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27 August SWJ Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP


NATO: 202 Afghan Bases Closed, More to Come - AP

Two Foreign Troops Killed by Rogue Afghan Soldier - Reuters

NATO Says Afghan Ally Fires on Coalition, Kills 2 - AP

10 Afghan Soldiers Killed in Checkpoint Attack - AP

Militants from Afghanistan Attack Pakistan - AP

Afghans Say Top Haqqani Leader Was Killed in US Drone Strike - Reuters

Civilians Working Normal Jobs in War Zone - AP



Activists Say Hundreds Massacred in Syria's Daraya - VOA

Crackdown Toll Seen as Syrians Bury Hundreds - NYT

'Scores of Bodies' Found in Syria - BBC

Evidence Mounts of New Massacre in Syria - AP

Assad's Forces Accused of Massacre Near Syrian Capital - Reuters

Egyptian Leader Adds Rivals of West to Syria Plan - NYT

Egypt Seeks Regional Meeting Over Syria Crisis - Reuters

Turkey Blocks Fleeing Syrian Refugees - WP

Iraq Seeks to Curb Frontier Spillover From Syria Crisis - Reuters

Syria VP Dispels Defection Rumors - VOA

Syrian Rebels Left Lives as Butchers, Barbers - AP


Middle East / North Africa

At Summit Meeting, Iran Has a Message for the World - NYT

Iran Opens Nonaligned Summit with Nuclear Appeals - AP

Hamas Declines Invite to Iran Summit, Citing Palestinian Unity - Reuters

Italian Bank Unicredit 'in Iran Investigation' - BBC

Iraqi Officials: Series of Attacks Kill 8 People - AP

Two Dead as Clashes Flare Again in Lebanon's Tripoli - Reuters

Three Israeli Children Arrested in Firebombing of Palestinian Taxi - WP

Israel Arrests 3 Settler Boys Suspected of Attack on Palestinians - Reuters

Israel: Family of Slain US Activist Awaits Verdict - AP

Israel Stops Activists From Entering West Bank - AP

Saudi Arabia Arrests Suspected Militants With Al-Qaeda Links - Reuters

Saudi Oil Producer’s Computers Restored After Virus Attack - NYT

Gunmen Kill Protester in Yemen Sit-In - AP

Egypt Prosecutor Probes anti-Brotherhood Critic - AP

Egypt Investigates Killing of Suspected Militant - AP

Egypt: Cairo’s Streets Have Filled with Trash - WP

Libyan Interior Minister Resigns Over Violence - BBC

Libya's Interior Minister Resigns After Attacks - AP


US Department of Defense

Safety Concerns Linger after F-22 Fighter Jet Investigation - FWST


United States

U.S. Arms Sales Make Up Most of Global Market - NYT

Panetta Praises Neil Armstrong’s Legacy - AFPS

Major Storm Impacts US Political Convention - VOA

American Taliban Seeks Group Prayer in Ind. Prison - AP

Hunting bin Laden, Training in Minneapolis Suburbs - MPR



Nigeria Confirms Informal Boko Haram Talks - BBC

Nigeria in Talks With Islamists via 'Back Channels' - Reuters

EU Demands Gambia Halt Inmate Executions - VOA

S. Africa: ANC to Discuss Mine Shootings Row - BBC

Former Ivorian Officials Arrested in Ivory Coast, Ghana - VOA

Gbagbo Aide Held in Ivory Coast - BBC

Experts Believe Limited Press Freedom to Continue in Ethiopia - VOA



Eleven Corpses Turn Up Along Highway in SW Mexico - Reuters

Lawyer: Mexico Police Shooting of US Embassy Car Accidental - AP

Britain Wants to Restart Assange Talks With Ecuador - Reuters

Fires Still Burning in Aftermath of Deadly Venezuela Blast - NYT

Fires Burn at Venezuela Refinery - BBC

Venezuela Will Not Restart Refinery Until Fire Is Out - Reuters

Argentine Leader's Image Falls as Inflation Soars - Reuters

Volunteers Keep Watch on Protests in Chile - NYT


Asia Pacific / Central

UN Says New Measures Needed to Address Asia Population Issues - VOA

Analysis: Politics the Priority for China as Economy Slows - Reuters

Under China's Watch, Macau Won't Return to 'Gangster's Paradise' - Reuters

North Korean Assassins Target Activists in South - S&S

Anti-Nuclear Protests Signal New Activism in Japan - AP

Powerful Typhoon Lashes Japan's Okinawa Island - AP

Okinawa Typhoon Heads to South Korea - BBC

Burma Floods Displace Thousands - BBC

US Sells Out Human Rights in Vietnam - WP opinion



Punk Band: 2 Wanted Band Members Flee Russia to Avoid Arrest - VOA

2 Band Members in Russia Said to Flee to Avoid Arrest - NYT

Pussy Riot Pair 'Leave Russia' - BBC

Turkish Opposition Says Government Ignoring Presence of al-Qaida - VOA