Small Wars Journal

27 October SWJ Roundup


Military Campaign to Topple Taliban Hasn't Succeeded - Washington Post

Afghanistan Strategy Works, Needs Time, General Says - AFPS

Afghans Begining to Feel Pride of Ownership, General Says - AFPS

Development Aid in Key Afghan Province Lacks Oversight - Washington Post

No Clear Replacements for Afghan Security Guards - Associated Press

Tea Party Could Stir Afghan Policy - Wall Street Journal

Afghan, Coalition Troops Capture Haqqani Network Leader - AFPS

Russia Steps in to Help NATO - The Independent

Russian Military Could be Drawn Back into Afghanistan - The Guardian

Iran Acknowledges It Funds Afghan Government - Associated Press

Iran Says Helps Afghanistan Amid Bags Of Cash Report - Reuters

Bomb Kills 4 Police in West Afghanistan - Associated Press

NATO: Bomb Kills Service Member in Afghanistan - Associated Press

Karzai's Pieces of Iranian Silver - Washington Times editorial

Afghan Peace Solution - United Press International opinion

Turning the Taliban Against Al Qaeda - New York Times opinion


Pakistan Touts Success in a Corner of Tribal Belt - Associated Press

Pakistan Army Blockades Anti-Taliban Tribe in Kurram - BBC News

Pakistan Border Region Becomes Terror Epicenter - Associated Press

Amnesty Calls on Pakistan to Investigate Killings - Associated Press

Pakistan Condemns Fatal Sufi Shrine Blast - United Press International

If Pakistanis Thought Like Americans - United Press International opinion


Anbar Province Demands a Say on Resources - New York Times

Saddam's Deputy Tariq Aziz Sentenced to Die - Voice of America

Top Aide to Saddam Hussein Is Sentenced to Death - New York Times

Tariq Aziz Sentenced to Death for Persecution of Shiites - Washington Post

Tarik Aziz Sentenced to Death - Los Angeles Times

Saddam Hussein Aide Tariq Aziz Sentenced to Hang - Associated Press

Iraq's Tareq Aziz Sentenced to Death, Vatican Appeals - Reuters

Lynn Arrives in Baghdad for Talks, Troop Visit - AFPS

Deputy Defense Secretary Examines Transitions Facing U.S., Iraqis - AFPS

10 Killed in Robbery Attempt in Northern Iraq - Associated Press

Gunmen Kill 10 In Iraq Gold Market Attack - Reuters


U.S. Tries to Restart Talks With Iran - Wall Street Journal

Iran Isolating Itself, U.S. Diplomat Says - United Press International

Iran Acknowledges It Funds Afghan Government - Associated Press

Iran Says Helps Afghanistan Amid Bags Of Cash Report - Reuters

Iran Begins Loading Fuel into Core of Bushehr Nuclear Plant - Voice of America

Iran Begins Loading Fuel at Nuclear Reactor - New York Times

Iran Starts Loading Uranium Fuel Rods Into Nuclear Reactor - Washington Post

Iran Begins Fueling Nuclear Reactor - Los Angeles Times

Iran Loads Fuel Rods Into 1st Nuclear Power Plant - Associated Press

Iran Fuels Up Nuclear Plant as Sanctions Bite - Reuters

Clinton: No Problem With Iran Bushehr Atomic Plant - Reuters

Iran to Try Two People Accused Of Spying For Israel - Reuters


WikiLeaks Has More U.S. War Files, Pentagon Says - Reuters

U.S.: Enemies Searching WikiLeaks Iraq Papers - Associated Press

WikiLeaks Documents Highlight Problem of Security Force Training - VOA

U.N.: WikiLeaks Files Should Prompt Iraq Abuse Probe - Reuters

U.S. Department of Defense

Massive U.S. Army Trade Show Opens in D.C. - Washington Post

Fake Chips From China Sold to U.S. Defense Contractors - Reuters

FBI Opens Investigation into Pentagon, Two Marine Site Shootings - AFPS

FBI Links Shots Fired at Pentagon and Marine Museum - Washington Post

United States

Former al-Qaida Fighter Pleads Guilty to Murder - AFPS

Canadian Gitmo Prisoner Said to Be 'Full of Rage' - Associated Press

Guantanamo Made Omar Khadr More Dangerous, Doctor Says - Reuters

Candid Talks by Detainee Were Caught on U.S. Tapes - New York Times

American Arrested in Terror Case Denied Entry to Pakistan - Los Angeles Times

New York-born Man Arrested in Hawaii in Terror Case - Associated Press

U.N. Investigator Urges Probe Of Alleged U.S. Torture - Reuters

Former Raytheon Engineer's Home Targeted by Feds - Boston Herald

