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27 February SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Violent Uproar in Afghanistan Casts Shadow on US Pullout - NYT

Violence after Koran Incident Fuels US Doubts - WP

White House Vows to Stay Involved in Afghanistan - WT

Ambassador Crocker: US Shouldn't Speed Up Afghanistan Pull Out - Reuters

Afghanistan Hunts for Suspect in Kabul Killings, Karzai Calls for Calm - VOA

Afghanistan Rioters Injure 7 US Soldiers - LAT

Blast Wounds at Least 6 Americans in Afghanistan - NYT

Deadly Bombing at Jalalabad Airport - BBC

Nine Killed in Afghan Airport Bomb, NATO Base Attacked - Reuters

Afghan Protesters Hurl Grenades at US Base - AP

Taliban Say Airport Attack Is 'Revenge' for Koran Burnings - Reuters

International Military Personnel Recalled from Afghan Ministries - VOA

France and Germany Withdraw Civilian Staff - BBC

France Prepares to Move Staff From Afghanistan - Reuters

Afghan Ministers Cancel Trip to Washington - AP

Santorum: No Apology Needed for Quran Burning - AP

Analysis: Quran Crisis Reveals Lack of Awareness - S&S



Pakistan School Strives to Beat the Taliban Trap - AP

Osama Bin Laden Site Demolished - BBC

Pakistan Razes Bin Laden's Home, Erasing Memories - AP



Syrians Vote on New Constitution as Death Toll Mounts - VOA

Syria Holds Vote Despite Violence - BBC

West Dismisses Syria Constitution Vote as 'Farce' - AP

Rift Develops in Syrian Opposition Group - Reuters

Clinton Appeals for All Syrians to Abandon Assad - AP

No Clear Successor to Assad's 'Coup-Proof' Rule in Syria - Reuters

Syria Awaits Referendum Result; Putin Warns West - Reuters

Hamas Out of Syria, Leader Says - AP

Three Protesters Killed in Damascus - Reuters



Israel: Iran to Top Agenda at White House Summit - VOA

US General: Missile Defense on Track - AP

Israel Inks $1.6 Billion Arms Deal with Azerbaijan - AP

Iran Election Campaigners Seek Refuge in Islamic Rhetoric - Reuters

Pastor Yousef: Convert or Die - WT editorial



Trial of US Nonprofit Workers in Egypt Is Abruptly Put Off - NYT

Egypt Court Adjourns US Activists' Trial to April - Reuters

Clinton Says Weighing Response to Egypt Activist Trial - Reuters

Egypt to Select Constitutional Panel March 3 - AP

Egypt Parliament to Meet to Elect Constitution Body - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Netanyahu, Abbas Trade Barbs Over Jerusalem - Reuters

Israeli PM Slams Palestinian Leader's Speech - AP

UN: 1.3 Million Still Homeless from Iraq Conflict - AP

Niger Warns Against Travel to Libya as Tensions Rise - Reuters

Efforts to Free TV Crew in Libya - BBC

Algerian Islamists Agree on Alliance Ahead of Vote - AP


US Department of Defense

Army Identifies Remains of Last Missing Soldier in Iraq - S&S

G.I.’s Remains Are Recovered From Iraq - AP

A Warship Returns, With the Family in Tow - NYT


United States

Pressure Builds for Civilian Drone Flights at Home - AP

‘Act of Valor’ Accomplishes Mission of Educating Public - WT

Across Arizona, Illegal Immigration Is on Back Burner - NYT

Bribing Foreign Officials - WP editorial

Onward Online Privacy - LAT editorial

Proud to Work for Uncle Sam - WP opinion



Australia's Gillard Survives Challenge - BBC

Aussie PM Defeats Predecessor, Hangs On to Job - AP

Australian PM Gillard Wins Leadership Ballot - Reuters



Three People Killed, 38 Wounded In Nigeria Suicide Car Bombing - VOA

Suicide Attack on Nigerian Church - BBC

Suicide Bomber Kills 3 in Nigeria - AP

Sudan: Taste of Hope Sends Refugees Back to Darfur - NYT

Clashes Break Out in Sudan's South Kordofan - Reuters

Senegal Votes Calmly in Contentious Poll - VOA

'Tight Race' in Senegal Election - BBC

Discontented Senegalese Vote for President - NYT

Senegalese President Booed on Election Day - AP

France Opposed to Military Solution in Mali - AP

S. Africa: Mandela Discharged from Hospital - BBC



Colombia: FARC Says Will Stop Kidnapping, Promise to Release Victims - WP

Colombia Rebels in Hostage Pledge - BBC

Colombia's FARC Announces Halt to Kidnapping - AP

Venezuela: Chavez Surgery Gives Rival an Opening Before Vote - AP

Chileans See Political Aftershocks From 2010 Quake - AP


Asia Pacific

US and South Korea in Joint Drill - BBC

N. Korean Leader Threatens ‘Retaliatory Strike’ Against South - NYT

'Chinese' Bombard Obama Webpage - BBC

Burma: Preliminary Peace Deal With Mon Rebels - AP



G20 Seeks Eurozone Bail-out Boost - BBC

Europeans Agree to Review Size of Firewall Fund - NYT

Russia’s Democracy Movement Forms a Human Chain Around Kremlin - VOA

Russia: Putin Foes Encircle Center of Moscow - WP

Russia, Ukraine Agents Foil Anti-Putin Plot - AP

France: Low in Polls, Sarkozy Stakes All on Campaign Verve - Reuters

Explosive Device Found on Empty Athens Subway Train - Reuters

Support Democracy in Hungary - WP opinion

Will Scotland Go Its Own Way? - NYT opinion


South Asia

India 'Not to Succumb to Italy Pressure' - BBC