Small Wars Journal

29 August SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI


US Tactics in Libya May Be a Model for Other Efforts - NYT

Libyan Rebels Capture Coastal Town - VOA

Libya's Interim Government Strengthens Grip - CSM

In Libya, Bastions of Kadafi Loyalists Remain - LAT

Rebels Hope to Starve Gaddafi Stronghold of Sirte - TT

Gaddafi Stronghold Under Threat From Air and Land - Reuters

Gaddafi Opponents Say He Is Still a Threat - Reuters

Rebels Fear for Gaddafi Prisoners - BBC

Rebels Claim Up to 50,000 Political Prisoners Missing - TT

In Libya, Prisoners Unaccounted For - WP

Fleeing Gadhafis Leave Charred Bodies - CNN

Gadhafi Forces Killed Detainees, Survivors Say - AP

Rebel Councils Pursue Regime ‘Collaborators’ - WP

Enigmatic in Power, Qaddafi Elusive While at Large - NYT

Libyan Rebels Reject Negotiations with Kadafi - LAT

Libyan Rebels Will Not Deport Lockerbie Bomber - VOA

Libyan Rebels Says Won't Deport Lockerbie Bomber - AP

Lockerbie Planner Reported Near Death - NYT

CNN: Lockerbie Bomber 'at Death's Door' - Reuters

CNN: Lockerbie Bomber Found 'in Coma' - BBC

Libya Plans to Ship Crude From Tobruk - Reuters

Libya May Be in America's Vital Interest After All - CNN opinion



Syrian Unrest Raises Chemical Arsenal Fears - WP

Syrian Forces Storm Northern Town - Reuters

Syrian Security Forces Surround Central Town - AP

Turkey Says It Has ‘Lost Confidence’ in Syrian Government - NYT

Arab League Proposes Plan to Stop Syrian Violence - TT

Syria Rejects Arab League Call for End to 'Bloodshed' - VOA

Arab League Chief to Visit Syria - BBC

3 Syrian Opposition Figures Banned From Travel - AP



Afghan Health Worker Killed by Roadside Bomb - AP



Pakistan Court Orders Seizure of Musharraf's Property - VOA

Court Moves to Punish Ex-President - NYT

Pakistan's Karachi Faces Tension After Resignation - AP



UN Concerned About Iraq Strength Before US Exit - AP

Iraq Al-Qaeda Regroups, Shi'ite Militias Threaten - Reuters

28 Are Killed in Bombing at a Mosque in Baghdad - NYT

Bomber Kills at Least 28 in Baghdad - WP

Suicide Attack at Baghdad Mosque - BBC

29 Dead in Suicide Bomb in Iraq Mosque - AP



Calls to Raise Israel-Egypt Treaty Troop Limits - AP

7 Israelis Wounded in Tel Aviv Attack - AP

Israel Lures Hollywood to Film in the Holy Land - AP



Israel 'Could Not Stop' Nuclear Iran With One Strike - Reuters

Iran: Death Penalty for 'Israeli Spy' Majid Jamali Fashi - BBC

Man Gets Death in Killing of Iran Physicist - AP

Lawyer for 2 Americans Jailed in Iran Appeals - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Yemen Navy Stops Suicide Attack Off Abyan Coast - VOA

Yemen Violence Kills Soldiers, Militants in South - Reuters

Bahrain's King Pardoning Some Protesters - AP

Egypt Arrests Militant Linked to String of Attacks - Reuters

Algeria Attack Claimed by Al-Qaida Offshoot - AP

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - AP


Al Qaeda

Killing of Al Qaeda's No. 2 a Hammer Blow - CSM

A Body Blow Against al-Qaeda - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

US Tactics in Libya May Be a Model for Other Efforts - NYT

Military's Errors Force Death Sentences to be Overturned - McClatchy

Reducing Waste in Wartime Contracts - WP opinion


United States

Montana Town Provides Glimpse of 9/11 Patriotism - S&S

Is Homeland Security Spending Paying Off? - LAT


United Kingdom

British Army Cleared of Systematic Abuse - TT

Mousa Inquiry 'to Clear Army of Systematic Abuse' - BBC



Death Toll From UN Nigeria Bombing Up to 23 - VOA

Islamic Group Says It Was Behind Fatal Nigeria Attack - NYT

Safety of UN Nigeria HQ in Question After Bombing - AP



Hundreds Protest Over Mexico Casino Arson Attack - AP

Battered State Vows to Solve Mexican Security Woes - Reuters

Cops Find 5 Bodies in Rural Area Near Mexico City - AP

Venezuela: Chavez to Begin New Round of Cancer Treatment - AP

Journalist Flees Ecuador After Clash With Leader - AP


Asia Pacific

Chinese General's Spy Talk Leaked Onto YouTube - AP

Trials in Chinese Monk Self-Immolation Death - AP

Finance Minister Is Chosen as Japan’s Next Leader - NYT

Japan's Finance Minister Noda to Be New PM - Reuters

Vietnam to Free More Than 10,000 Prisoners - AP

Abu Sayyaf Frees 2 Kidnap Victims in Philippines - AP



Turkey to Return Confiscated Christian and Jewish Property - AP

Three Soldiers Die in Southeast Turkey Convoy Blast - Reuters

Estonian President Likely to Be Re-elected in Vote - AP


South Asia

Indian Campaigner Finishes Fast - BBC

Indian Activist Ends Hunger Strike - LAT

India Anti-Graft Activist Vows to Continue Crusade - AP

Kashmir Pardon for Stone-Throwers - BBC

Nepal Parliament Elects Maoist PM - VOA

Nepal Elects a Maoist as Prime Minister - NYT

Bhattarai elected as Nepal's PM - BBC

Nepal Names its Prime Minister - LAT

Deputy Chief of Former Rebels Elected New Nepal PM - AP