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28 February SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Pentagon: Protests Will Not Alter Afghan Mission - VOA

Officials Reaffirm Commitment to Afghan Strategy - AFPS

Pentagon Stands by its Afghanistan Strategy - WP

Riots Renew Debate on Drawdown Timetable - LAT

US Murders at Heart of Afghan Ministry Raise Questions - Reuters

Violence in Afghanistan Disrupts Campaign Trail - NYT

Sprawling Air Base Reflects Hopes, Perils of Massive Buildup - S&S

Taliban Looks for Gain in Continuing Afghanistan Violence - S&S

Suicide Attack Kills 9 Amid Protests in Afghanistan - VOA

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

The Taliban Speaks - WP opinion



Gunmen Ambush Bus in Pakistan, Killing at Least 18 - NYT

Bus Ambush in Pakistan 'Kills 18' - BBC

Police: Gunmen Kill 18 Bus Passengers in Pakistan - AP

Country’s First Oscar Victory Gives Pakistanis Reason to Celebrate - NYT



Syria Says Voters Back New Constitution, Fresh Violence Kills 10 - VOA

Syrians Said to Approve Charter as Battles Go On - NYT

Syria Says Constitution Approved; Scores of Deaths Reported - LAT

Activist Group: 144 Dead Across Syria - AP

Syrian Activists Say 62 Bodies Recovered Near Homs - Reuters

Syria Tops Agenda at UN Rights Council - VOA

UN Rights Forum to Condemn Syria for Fourth Time - Reuters

Red Crescent Evacuates Three Wounded Syrians from Homs - VOA

Homs Journalists Rescue Bid Fails - BBC

Elite Syrian Troops Sent to Embattled Homs - Reuters

Wounded French Journalist Safe in Lebanon - Reuters

The Perils of Reporting in Syria - LAT

Venezuela Stands by Syria Diesel Supplies - Reuters

Arm Syria’s Rebels - NYT opinion



Yemen President Saleh Formally Steps Down - BBC

Competing Views Weaken Yemen Revolt - WP

Protesters Set New Goal: Fixing Yemen’s Military - NYT

Goodbye to Yemen’s Strongman - WP editorial


Middle East / North Africa

Iraq’s Prime Minister Gains More Power After Political Crisis - NYT

Iran May Be 'Struggling' With New Nuclear Machines - Reuters

Amnesty: Iran Quadrupled Rate of Public Executions - AP

Catholics Ask Israeli Leader to Help End Attacks - AP

Israeli Border Patrol Kills Infiltrator From Egypt - AP

UN Says South Libya Tense After Tribal Warfare - AP



WikiLeaks Publishes Intelligence Firm’s E-Mails - NYT


US Department of Defense

The Pace of Modernizing US Nuclear Weapons - WP

Soldier’s Family Still Wants justice for 'Friendly Fire' Death in Iraq - S&S

Military Trial in Peace Corps Rape Case Begins - AP


United States

NSA Thwarted on Cybersecurity Role Because of Privacy Concerns - WP

Report: Internet Radicalizes US Muslims Quickly - WT

FBI: Iraqi in Ky. Terror Case Bragged About Past - AP

Hearing for British Arms-to-Iran Suspect Delayed - AP

Suicidal Vet Won't be Jailed for Making Gun - S&S

US Sues Alabama over Military, Overseas Ballots - MA


United Kingdom

Occupy London Protesters Evicted - BBC

Bailiffs in London Dismantle St. Paul’s Occupy Camp - NYT



Kenyan Airstrikes Drive al-Shabab from Somalia Strongholds - WT

Sudan Rebels Say Behind Attack on Sudanese Army - Reuters

Christian Youths Kill 2 Muslims In Nigeria Church Bombing Revenge - VOA

Nigeria Ex-Governor 'Stole Millions' - BBC

Nigerian Ex-Governor Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering - LAT

Senegal is 'Set for Vote Runoff' - BBC

Senegal Fears Violence as it Prepares for Runoff Vote - LAT



US Denies Mexico Drug War Failure - BBC

Napolitano Defends US Drug War in Face of Legalization Debate - Reuters

Venezuela Anxiously Awaits News of Chavez's Health - AP

Argentines Deny Entry to Cruise Ships over Falklands Dispute - AP

Peru Shining Path Leader Charged - BBC

Peru: Charges Filed Against Captured Shining Path Chief - AP

President of Ecuador to Pardon Four in Libel Case - NYT

Ecuador's Correa Pardons Paper - BBC

Bus Stranglers Kill 2 Radio Journalists in Bolivia - AP


Asia Pacific

Nuclear Crisis Set Off Fears Over Tokyo, Report Says - NYT

Probe Finds Japan Hid Dangers of Nuclear Disaster - AP

North Korea: Ready to Go to War with US, South Korea - CNN

S. Korea in Resolution on N. Korea Refugees - BBC

Restructuring Fundamental for China’s Growth, Report Says - WP

A Call for China to Loosen Its Grip on the Economic Reins - NYT

World Bank: China Needs Reform to Support Growth - AP

Chinese Internet Users Flood Obama's Google Plus Web Page - VOA

Burma Relaxes Grip on Media, Vows End to Censors - AP

Thai Red Shirt Jailed for Insulting Monarchy - AP



Confidence Grows in Euro Zone Economy, but Still Fragile - Reuters

Russia: After Vote, Putin Promises to Stand Up to West - VOA

Russia: Chechen Plot Against Putin Foiled - WP

Russia, Ukraine Foiled Plot to Kill Putin, Report Says - LAT

Germany Approves Greek Bailout - WP

Germany Backs Greece Aid, but at a Cost to Merkel - NYT

France Tries 3 in Absentia Over 1988 Ship Attack - AP


South Asia

Italy, India Disagree on Marines Held in Shooting - AP

India Workers in General Strike - BC

Sri Lanka Rejects Need for UN War Crime Resolution - Reuters

Bomb in Front of Nepal Oil Importer Office Kills 3 - AP