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28 November SWJ Roundup


Suicide Bombers Kill At Least 10 Afghan Police - Voice of America

Afghan Police Building Hit by Bombers in Uniforms - New York Times

Suicide Bombers Kill 12 at Afghan Police HQ - Associated Press

Election Woes, Apparent Bribe Attempt Caught on Video - Washington Post

More Afghans Pursue Asylum - Washington Post

Afghan Spy Agency Denies Talks with Taliban Impostor - Agence France-Presse

U.S. Now in Afghanistan as Long as Soviets - Los Angeles Times

The Man Who Would Be Taliban - New York Times opinion

Talks are the Only Route in Afghanistan - Los Angeles Times opinion


Displaced Prepare for Risky Return to South Waziristan - Los Angeles Times

Pakistan Offers Big Reward For Taliban Informers - Reuters

Shiite Deal Gives Militants New Afghan Access - Associated Press

Cargo Plane Crashes in Pakistan's Largest City, 8 Killed - Los Angeles Times

Korean Peninsula

U.S., South Korea Begin Military Exercises - Voice of America

U.S. and South Korea Begin Joint Naval Exercises - New York Times

U.S., South Korea Move Forward with Military Exercises - Washington Post

U.S. and Sorth Korea Begin Military Exercises - BBC News

U.S.-S.Korea in Show of Force as Islanders Take Refuge - Sydney Morning Herald

U.S. and South Korea Push Ahead With War Games - Associated Press

U.S., South Korea Begin Joint Military Exercises - Reuters

South Korea Cancels Alert on Yeonpyeong Island - Wall Sreet Journal

South Korea Experiences a Stirring for Revenge - New York Times

Heightened Diplomacy Before U.S.-South Korean War Exercises - VOA

South Korea's Lee Asks China to Take "More Fair" Stance on North - Reuters


Iraq's PM Hopes to Have New Government by Mid-December - VOA

Taking Lead, Iraqi Premier Vows to Forge Government - New York Times

Maliki Vows to Form Iraqi Cabinet Within Weeks - Washington Post

Iraqi PM Maliki Says to Form Government By Mid-December - Reuters

In Iraq, 'We're Still Getting Hit' - New York Times

Iraqi Premier: No Need for U.S. Troops After 2011 - Associated Press

Iraq Arrests 12 Suspects In Baghdad Church Attack - Reuters


Iran: Bushehr Nuclear Reactor Fully Loaded - Voice of America

Lebanon's Prime Minister Visits Iran - Los Angeles Times

Lebanese Premier Arrives In Iran - Reuters

Lebanese PM Seeks Support in Iran Visit - Associated Press

Iran Nabs Would-Be Hijacker on Syria-Bound Plane - Associated Press


Clinton Reaches Out to Several Countries about Wikileaks - Voice of America

SWJ Wikileaks Roundup - Small Wars Journal

U.S. Department of Defense

Strategy for Treating Wounded, Keep Them Moving - Washington Post

War Machines: Recruiting Robots for Combat - New York Times

Pentagon Hunting for Permanent Home for AFRICOM - Washington Post

Analyst Loses Clearance and Job, DIA Won't Say Why - Washington Post

A Tiny, Inexperienced Firm and a $250 million Army Contract - Washington Post

Marine Pushback to Permitting Openly Gay Military - Associated Press

United States

FBI Foils Elaborate Bomb Plot in Oregon - Washington Post

FBI Says Oregon Suspect Planned Attack of 'Grand Scale' - New York Times

Oregon Bomb-plot Suspect Wanted 'Spectacular Show' - Associated Press

Why Israeli Security Model Can't Work for the U.S. - Washington Post opinion


Southern Sudanese Carry High Hopes, Many Challenges - Washington Post

Southern Sudan Extends Referendum Deadline by a Week - BBC News

Sudan Extends Vote Registration After Huge Turnout - Reuters

For 'Lost Boy,' Vote in Sudan Is Homecoming - New York Times

Sudan's Bashir Will Attend Africa-EU Summit - Reuters

Ivory Coast's President Imposes Election Curfew - Voice of America

Ivory Coast Clashes Claim Three Lives Ahead of Vote - BBC News

Ivory Coast Holds Tense And Tight Run-Off Vote - Reuters

Zuma Claims Success in Zimbabwe Mediation - BBC News

Nigeria Detains 12 In Halliburton Bribery Case - Reuters

Somali Lawmakers Pass Proposed Cabinet - Associated Press

Americas and Caribbean

Mexico: Another Tunnel and Two More Warehouses Found - Los Angeles Times

Mexico: Tijuana's Top Cop Fought Cartel Grip, Out of Job - Los Angeles Times

Mexico: Tijuana Top Cop Who Fought Cartels Is Out of a Job - Associated Press

Doubts Rise Over Release of Mexican Politician - Reuters

Brazil: Rio Drug Traffickers are Surrounded by Police and Army - BBC News

Brazil: Rio Cops, Troops Preparing to Invade Gang Haven - Associated Press

Brazil's Rio Tense as Police Close In on Slum Gang - Reuters

Brazil: War for Rio? Olympic City Facing Gang Backlash - Associated Press

Venezuela: Chavez Promotes General Criticized by Opposition - Associated Press

Unpopular President Says Peruvians Sad by Nature - Associated Press

Turnout Remains Big Question in Haiti Election - Voice of America

Haiti Presidential Election Gains in Drama - Los Angeles Times

Preparation for Haiti Elections Is Marred by Problems - New York Times

Haitians Stuggle to Secure ID Cards Needed to Vote - Washington Post

Haiti Rally Gunfire Stirs Tensions on Eve Of Vote - Reuters

Factbox: Several Frontrunners In Haiti Presidential Race - Reuters

Asia Pacific

Okinawa Election Could Set Back U.S.-Japan Relations - Stars and Stripes

Taiwan Elections May Hinge on China - New York Times

Local Votes Lift Taiwan Leader's Policy - New York Times

U.N. Official Meets Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi - Associated Press


Envoy: Joint NATO-Russia Missile Defense Likely - Associated Press

Russia: No Missile Defense Proposal Made to NATO - Agence France-Presse

Middle East

Saudi Interior Ministry Says 149 Terror Suspects Arrested - Voice of America

Saudis Arrest 149 Qaeda Suspects Over 8 Months - New York Times

Saudis Arrest 149 Al Qaeda Suspects - Wall Street Journal

Saudis Trumpet al-Qaeda Arrests - BBC News

Lebanese Premier Arrives In Iran - Reuters

Lebanese PM Seeks Support in Iran Visit - Associated Press

Khaled Yacoub Oweis: Hamas Faces "Huge Challenges" In West Bank - Reuters

Election Concerns in Egypt Ahead of Sunday's Polling - Voice of America

Egypt Set for Key Elections Marred by Clashes - BBC News

Observers Find Violations on Eve of Egypt's Vote - Associated Press

Islamists Expected to Fare Poorly In Egypt Election - Reuters

Mubarak vs. Obama - Washington Post editorial

The Mideast's Next Generation of Politicians - Washington Post opinion