Small Wars Journal

29 December SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


US Pulls PR Advisers From an Afghan Government Media Center - NYT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Pakistani Death Squads Targeting US Informants - LAT



Weapons Sales to Iraq Move Ahead Despite US Worries - NYT

Iraq Surge's Advocates Fear Gains Will Be Lost - WT

Allawi Says Iraq Headed for 'Sectarian Autocracy' - Reuters

Iranian Exiles in Iraq Agree to Move Camps - AP

The Iraq War is Not Really Over - WT opinion

Iraq's One-Man War Machine - LAT opinion



Activists: Syrian Forces Fire at Protesters While Monitors Tour Country - VOA

Violence Flares in Syria Despite Observers’ Visit - NYT

Gunfire Reported in Syrian Cities - WP

Activists: Syrian Troops Kill More Protesters - AP

Arab Observers Fan Out Across Syria - Reuters

Clashes as Syria Monitors Fan Out - BBC

Shooting Erupts in Syrian City Ahead of Arab Visit - Reuters

Syria Hiding Detainees from Arab League - LAT

Sudanese General Linked to Genocide Monitoring Syrian Violence - WT

Amid Bloodshed, Hamas Prepares to Leave Syria - AP

Observe and Report - WP editorial

Syria's Defecting Bloggers - NYT opinion



US Will Not 'Tolerate' Disruption of Vital Oil Strait Traffic - VOA

US Warns Iran on Oil Route Threat - BBC

US Warns Iran Against Closing Hormuz Oil Route - AP

US Fifth Fleet Says Won't Allow Hormuz Disruption - Reuters

Iran Unlikely to Close Hormuz Strait - WP

Iran Naval Chief Says Closing Gulf to Oil Traffic Easy - LAT

Strait of Hormuz: How Strategic a Waterway? - WP

Mom of Iran Detainee Questions Alleged Confession - AP

Iran Dissident Leader Sentenced to 8 Years in Jail - AP

Tehran’s Moment of Truth - WT editorial



Yemenis, on Strike, Demand That Their Managers Be Fired - NYT

Yemen Government Workers Rally Against Corruption - AP

Key Military Positions Dismantled in Yemen Capital - Reuters



Egypt's Mubarak Appears in Court After Three-Month Break - VOA

Mubarak Heads Back to Court - NYT

Trial of Mubarak Resumes in Egypt - BBC

Mubarak Back in Egyptian Court as Trial Resumes - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Oil Price Falls as Saudis Trump Iran Threat - AP

Israel to Legalize West Bank Outpost, Mulling More Construction - LAT

Israel Detains Ultra-Orthodox Man in Bus Row With Soldier - Reuters

Saudi Women to Run, Vote Without Male Approval - AP

Libya Ex-Rebels Sign Up for Government Jobs - AP

Algeria Leaders Have Lost Touch, Risk Anger - Reuters


US Department of Defense

Hazing-related Charges in Soldier's Death Could be Difficult to Prove - S&S

Panetta ‘Will Not Tolerate’ Bullying, Hazing - AFPS

Pentagon Thinning Ranks of Generals, Admirals - WP

Army to Trim NCO Ranks Starting in April, Memo Says - S&S

Guantanamo Leader Signs Order Opposed by Lawyers - AP

Japanese, US Troops to Together in Hand-to-Hand Combat - S&S

Locklear Nominated to be Next PACOM Commander - S&S

Gov’t to Pay Family $17.8M for Military Jet Crash in San Diego - AP


United States

Ticker-tape Parade Planned for Iraq Vets? Not Anymore - S&S

Puerto Rico Approves Political Status Referendum - AP



Islamists Intensify Nigeria’s Divisions - AP

Nigerians 'Will Defend Churches' - BBC

Seven Hurt as Bomb Hits Madrassa in Nigeria - Reuters

Three Killed in Gun Attack in Nigeria's Plateau State - Reuters

Somali Pirates Seize Cargo Ship - BBC



'The Blondies' Cartel Chief Caught in Mexico City - AP

Mexico Arrests Drug Dealer Linked to Boss Guzman - Reuters

Boxer's Shorts Spoil Mexico Vote - BBC

Venezuela: 'Highest Murder Rate' - BBC

Argentina Adopts Wide Definition of Terrorism - Reuters

Colombian Troops Charged in Deserter's Killing - AP

Cuban Jewish Leaders Meet With Jailed American - AP

Cuba Making Good on Pledge to Free Prisoners - AP

UN Seeks Probe of Police Killings in Haiti - VOA


Asia Pacific

China Finds Promise and Peril in Pursuit of Russian Energy - WP

Chinese Rights Lawyer Goes On Trial - VOA

Seven Suspected Kidnappers Killed in China's Restive West - Reuters

N. Korea Bids A Snowy, Dramatic Farewell to Kim Jong Il - VOA

North Korean Mourners Line Streets for Kim Jong-il’s Funeral - NYT

North Korea Holds Funeral for Kim Jong Il - LAT

Kim Jong Eun Leads Funeral Procession - WP

North Korea Calls Kim Jong Un 'Supreme Leader' - AP

North Korea Hails Nuclear, Military Feats of Kim Jong-Il - Reuters

At Funeral of Kim Jong-il, US-Made Limos Stand Out - NYT

Ex-Philippine President Faces 2nd Criminal Case - AP



Is Putin Showing Weakness in Face of Russia Opposition Movement? - VOA

Left and Right Unite in Russia’s Protests - WP

Political Promotions in Russia Appear to Belie Promise of Reform - NYT

Putin Rejects Suggestions of Talks with Russia Opposition - AP

Unlikely Agitator, Insider, Speaks Out Against Fraud in Russia - NYT

Russia Slams US for Human Rights Abuses - VOA

Italy’s Lower Rates Ease Borrowing but Not Governing - NYT

Spanish Police Arrest Italian Mafia Suspect - AP

Turkey Warns France of More Action Over Genocide Bill - Reuters

Bosnia Parties Agree on Government - BBC


South Asia

India Anti-Corruption Activist Hazare Calls Off Hunger Strike - VOA

Indian Activist Calls Off Fast But Vows to Keep Fighting - NYT