Small Wars Journal

28 April SWJ Roundup


Afghan Military Pilot Guns Down 8 NATO Troops - Voice of America

U.S. Troops Killed by Afghan Pilot - BBC News

Shooting Incident in Kabul Leaves 9 Americans Dead - AFPS

Gunman Kills NATO Troops at Kabul Airport - New York Times

Afghan Pilot Opens Fire Inside Base - Washington Post

9 Americans Killed When Afghan Pilot Opens Fire - Los Angeles Times

Afghan Officer Opens Fire, Kills 9 Americans - Associated Press

Airport Attack Claimed by Taliban - Bloomberg

Shooting Raises Questions about Readiness, Loyalty - Christian Science Monitor

20 Incidents Where Afghan Forces Have 'Turned' - The Guardian

Factbox: Timeline of Afghan "Rogue" Attacks - Reuters

Afghan Jail Head Held over Escape - BBC News

Kandahar Jail Governor Detained After Mass Breakout - Reuters

Afghan Who Joined Prison Escape Gives Details - Los Angeles Times

Interpol Rebukes Allies after Afghan Prison Break - Associated Press

NATO Sending Mixed Messages about Afghan Militias - Wired

U.N. Cites Progress After Afghan Police Pay Audit - Reuters

A Beast in the Heart of Every Fighting Man - New York Times

Afghan Women Train for Olympic Boxing - Los Angeles Times

Nation-Building in Afghanistan - Natoinal Review opinion


Pakistan Urged Afghanistan to Distance From West - New York Times

Pakistan Urges Afghanistan to Seek New Allies - Washington Post

Unity Among North Waziristan Groups Crumbles - Associated Press

Bomb Hits Pakistan Navy Bus, Third This Week - Reuters


Crackdown Continues Amid Reports of Resignations - Washington Post

Syrian City at Heart of Uprising Is Under Siege - Associated Press

Syria Brings Out Military Reinforcements Despite International Outcry - VOA

Syrian Beacon Pays Price for Its Dissent - New York Times

200 Quit Syria's Ruling Party to Protest Crackdown - Associated Press

Two Hundred Baathists Resign in Syria's Deraa - Reuters

Britain Says Syria Still Has Time for Reform - New York Times

U.N., European Nations Seek End to Syria Violence - Associated Press

U.N. Fails to Agree on Condemning Syria - Associated Press

Syrian Crackdown Condemned by E.U. - BBC News

Analysis: Syria Falls Back on Fear to Quell Revolt - Associated Press

Assad Protected by Cult of Incompetence - Washington Times opinion

Libya / Operation Odyssey Dawn

Gadhafi Girds for Long Survival Battle - Wall Street Journal

NATO Strike Kills 12 Libyan Rebels in Misurata - New York Times

U.N. Quizzes Libya on Human Rights - Washington Post

U.S.: Libya Death Toll Could be as High as 30,000 - Associated Press

U.S. Gives Limited Support to Rebel Government - Los Angeles Times

Libyan Rebels Brace for Attack at Desert Outpost - Reuters

Libya's Gaddafi Trains Volunteer Army to Fight NATO - Reuters

Libyan Security Forces Protect Gas Stations - Washington Post

Aid Ship Reaches Libyan Rebel-Held Port - Voice of America

U.S. Permits Oil Deals With Libya Opposition - Reuters

Saving Lives in Libya - Washington Post editorial


Deadly Clashes Erupt in Yemen - Washington Post

At Least 11 Dead in Yemen as Thousands Protest Against Transition Plan - VOA

Protesters 'Shot Dead' in Yemen - BBC News

Gunmen Kill 10 in Yemen Anti-Government Protests - Reuters

Doctor Says 12 Protesters Killed in Yemen - Associated Press

Yemen Remains al Qaeda's Ultimate Breeding Ground - CNN News


Pipeline Blast in Sinai, Said to Be Sabotage - New York Times

Blast Cuts Egypt's Gas Supply to Israel and Jordan - Washington Post


Bomb Kills Two Algerian Gendarmes: Security Source - Reuters


Coalition Government Near in Iraq - United Press International

Iraq's Talabani to Attend Tehran Anti-Terrorism Event - Bloomberg


Iran's Ahmadinejad in Growing Rift With Top Cleric - Associated Press

Iran Steps Up Rate of Public Executions - Reuters

U.S. Urges Turkey on Iran Sanctions - Associated Press

Iran Urged to Come Clean on Cyber Virus - The Australian


Military Court Convicts Protesters, Sentences to Death - Associated Press

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Detains Bloggers Over Protest-Activists - Reuters

