Small Wars Journal

28 October SWJ Roundup


Afghans Blast Pakistan Over Insurgent Fight - Wall Street Journal

Karzai Delays Order to Ban Private Security Companies - New York Times

Karzai Gives Private Security Firms Temporary Reprieve - Washington Post

Karzai Puts Off Deadline for Private Security Companies - Los Angeles Times

Insurgents Lose Momentum in Helmand, NATO General Says - AFPS

Afghan District Holds Lessons as U.S. Makes Gains - Associated Press

Training Brings Counterinsurgency Strategy to Afghans - AFPS

Gorbachev: Victory in Afghanistan Impossible - Voice of America

Gorbachev: NATO Victory in Afghanistan Impossible - BBC News

French Troops May Withdraw from Afghanistan in 2011 - CNN News

Trainers in Afghanistan Work to Develop NCOs - AFPS

Partnered Forces Kill Insurgents in Afghanistan - AFPS

Bomb Attack in Southern Afghanistan Kills 3 Police - Associated Press

In Icy Tip of Afghanistan, War Seems Remote - New York Times

Afghanistan Building Collapse Kills At Least 60 - Voice of America

Small Signs of Progress in Kandahar - Washington Post editorial


Criminal Justice System Proves No Match for Terror Cases - Los Angeles Times

U.S. Missile Strikes in 24 Hours Kill 14 in Pakistan - Associated Press

Third U.S. Missile Attack Pounds NW Pakistan - Associated Press


Attacks Target Iraqi Government Officials Kill 3, Wound Several - CNN News

Russia Appeals to Iraq to Not Execute Aziz - Reuters

Iraq Through Night-vision Goggles - National Post opinion


Obama Set to Offer Stricter Nuclear Deal to Iran - New York Times

U.S. Prepares New Offer For Iran Nuclear Talks - Reuters

New E.U. Rules Let Iran Import, Export Oil, Gas - Washington Post

Iran Vying for Board of U.N. Women - Associated Press


Leaked Reports Prompt Questions About Civilian Casualties - New York Times

U.S. Department of Defense

Military Advocates Don't Want Judges Making DoD Rules - Washington Times

Chairman Notes Persistent Conflict's Long-term Impact - AFPS

U.S. Investigates Nuclear Missile Incident - Voice of America

No Significant Threat From Missile Glitch, Officials Say - AFPS

Pentagon: Computer Blamed for Outage at Nuke Site - Associated Press

Army Announces New Policies on Energy Efficiencies - AFPS

United States

Four House GOP Figures Crucial to Foreign Policy - Washington Post

White House Prepares for Foreign Policy Challenges - Los Angeles Times

Obama Waiver Allows Aid to 4 Countries Using Child Soldiers - Washington Post

U.S. Man Arrested In Bomb Plot to Attack D.C. Subway - Voice of America

Feds Arrest N.Va. Man in D.C. Metro Bomb Plot - Washington Post

Pakistani-born Virginian Held in Metro Terror Plot - Washington Times

Virginia Man Is Charged in Plot on Capital Subway - New York Times

Va. Man Charged in Fake Bomb Plot Against D.C. Subway - Associated Press

European Officials Criticize U.S. Airport Security Methods - New York Times

Tearful Memories at Guantanamo War Crimes Trial - Associated Press

Guantanamo Convict's Victim Recalled as A Hero - Reuters

British Airways Boss Rips U.S. on Security - Washington Times

United Kingdom

Top British Spy to Deliver First Public Speech - New York Times

Britain's Spy Boss Makes First Public Speech - Reuters

MI6 Chief Sir John Sawers Speaks of Torture 'Dilemma' - BBC News

United Nations

The World of Women - Los Angeles Times editorial


New Drive for European Investment in African Agriculture - Voice of America

Sudan President on Safer Ground as Summit Shifted - BBC News

Danish Navy Blows Up Suspected Pirate Boat - Voice of America

Nigeria's Secret Police Intercept Weapons Shipment - BBC News

Questions Raised on Congo Slaughter - Associated Press

Guinea Election Set for November 7 - Associated Press

Key Kenyan Minister Steps Aside - BBC News

'Hotel Rwanda' Manager Accused of Funding Subversion - BBC News

Americas and Caribbean

Gunmen Kill 15 at Carwash, in Latest Mexico Massacre - Los Angeles Times

Gunmen Kill 15 in Mexico; Gang Link Seen - New York Times

15 People Killed in Mexican Car Wash Massacre - Associated Press

Mexican Hitmen Kill 15 In Latest Massacre - Reuters

Mexico: Entire Police Force Quits After Attack on HQ - New York Daily News

Ex-Argentine President Nestor Kirchner Dies - Washington Post

Argentine Ex-Leader Dies; Political Impact Is Murky - New York Times

Ex-Leader's Death Shakes Argentina - Wall Street Journal

Argentina Enters New Political Era as Kirchner Dies - Reuters

Argentine Leader May Soften Policies Post-Kirchner - Reuters

Venezuela to Nationalize U.S.-owned Bottle Manufacturer - Los Angeles Times

NY Philharmonic Renews Effort to Visit Cuba - New York Times

Protest Closes New Cholera Treatment Center in Haiti - New York Times

U.N. Probes Base as Source of Haiti Cholera Outbreak - Associated Press

Path to Haiti Polls Clouded as Cholera Spreads - Reuters

Asia Pacific

Chinese Train with Thai Forces for First Time - Washington Times

Clinton to Press China on Rare Earth - Wall Street Journal

China Vows Not to Use Rare Earths as Leverage - Reuters

Rare Korean Reunions Raise Hopes For Improved Ties - Reuters

Activist Tells of Torture in North Korea Prison - New York Times

Indonesia Responds to Dual Natural Disasters - Voice of America

Indonesia Struggles After Tsunami and Volcano - New York Times

Indonesia Disaster Toll Rises to 341 - Los Angeles Times

Indonesia's Twin Disasters Kill More Than 300 - Reuters

Fears Hundreds More Dead in Indonesia Tsunami - Associated Press

Images Reveal Tsunami Destruction - BBC News

Burma's Top General Will Not Run in Elections, Diplomat Says - Associated Press

U.N. Chief Wants Burma Prisoners Freed - Associated Press

Burma's Suu Kyi "Could Be Freed Next Month" - Reuters

Cambodia: U.N. Chief Appeals for More Khmer Rouge Trials - Associated Press

Cambodian PM Wants U.N. Rights Official Sacked - Reuters


New Bin Laden Tape Threatens France - New York Times

Bin Laden Says Niger Kidnappings Aimed at France - Voice of America

'Bin Laden' in Warning to France After Kidnap in Niger - BBC News

Bin Laden Warns France Over Afghan War, Veil Ban - Associated Press

Bin Laden Blames French "Injustice" For Abductions - Reuters

French Parliament Approves Pension Reform - Voice of America

New France Strike as Protest Ebbs - BBC News

Merkel Pushes E.U. Treaty Change - New York Times

Croatian PM Survives No-Confidence Vote - Associated Press

Middle East

Israeli Nationalists March on Arab Town; Residents Clash with Police -VOA

Israel Clash over Anti-Arab March - BBC News

March in Israel Ends in Clashes In Arab Town - Associated Press

U.S. Condemns Attack on U.N. Investigators in Beirut - Associated Press

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Under Pressure Ahead of Elections - VOA

Dubai Faces Environmental Problems After Growth - New York Times

Bahrain Opens Coup Plot Trial Against Shiites - Associated Press

South Asia

India Signs Nuclear Liability Pact, A U.S. Demand - Reuters