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28 October SWJ Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP


Afghanistan Objectives Achievable Despite Pakistan Sanctuaries - AFPS

Afghan Soldiers Take the Lead, Slowly, on Questioning Villagers - S&S

Insurgents Face Unrelenting Pressure in Afghanistan - AFPS

Clinton Discusses Way Forward in Afghanistan, Pakistan - AFPS

Clinton Asks for Patience on Afghanistan, Pakistan - WP

Al-Qaeda 'Devastated', Says Clinton - BBC

Clinton Defends Outreach to Taliban-linked Haqqani - AP

Insurgents Attack in Kandahar, Breaking Rare Respite - NYT

Insurgents Mount Attack Against US Base - LAT

Taliban Targets 2 US Bases - WP

Insurgents Attack US-run Base in Afghanistan - AP

Militants Attack Afghan Compound - BBC

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Afghan Archeologists Race Against Time to Find Treasures - VOA

Soldier in Taliban Slaying Tries Suicide in Prison - AP



Pakistan Denies Taliban Support - BBC

Pakistan Denies BBC Report on Taliban Links - Reuters

In Pakistan, a Militant Deal Sours - AP

Rare Taliban Praise for Pakistan's Maulana Abdul Ghani - BBC

Clinton Discusses Way Forward in Afghanistan, Pakistan - AFPS

Clinton Asks for Patience on Afghanistan, Pakistan - WP

Al-Qaeda 'Devastated', Says Clinton - BBC

Clinton Defends Outreach to Taliban-linked Haqqani - AP

Two Suspected US Drone Strikes Kill 11 Militants in Pakistan - VOA

Top Militants 'Dead' in Pakistan - BBC

Drones Kill Militant Leaders in Pakistan - WP

US Drone Strikes Kill Key Commander in Pakistan - AP

Pakistan Bomber Kills Policemen - BBC

Suicide Attacker Kills 2 Policemen in Pakistan - AP

Pakistan Test Fires Nuclear-Capable Missile - AP



UN Security Council Ends NATO Mission in Libya - VOA

UN Votes to End Foreign Intervention in Libya - NYT

UN Votes to End Libya Operations - BBC

UN Votes to Lift Libya No-fly Zone on Oct. 31 - AP

NATO Confirms Decision to End Libya Mission on Monday - Reuters

Libya Vows to Prosecute Gadhafi Killers - VOA

Gaddafi Loyalist Injured While Held - WP

Official: Gadhafi's Spy Chief in Mali, Son on Way - AP

Gaddafi Son Seeks Flight to Hague War Crimes Court - Reuters

Gadhafi Hometown Pays Heavy Price in Libyan Battle - AP

Libyan Crossfire - WP opinion

Libya’s Inheritance - WP opinion



Tunisian Islamists Officially Win Landmark Election - VOA

Tunisia's Islamist Ennahda Party Wins Historic Poll - BBC

Tunisia's Moderate Islamists Win Landmark Vote - NYT

Tunisian Islamist Election Win Marred by Clashes - Reuters

Tunisian Troops Confront Crowds - BBC



Slapping at Syria, Turkey Shelters Anti-Assad Fighters - NYT

Syrians Stage Another Pro-Regime Rally - AP



Billions in Reconstruction Money Finally Accounted For - LAT

Iraqi Province Declares Autonomy - WP

Deadly Bomb Attacks Hit Baghdad - BBC

Death Toll in Baghdad's Twin Bombings Rises to 32 - AP

Date Set for Military Post Office Closures in Iraq - S&S


Israel / Egypt

Israeli-Egyptian Swap Highlights Brittle Ties - AP

American-Israeli Held in Egypt Is Released - NYT

Israel Releases Egyptian Prisoners for Israeli American - LAT

Egypt Frees US-Israeli in Swap - WP

Freed Ilan Grapel Lands in Israel - BBC



Clinton: US Confused by 'Power Struggle' in Iran - BBC

Iran Already Has Nuclear Weapons - WT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Arab Spring Activists Awarded Europe's Sakharov Prize - BBC

Saudi Arabia Names Interior Minister New Crown Prince - VOA

Saudi Arabia Names New Crown Prince - BBC

Abbas Says to Discuss PA Fate With Hamas - Reuters

Bosnia Split on Palestinian UN Bid - Reuters

Palestinian FM Arrives in Bosnia to Lobby - AP

Yemeni Forces Kill 5 Militants in Restive South - AP

Defense in Morocco Bombing Trial Says No Evidence - AP



Judgment Due Next Week in Assange Extradition Case - AP



Australia Calls for Tougher Anti-Piracy Action in Indian Ocean - Reuters



The Need for a Strong NATO - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Vice Chiefs Detail Consequences of Budget Cuts - AFPS