Israel / Palestinians

Fatah and Hamas Announce Outline of Deal - New York Times

Fatah and Hamas Initial Accord, Officials Say - Washington Post

Palestinian Rivals Fatah, Hamas to Share Power - Los Angeles Times

Palestinian Rivals Fatah and Hamas 'Agree to End Rift' - BBC News

Palestinian Officials: Unity Agreement Reached - Associated Press

Fatah, Hamas End Feud, Agree to Interim Government - Reuters

Netanyahu: Abbas Must Choose Between Israel, Hamas - Reuters

Israel Prepares to Stop Planned Gaza Flotilla - Voice of America

The Palestinian Revolution - Washington Post opinion

Middle East / North Africa Unrest

Embattled Leaders Decide Better to Fight Than Quit - New York Times

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - Associated Press

MAP: Track the Middle East Protests - Washington Post


Somali Pirate Pleads Not Guilty at Trial in U.S. - Stars and Stripes

U.S. National Security

Major Shake-up Coming Soon for Top Military Officers - Stars and Stripes

Obama Picks Petraeus, Panetta for New Posts - Washington Post

Panetta and Petraeus in Line for Top Security Posts - New York Times

Obama Moves to Shuffle Top Security Posts - Los Angeles Times

Panetta Tapped to Replace Gates at Pentagon - Washington Times

Panetta Expected to Replace Gates as SECDEF - Stars and Stripes

Obama sending Panetta to Pentagon, Petraeus to CIA - Associated Press

Petraeus to CIA After Panetta Moves to Pentagon - ABC News

Gates Pushed for Panetta to Be His Successor - Wall Street Journal

Gates to Leave Pentagon at End of June, Officials Say - FOX News

Push for Pentagon Cuts Tops Panetta's Agenda - Associated Press

Analysis: Implications for Afghan War - National Journal

Analysis: Obama Stresses Continuity - National Journal

Pentagon and CIA Picks Show Shift in How U.S. Fights - New York Times

Analysis: Panetta Would Apply Sharper Knife to Pentagon Budget - Reuters

A Look at Obama's New National Security Team - Associated Press

Lt. Gen. John Allen to Lead in Afghanistan - Marine Corps Times

Allen Helped Nurture Sunni Awakening in Iraq - Wall Street Journal

The Big Day: Gates Out, Panetta In - Best Defense

Cautious Optimism for Panetta's Pentagon - DoD Buzz

Challenges for New National Security Team are Huge - CNN News

Petraeus Would Helm Increasingly Militarized CIA - Washington Post

The Blurring Between Military and Intelligence - The Atlantic opinion

Rearranging the Deck Chairs - Foreign Policy opinion

U.S. Department of Defense

Hasan Defense Lawyer to Ask For No Death Penalty - Stars and Stripes

Atheists Seek Chaplain Role in the Military - New York Times

Director Follows Antiterrorism Path Set by Cole Attack - AFPS

Torture: Honoring Those Who Said No - New York Times opinion


Nigeria Considering State of Emergency if Elections Not Complete - VOA

Nigeria: Delayed Vote Looms in Northern States - Associated Press

Pro-Ouattara Forces Attack Former Ally in Ivory Coast - Voice of America

Ivory Coast Militia Leader Killed - BBC News

Renegade Warlord Killed in Ivory Coast - Associated Press

Police Arrest, Tear Gas Uganda's Opposition Leader - Associated Press

Al-Qaeda Parade French Hostages Seized in Niger - BBC News

U.K. and Malawi Diplomats Expelled - BBC News


Mass Graves Toll in Northwestern Mexico at 104 - Associated Press

Mexican Officials Recover 96 Bodies so Far in Durango - BBC News

Body Count From Mexican Mass Graves Nears 300 - Reuters

Guatemala Arrests Suspected Drug Kingpin - BBC News

Argentina Nabs 'Drug Subs Brains' - BBC News

5 Colombian Police Killed in Presumed Rebel Attack - Associated Press

FARC Blamed for Deadly Attack on Colombia Police - BBC News

Colombia: 2 Former Uribe Aides Face Charges in Spy Scandal - Associated Press

Sweden Demands Answers Over Alleged FARC Rebel - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

Tensions High as U.S., China Open Talks on Human Rights - Voice of America

Bleak Outlook for U.S.-China Talks on Human Rights - New York Times

China Media Say US Human Rights Pressure Will Fail - Associated Press

New Satellite Photos Show Construction at N. Korea Nuclear Site - VOA

Carter: N. Korean Leader Ready to Restart Talks - Reuters

Thailand, Cambodia Cease-Fire Reached After Week - Associated Press

Cambodia PM Welcomes Talks After Thai Border Clashes - Reuters

Philippine Troops Repulse Rebel Attack, Kill 1 - Associated Press


Russia: Khodorkovsky Appeal Set for May 17 - Reuters

Belarus Opposition Leader Andrei Sannikov Goes on Trial - BBC News

'Tunisian Migrants' Held in Paris - Reuters

South Asia

Soldier in Indian Kashmir Turns on Unit, Kills 4 - Associated Press

Hope, Mistrust Among Sri Lankans After U.N. Report - Associated Press

India Bids Farewell to Sai Baba - BBC News

Tibetan Exiles Elect Scholar as New Prime Minister - New York Times

Lobsang Sangay Elected Tibetan Exile Leader - BBC News