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26 October SWJ Roundup


U.S. Operations in Kandahar Push Out Taliban - Washington Post

Karzai Rails Against America in Diatribe - New York Times

Karzai Again Blasts Security Firms' Role in Afghanistan - Washington Post

Afghan President Admits Receiving Money From Iran - Voice of America

Afghan Leader Admits His Office Gets Cash From Iran - New York Times

Karzai Confirms Large Cash Payments by Iranian Officials - Los Angeles Times

It's 'Transparent,' Karzai Says of Receiving Cash from Iran - Washington Times

Karzai Says His Office Gets Cash From Iran, U.S. - Associated Press

Karzai Says His Office Gets "Bags Of Money" From Iran - Reuters

U.S. 'Skeptical' of Iranian Motives in Cash Payments to Karzai Aides - VOA

Iran's Cash to Kabul Worries U.S. - BBC News

Afghan, ISAF Troops Kill 15 Insurgents in Helmand - AFPS

NATO Airstrike Kills 15 in Afghanistan - Voice of America

NATO: South Afghan Raid Kills 15 Militants - Associated Press

Stryker Unit Sought to Defend Killing at Heart of Murder Probe - Washington Post

What Does Iran's Cash Buy in Afghanistan? - New York Times opinion series


Bomb Blast Kills Five at Sufi Shrine in Pakistan - Voice of America

6 Militants, 1 Pakistan Soldier Killed in Fighting - Associated Press


Iraq Government Talks May Gather Pace After Court Order - Reuters

Diyala Struggles to Overcome Sectarian Bad Blood - Los Angeles Times

Life Behind and Beyond the Barricades - Agence France-Presse


Tehran Orders Halt to Refueling of U.K. Planes - Washington Post

Iran Injects Fuel Into First Nuclear Reactor - Associated Press

Iran Inserts Fuel Into Nuclear Plant Core - Reuters


Shariah Law and the Secular State - New York Times opinion


WikiLeaks' Redaction Doesn't Remove Danger - AFPS

U.S. Rebuffs Wikileaks Iraq Claims - BBC News

WikiLeaks Docs Raise Questions of Obama Policies - Associated Press

Wikileaks's Leaks Mostly Confirm Earlier Reporting - Washington Post editorial

Declare War on Wikileaks - Washington Times editorial

U.S. Department of Defense

Webb Puts Hold on Appointments Until JFCOM Data Arrives - Washington Post

Webb to Block Pentagon Nominations - Richmond Times-Dispatch

United States

Youngest Guantanamo Detainee Pleads Guilty to All Counts - Voice of America

Guantánamo Detainee Pleads Guilty, Averting Trial - New York Times

Youngest Guantanamo Detainee Pleads Guilty - Washington Post

Canadaian Convicted of Murder in U.S. Soldier's Death - Los Angeles Times

Canadian at Gitmo Pleads Guilty to All Charges - Associated Press

U.S. Tries to Detect Muslim Radicals at Home - Washington Times

U.S. to Send Visual Artists as Cultural Ambassadors - New York Times

United Nations

Study: Women Still Kept Away From Peace Talks - Associated Press


Sudan Wants Darfur Deal by End of 2010 - BBC News

U.N.: More Peacekeepers Couldn't Halt New Sudan War - Reuters

Nigeria Issues Fraud Blacklist - BBC News

Somali Pirates to Hold British Couple Until Ransom Is Paid - Voice of America

Rwanda Terror Charge for Ingabire - BBC News

Report: Terror Suspects in Morocco Suffer Abuse - Associated Press

Americas and Caribbean

13 Executed at Tijuana Drug Treatment Center - Los Angeles Times

Lull in Violence in Tijuana Is Broken by Massacre - New York Times

Gunmen Kill 13 at Mexico Clinic - BBC News

Mexico Massacre Shows Teen Toll in Drug War - Christian Science Monitor

Mexico: Ex-Prosecutor's Kidnapped Brother Shown on Video - Associated Press

Epicenter of Colombia's Drug War Fights for Peace - Christian Science Monitor

More Than 250 Dead in Haiti Cholera Outbreak - Voice of America

Amid Cholera Outbreak in Haiti, Fear and Misery - New York Times

Fear Amid Haiti Cholera Progress - BBC News

Haiti Cholera Deaths Slow, But Spread Still Feared - Reuters

Haiti Official: Cholera Outbreak Is Easing - Associated Press

Is Aid Doing Haiti More Harm Than Good? - Reuters

Asia Pacific

Taking Harder Stance Toward China, Obama Lines Up Allies - New York Times

China Telecom Giant Makes Push for U.S. Market - New York Times

Spy's Arrest Underscores Beijing's Bid for Agents - Washington Times

Nobel Peace Prize Winners Call for Release of Dissident - Los Angeles Times

China Battles Probe of Burma's Military Rulers - Washington Post

Burma's Culture Evolves Despite Junta's Tight Grip - Reuters

South Korea Sends Food Aid to North - New York Times

S. Korea Sends 1st Food Aid to N. Korea in 3 Years - Associated Press

Major Earthquake Strikes Off Indonesia's Sumatra Island - Voice of America

Critics Say Cost of Forgiveness Is Too High in East Timor - New York Times

Riches May Not Help Papua New Guinea - New York Times


Anti-Muslim Feelings Propel Right Wing in Europe - Washington Post

Serbia Moves Closer to Joining E.U. - New York Times

Will the U.S. Lose Europe to Russia? - New York Times

French Protests Ease, but Refineries Are Still Affected - New York Times

Turkey Steps Out - New York Times opinion

Middle East

Israeli Reporter Faces Questions for Whistleblowing on 'Targeted Killing' - VOA

Photos Show Israel Soldiers' Alleged Misconduct - Voice of America

Palestinians, Jews Race to Plant West Bank - Associated Press

Yemen Recruits Tribesmen to Hunt al Qaeda - Associated Press


In regards to the 'declare war on wikileaks' story, perhaps now would be a good time for congress to consider using it's power to grant letters of marque and reprisal?

Cyberspace is a 'commons', much like the sea, and wikileaks does not align itself with a country. This would make it easy to attack it as a non-state entity, much like a pirate.

So to issue LoM's to individuals or companies to attack wikileaks, could be an option. Especially if a system of bounties was attached to the process, or cyber privateers were authorized to 'take' from wikileaks--as per a ruling in a prize court.

The most important point is that this is a power given to congress via Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 11 of the US Constitution. Hell, it is nestled right next to that power that gives congress the right to declare war.