General: Cuts Risk Marines' War-fighting Missions - WT

Boehner: Leave Military Spending Alone - AP

Army Mulls Axing Units as Budget Cuts, Drawdown Loom - WDT

Roadblock in Senate for Military Vehicles - TH

GAO: New HMMWVs May Cost $350,000 Each - MW

Global Nature of Terrorism Drives Biosurveillance - AFPS

Clifford Stanley, Pentagon's Top Personnel Manager, Resigns - S&S

Stanley Resigns as Pentagon's Top Personnel Official - AFPS

Business Board's 'Radical' Military Retirement Plan Blasted -S&S

8 File Lawsuit Seeking Benefits for Same-sex Spouses - S&S

Former USS Momsen Skipper to Face Rape, Sexual Assault Charges - S&S

Fort Hood Shooting Suspect Seeks Jury Consultant - AP


United States

GOP Pushes Military Custody for Terror Suspects - NYT

Dow Closes Up 340 Points on Europe Debt Plan - WP



US Drone Base in Ethiopia is Operational - WP

US Launches Drones from Ethiopia - BBC

Somalia, Libya, Uganda: US Increases Africa Focus - AP

Kenya Reports First Direct Clash With al-Shabab in Somalia - VOA

Kenya in First al-Shabab Battle - BBC

Resident: Kenya Forces Take Small Somali Port Town - AP

Al-Shabab Leader in Somalia Calls for Attacks Against Kenya - VOA

Somali Islamist Militants Rally Against Kenya - NYT

Kenya-Somalia Border Attack: Al-Shabab Suspected - BBC

Kenyan Jailed for Life Over Twin Grenade Attacks - AP

Fear Replacing Famine for Refugees Fleeing Somalia - VOA

In Famine, Vouchers Can Be Tickets to Survival - NYT opinion



‘El Chapo,’ Drug Lord, Grows Stronger in Mexico’s Sierra Madre - WP

Editor Taking Risks in Mexico’s Tijuana - WP

Mexico Nabs Drug Cartel Financial Operator - AP

US Says Mexico Racetrack Has Sinaloa Cartel Ties - AP

Argentina Jails 'Angel of Death' - BBC

Uruguay Revokes Military Amnesty - BBC

Brazil: Campaigners Occupy Amazon Dam - BBC

Haiti Police Detain Deputy They Say Fled Jail - AP


Asia Pacific

Philippine Troops Seize Rebel Camp in Fierce Attack - NYT

Panetta Joins South Korea in Warning to North - NYT

US-S. Korea: Northern Aggression Won't Be Tolerated - AP

North Korea Is Talking, But Panetta Is Skeptical - NYT

Panetta Looks with Skepticism on N. Korea's Overtures - S&S

US Doubts Diplomacy will Sway N. Korea on Nukes - AP

US, South Korea Maintain Peninsula Security - AFPS

China Suspect in US Satellite Interference - AFP

Harassment and Evictions Bedevil Even China’s Well-Off - NYT

China Premier-In-Waiting Schooled in Era of Dissent - Reuters

Thailand: Bangkok Residents Flee Flooding - BBC

Floods Inch Closer to Heart of Thailand's Capital - AP



Merkel Called Bankers’ Bluff, Getting Europe a Financial Plan - NYT

Europe Debt Crisis Plan Hinges on Economic Growth - LAT

Euro Bailout Plan Raises Hope - WP

German Leader Seizes Initiative and Confounds Her Critics - NYT

Euro for Greece 'Was a Mistake' - BBC

Greek Prime Minister Praises European Debt Deal - NYT

For Italy, Berlusconi Is a Problem but Also a Solution - NYT

Georgians Suggest WTO Deal for Russia Is Near - NYT

After 18 Years, Russia on Verge of WTO Membership - Reuters

20-Year Sentence for Killing That Sparked Russia Riot - Reuters

US Considers Unusual Arms Deal for Turkey - Reuters

Aid Arriving in Turkey Quake Area - NYT

Lithuania: Lawyers for Al-Qaida Suspect File Court Case - AP

Italy: Police Nab US Mob Boss in Clinic - AP


South Asia

Villagers in India Use Cellphones to Plug Holes in Governance - WP