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28 July SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

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Real Clear World – RCP


Amid International Pressure, Karzai Issues Decree to Curb Corruption - AP

2 NATO Servicemembers Killed in Afghanistan - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Tense Talk in Conference Between US and Pakistan - NYT

Pakistan Official Slams Drones Ahead of CIA Talks - AP



International Alarm Rising Over Besieged City - VOA

US: Syrian Forces Preparing for a 'Massacre' in Aleppo - VOA

Syrian Activists Expect Major Government Assault on Aleppo - VOA

Syrian Forces Strike Rebel Stronghold in Aleppo - NYT

Syrian Regime Renews Aleppo Assault - WP

Syria Forces Launch Aleppo Attack - BBC

Activists: Syrian Helicopters Pound Aleppo - AP

In Damascus, Losing Faith in Assad - WP

Al-Qaida Role in Syria Should Not be Exaggerated, Official Says - AFPS

Syria Expanded Chemical Weapons Supply with Iran’s Aid - WP

Moves by Syrian Kurds Worry Turkey - VOA

Russia Blames West and Syria's Neighbors for Bloodshed - Reuters

Russia Will Not Agree to EU Searches Under Syria Sanctions - Reuters

Syrian Rebels Free 2 Journalists - NYT

Could Assad's Fall Make Syria Worse? - CNN opinion

Assad Preparing Retreat to Alawistan - FP opinion



15 Iraqi Officials Quit in Protest Over Qaeda Threat - NYT

US Report Says Iraq 'Rebuilders' Died by Hundreds - AP

Iraqi Family Finds Peace in America - SBT


Middle East

Obama Adds $70 Million to Israel Military Aid - VOA

Romney Heads to Israel - WP

Romney Faces Perils and Opportunities in Israel - NYT

Panetta to Visit Middle East Next Week - AFPS

Iran Begins Stockpiling Three-Month Food Supply - AP

Egypt President Meets Hamas PM - BBC

Arrests at Saudi Arabia Protest - BBC

Israel: Kadima’s Undoing - NYT opinion

The Brotherhood's American Defenders - JP opinion


US Department of Defense

Defense Cuts Could Hit Tens of Thousands in DOD's Civilian Workforce - AP

Army’s Plans to Relocate Gear Offer Roadmap to Future Roles - NYT

Senate Confirms New Guard Bureau Chief, Vice - AFPS


United States

Officials Describe Threats to US, Steps Taken to Counter Them - AFPS

Cybercom Chief: US Unprepared for Serious Cyber Attacks - AFPS

TSA Chief: Al-Qaida Altered Underwear Bomb Formula - AP

State Official Praises Cooperation with Defense Department - AFPS

Justice Department Officials Violated Nepotism Rules, New Report Says - WP


United Kingdom

London Kicks Off 2012 Olympic Games With Spectacular Gala - VOA

Summer Olympics Open with Rock and Droll - WP

A Five-Ring Opening Circus, Weirdly and Unabashedly British - NYT

London 2012: Full Coverage - BBC

With Royalty and Rock, Britain Opens its Olympics - AP


United Nations

UN States Fail to Reach Agreement on Global Arms Trade Treaty - WP

UN Misses Its Deadline for Arms Pact - NYT



African Govts Criticized for Indifference Towards Chinese Abuses - VOA

Obama Administration Weighs anti-al-Qaida Intervention in Mali - S&S

Malawi’s Banda Ushers in a New Kind of African Leadership - WP

Injured Mali Leader Returns Home - BBC

UK: Rwanda Aid Cut Over Congo Rebels - BBC

Germany Suspends Rwanda Budget Aid - AP

In Resource-Rich Nigeria, a Poverty of Power - VOA

Four Arrested Over Ivory Coast UN Peacekeeper Killings - Reuters

Ghana's New President Tapped to Run in December Poll - VOA

Zambian Opposition Decries Presidential Appointments - VOA



Mexican Navy Captures Regional Boss of Zetas Drug Cartel - Reuters

Mexico Fines HSBC Over Money Laundering - BBC

Four Shot Dead at Mexico Festival - BBC

Chile Police Find Weapons Arsenal - BBC

Argentine Leader Grants Vast Powers to Adviser - AP

Cuba’s Raul Castro 'Willing to Talk to US' - BBC

Cuba Says Speed Caused Dissident Paya’s Crash - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

Independent Review Supports Pacific Realignment Plans - AP

Carter Assesses Results of Asia-Pacific Trip - AFPS

Under Restrictions, F-22 Fighters Arrive in Japan - AP

New Chinese Base Raises Tensions in S. China Sea - VOA

China Names Military Chiefs for Disputed Island City - VOA

Japan-Russia Talks Bring No Progress on Island Dispute - Reuters

Chinese Court Reduces Activist's Prison Sentence - VOA

China Reacts to Gu Kailai Murder Charge - VOA

China: Bo Xilai’s Wife Could be Tried in August - WP

Chinese Government Criticized for Downplaying Floods - VOA

Chinese City Kills Project After Pollution Protest - AP

China Reaches Out to Ukraine to Guarantee Food Supplies - VOA

Dueling Cameras on Koreas DMZ on Armistice Anniversary - S&S

Philippine Army Chases Militants After Fatal Clash - AP

UN Calls for Burma Abuses Inquiry - BBC

Changing Burma - WP opinion



Russia Denies Overseas Base Plans - BBC

German Minister Rejects Talk of Spain Aid Request - AP


South Asia

Pakistan Invites Indian Prime Minister to Visit - AP

Indian Prime Minister Visits Survivors of Riots - AP