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28 May SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP



Obama Administration Defends Withdrawal Timeline - VOA

Afghan Authorities Say Airstrike Kills Civilians - VOA

NATO Strike 'Kills Afghan Family' - BBC

Inquiry Ordered Into Deaths of Afghan Family - NYT

NATO Sees No Evidence of Civilian Casualties - AP

Taliban Deny Poison Attacks on Girls' Schools - BBC



Frustrations Grow as US and Pakistan Fail to Mend Ties - NYT

Pakistan’s Power Crisis May Eclipse Terrorist Threat - WP

Panetta: Pakistan’s Jailing of Doctor ‘Unhelpful’ to US Relations - AFPS

Pakistan: US Missiles Kill 5 Militants in NW - AP



UN Security Council Issues Condemnation of Syria Attack - NYT

UN Security Council Blames Syria Massacre Partly on Govt - VOA

Security Council Blames Syrian Govt in Civilian Massacre - WP

Syria Massacre Toll Passes 100 - BBC

Syrian Government Denies Blame for Houla Massacre  - VOA

Syria Denies Responsibility for Deadly Attack - WP

Rebel Syrian Army Calls for Retaliation - CNN

UN Observer Chief Stresses Suffering of Syrians - AP

Diplomacy on Syria Gathers Pace - BBC

Egypt's Brotherhood Urges Foreign Action in Syria - Reuters

McCain: Don't Count on Russia to Force Out Assad - AP

Russian FM: Both Sides in Syria to Blame - AP

UK’s Hague: Syria 'Risks Civil War' - BBC

Massacre May Spark Civil War in Syria - Independent opinion



Iran Will Continue Enriching Uranium to Higher Grade - NYT

US Officials Among Targets of Iran-linked Assassination Plots - WP

Iran Rejects Link to Alleged Coup Plots in Bahrain - AP

Iran Parliament Re-elects Conservative as Speaker - AP



Egypt to Announce Presidential Poll Result on Monday - Reuters

Top Egyptian Vote-Winners Stress Cooperation - VOA

Egyptian Is Counting on Worries of Elites - NYT

Brotherhood's Success in Egypt Polls Masks Setback - Reuters

Corrupt Mubarak Aide Imprisoned - BBC

Egypt’s Step Toward Democracy - WP editorial

Egypt's Election Hands Liberals a Pivotal Voice - TN editorial


Middle East / North Africa

Ex-Israeli Intel Chief Says Peace Talks are Doomed - WT

Turkish Court Charges Israeli Military Members  - AP

Yemen: Army Retakes Most of Al-Qaida Stronghold - AP

Millions in Global Aid for Iraq Sits Unspent - AP

Mass Protests Held in Morocco - BBC


US Department of Defense

Panetta Warns of ‘Disastrous’ Automatic Defense Cuts in January - S&S

Panetta: Looming Cuts Would be ‘Disastrous’ - WT

Ex-Obama Aide’s Think Tank Hits Defense Budget - WT

West Point Is Divided on a War Doctrine’s Fate - NYT


United States

Obama to Honor Fallen Troops on Memorial Day - AP

Almost Half of New Veterans Seeking Disability Benefits - AP

Rolling Thunder Still On Mission for POW/MIA Remembrance - WT

Rolling Thunder on Parade - WP photos

This Memorial Day - NYT editorial

Remembering War’s Casualties - WP editorial

How Should the U.S. Support Returning Veterans? - NYT opinion

The VA’s Shameful Betrayal - NYT opinion


New Zealand

US, New Zealand Mending Frayed Military Ties  - AP



Vatican Confirms Pope's Butler's Arrest - VOA



African Union Troops Secure Somali Aid Corridor - Reuters

Rwanda 'Backing DR Congo Mutiny' - BBC

Mali Tuareg and Islamist Rebels Agree on Islamist State - BBC

Blast Rocks Kenyan Capital - Reuters



Q&A: Mexico’s Presidential Election - WP

Colombia's FARC Rebels to Free Frenchman on Wednesday - BBC

Lies, Damned Lies and Cuban 'Diplomacy' - MH editorial


Asia Pacific / Central

Brother of Blind Chinese Dissident Returns Home - VOA

Dissident Concerned for Brother After Return to Chinese Village - NYT

Watching Dissidents Is a Booming Business in China - AP

Another Ousted China Party Chief Challenges Case Against Him - Reuters

'China's Twitter' Adopts New Code - BBC

Tibetan Men in 'First Self-immolations in Lhasa' - BBC

Tibet Capital Sees First Anti-China Self-Immolations - Reuters

North Korea Says Severe Drought Threatens Crops - AP

How China Can Change - WP opinion

US on a Collision Course with China? - CT opinion



Opposition in Huge Georgia Rally - BBC

Merkel's Lead Over German Opposition Slumps - Reuters

Shares in Spain's Bankia Plunge on Bailout Plan - AP

Greek Journalists on Strike to Protest Pay Cuts - AP

Fresh From Defeat, Serbia's Tadic Poised for PM - Reuters

A Bank Run Europe Cannot Stop - TE editorial


South Asia

India PM in Historic Burma Visit - BBC

Sri Lanka North 'Not Just For Tamils' - BBC

Bangladesh Indicts Islamic Leaders for War Crimes - AP

Legislature in Nepal Disbands in Failure - NYT

Nepal PM Announces New Elections - BBC

Nepal Fails to Adopt Blueprint, Braces for Turmoil - AP