on Nuclear Weapons - VOA

Dubai's Noor Islamic Ended Business With Iran Banks in Dec - Reuters

UAE Says US Targeted Only One Bank Over Iran - Reuters

Iran to Accept Payment in Gold From Trading Partners - Reuters

British Arms-to-Iran Suspect in US Court - BBC

British Arms-to-Iran Suspect Plans to Seek Release - AP

BBC Persian TV Audience Doubles - BBC



US and Egypt in Talks to End Prosecution of Americans - NYT

Egypt: Judges Withdraw From Trial of 16 Americans - AP

Egypt Upper House Elects Islamist - BBC

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Extends its Reach - WP


Middle East

Palestinians Invite Security Council to Visit - AP

Israel Raids Private Palestinian Television Station - Reuters

Iraqi Officials: Car Bomb Kills 4 in Baghdad - AP

Young Woman in Yemen Among New Breed of Citizen Journalists - VOA

There Be Dragons - NYT opinion



NATO Head Discusses Afghan Violence, Syria, Chicago Summit - AFPS

Official: NATO Investment Critical Despite Fiscal Challenge - AFPS


US Department of Defense

Army Weighs Missions in Face of Drawdown - AT

Gitmo Prisoner Emerges From Shadows for Plea Deal - AP

US-Raised Captive Set to Plead Guilty at Guantanamo - Reuters

Guantanamo Prisoners Who Have Been Convicted - AP

Panel Recommends Changes at Dover Mortuary - AFPS

Improvements Ongoing at Dover, Air Force Officials Say - AFPS

Pentagon: 9/11 Victim Remains Sent to Landfill - VOA

Dover Report: Cremated Remains of 9/11 Victims Dumped in Landfill - S&S

Remains of 9/11 Victims Dumped in a Landfill, Defense Dept. Says - WP

Modern Wars Changing the Way PTSD is Diagnosed - S&S

Medical Officials Investigate Europe Facilities after PTSD Complaint - S&S

Guam Not Ready for Okinawa's Marines, Officials Say - S&S

NCO Earns Soldier's Medal for Valor During Bank Robbery - VOA

As Social Media Expands, Military Bloggers Find More Outlets - NYT


United States

Obama Orders Waivers to New Rules on Detaining Terror Suspects - WP

Obama Issues Waivers on Military Terrorist Trials - NYT

State Dept. Budget Request Too High, Senators Tell Clinton - WP

Panetta Urges Congress to Put All Federal Spending on Table - AFPS



Anonymous Hackers: Police Arrest 25 in Four Countries - BBC

25 Suspected Hackers Arrested in International Raids - AP



Sudan, China Discuss Oil Dispute - VOA

Senegal Election Observers Await Possible 2nd Vote - VOA

Wade Accepts Senegal Poll Run-off - BBC

Somali Gunmen Murder Journalist - BBC

Denmark: 2 Hostages Dead in Anti-Piracy Operation - AP

Two Dead in Denmark Piracy Raid - BBC



Central America Drug Threat Grows - BBC

Colombia's Chief Prosecutor Unseated by Court - AP

Argentina 'Urges UK Import Ban' - BBC

Venezuela: Chavez 'has Cuba Cancer Surgery' - BBC

Venezuela: Chavez in Good Condition After Surgery - AP

The First Google Maps War - NYT opinion


Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Shift Will Improve Relations, Commander Says - AFPS

Deadly Riots in China’s Troubled Xinjiang Region - VOA

China: Twelve Dead in Xinjiang Violence - BBC

China Says at Least 12 Killed in Xinjiang Riot - AP

China Village Election Fever Tests Bounds of Democracy - Reuters

US Seeks N. Korea Nuclear Concessions for Food Aid - VOA

US 'Ties N. Korea Aid to Change' - BBC

US Sees 'More of the Same' From New N. Korea Leader - Reuters

Amid Tensions, U-2 Spy Planes Keep Watch on N. Korea - NYT

US Ship in N. Korea to Prepare for Remains Hunt - AP

Japan Says May Cancel Lockheed F-35 if Price Rises - Reuters

China, Philippines Argue Over Planned Oil Search - AP

Prosecutors Rest Case in Bid to Remove Chief Justice of Philippines - NYT



UK call for European Human Rights Court Change - BBC

Russia: Critics Say Putin Assassination Plot Tied to Sunday Vote - VOA

EU Pulls Ambassadors Out of Belarus - VOA

Europe Delays Debt Talks After Signs of Uncertain Support - NYT

Ireland a Test for EU Crisis Remedy - WP

Germany: Merkel's Popularity Highest in Over 2 Years - AP

French Council Strikes Down Bill on Armenian Genocide Denial - NYT


South Asia

India Charges 'Anti-Nuclear' NGOs - BBC