Feds Search Mass. Home of Missile Systems Expert - Associated Press


Pope Says States Have Right to Defend Borders - New York Times

U.N. Chief, Clinton Call for Action on Women - Associated Press

Hackers Shopping Malware Network - Washington Times


ICC Wants Arrest of Sudanese President - United Press International

Ward: Guard, Reserve Make Vital Contributions in Africa - AFPS

Ivory Coast PM Tries to Ease Concern Over Vote Count - Voice of America

U.N. Gives Green Light for Ivorian Vote - United Press International

Guinea Election Chief Proposes Oct. 31 Vote Date - Associated Press

Curfew After Deadly Nigeria Clash - BBC News

Congolese Rebels Attack U.N. Troops - United Press International

Somalia Most Corrupt, Report Finds - United Press International

China Fuels Madagascar Timber Crisis - BBC News

Americas and Caribbean

Kidnapped Mexican Names Names, Including Sister's - Los Angeles Times

Mexico Official: 2 Dead Men May Be Massacre Gunmen - Associated Press

Latin Leaders Question Move to Legalize Marijuana - Associated Press

Brazil's Rousseff Lead Steady In Presidential Race - Reuters

U.N. Votes Against U.S. Embargo on Cuba For 19th Year - Reuters

Haiti Cholera Deaths 'Near 300' - BBC News

Death Toll in Haiti Cholera Outbreak Passes 280 - Associated Press

Haiti's Latest Misery - New York Times editorial

Asia Pacific

Clinton to Focus on Asian Alliances - Washington Times

Clinton to Visit China Suring Asian Tour - United Press International

Nobel Laureate's Wife Invites Scores of Chinese to Oslo - New York Times

China Holds First Live-Fire Joint Drills in Tibet - Associated Press

Japan, Worried by China, May Boost Submarine Fleet - Associated Press

U.S.-South Korea Exercises Will Resume, Commander Says - AFPS

N. Korea Demands S. Korea Resume Large-Scale Food Aid - Associated Press

U.N. Chief Calls for Burma to Free Political Prisoners - Voice of America

Philippines Calls Burma Elections a 'Farce' - Associated Press

Indonesia: Still Hope For Burma Poll Credibility - Reuters

Burma's Sham Election - Washington Post editorial

Burma: No more charades - Los Angeles Times opinion

Indonesia Reels Amid Disasters on Two Fronts - New York Times

Trio of Catastrophes Hit Indonesia - Washington Times

Indonesia Hit by Deadly Tsunami, Volcanic Eruption - Associated Press

Indonesia Tsunami Deaths Increase - BBC News

Indonesian Volcano Merapi Erupts - BBC News

Cambodia Rebuffs UN Chief on Khmer Rouge Trials - Associated Press

The Caucasus

Arab Jihadists Emerge in Caucasus War - United Press International


Europe Amplifies Objections to U.S. Data-sharing Demands - Washington Post

Report: Russia Seeks to Limit New NATO Members - Associated Press

Report: Russia Wants Troop Limit In New NATO States - Reuters

Gorbachev Says Putin Hinders Democracy - New York Times

Russian Corruption Takes on a Life of its Own - Washington Post

E-Mail Spam Falls After Russian Crackdown - New York Times

Russia Plans Color-Coded Anti-Terror Alerts - Reuters

Turkey Detains 12 Suspected Of Aiding Al Qaeda - Reuters

Terror Suspect Gets Victim Status in Polish Probe - Associated Press

French Brace for More Demonstrations Against Reforms - Voice of America

French Unions Deny Strikes Defeat - BBC News

Middle East

Saudi Border With Yemen Is Still Inviting for Al Qaeda - New York Times

Yemen Interior Ministry Imposes Ban on Weapons - Associated Press

Yemen Recruits Tribesmen to Hunt al Qaeda - Associated Press

Netanyahu Praises Israeli Troops Who Raided Gaza-Bound Flotilla - VOA

Netanyahu "Salutes" Commandos Who Raided Gaza Ship - Reuters

Police, Protesters Clash in Arab Israeli Town - Associated Press

Israeli Police And Arabs Clash Over Rightist March - Reuters

In Mideast House of Cards, U.S. Views Lebanon as Shaky - New York Times

Lebanon: Hezbollah Won't Rise Up in Tribunal Probe - United Press International

Syrian Leader Says U.S. Sows Chaos Overseas - Associated Press

Opposition Members Jailed in Egypt Before Election - Associated Press

Ruler Of UAE's Ras Al Khaimah Emirate Dies - Reuters