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26 July SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World – RCP


ISAF Rocket Pronouncement at Odds with Afghan Government - S&S

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Fighting Rages in Syria, Turkey Closes Key Crossings - VOA

Syrian Activists: Battles Continue in Aleppo, Hama - VOA

Aleppo Braces for Battle as Syrian Army Closes In - NYT

Syrian Rivals Reinforce Aleppo - BBC

Syria Bolsters Troops in Battle for Aleppo - AJ

Defected Assad Confidant Seeks Syrian Unity - AP

Syrian Opposition Chiefs Seek Unity in Qatar Talks - AP

Turkey Becomes Hub for Syrian Revolt - WP

Breakaway Alawite State May be Assad's Last Resort - AP

Arabs to Seek UN General Assembly Action on Syria - AP

Iran Offers Syria "Experience and Capabilities" - AP

Jordan Worries Turmoil Will Follow as Syria’s Refugees Flood In - NYT

Israelis Fear Breach of Syria's Chemical Arsenal - AP

Syria’s ‘Day After’ - WP opinion



Al-Qaida Affiliate Claims Iraq Attacks - VOA

DOD: Iraqis Capable of Responding to Insurgent Attacks - AFPS

12 Killed as Iraqi Forces Clash With Militants - AP


Middle East

UN Envoy Warns Time for Mideast Peace Waning - VOA

US Senators Examine Iranian Involvement with Terrorism - VOA

Iran Nuclear Plants Hit by Virus Playing AC/DC, Website Says - Bloomberg

Iran-Led Shipping Firm Nears Collapse Due to Sanctions - Reuters

Dubai Police Chief Warns of Muslim Brotherhood, Iran Threat - Reuters

Palestinians Warned About Economy - BBC

Gaza Christians Sense Pressure to Convert to Islam - Reuters

Yemen on Track for WTO Entry After Ukraine Deal - Reuters

Israel’s Settlers Are Here to Stay - NYT opinion


US Department of Defense

GOP Senators Launch Tour Warning of Defense Cuts - AP

Former Top Brass, Veterans Defend DOD Green Energy Initiatives - S&S

Integrated Intelligence Framework Takes Shape - AFPS


United States

Senate Committee Approves Provision to Plug Intelligence Leaks - WP

Panetta, Shinseki Told it's Time for Collaboration to Yield Results - S&S

Clinton Encourages Diaspora Communities to Assist Back Home - VOA

Skype Chats, Data More Accessible to the Police - WP

DOJ Trains Lawyers on Cyber Espionage - WP

Stockpiling Arms Against Cyberattacks - WP editorial


United Kingdom

UK PM Says Security Is Top Priority at Olympics - Reuters



Thousands of Congolese Civilians Flee from Renewed Fighting - VOA

UN Gunships Deployed in DR Congo - BBC

Somali Assembly Convenes to Form Government - VOA

UN: Somalia Transition at 'Decisive Phase' - VOA

Wave of Violent Repression Plagues Capital of Mali - NYT

HRW: Mali Ex-junta Abducted, Tortured Dozens - VOA

Suspected Members of Nigeria's Boko Haram Kill Two Indians - Reuters

Mombasa Secessionist Group Unbanned by Kenyan Court - BBC

Liberian Diaspora Debates Reconstruction, Dual Citizenship - VOA

Taylor Liberian Allies’ Sanctions Lifted - BBC

Ghanians Question How President's Death Will Impact Elections - VOA

Ghana's Leader Promises Stability - BBC



Venezuela Deports 'Colombian Drug Lord' Rastrojo - BBC

Police Free Held Cuban Activists - BBC

Cuba Marks 59th Anniversary of Revolution - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

Australia Urged to Defuse South China Sea Tensions - VOA

US Concerned about Chinese Troops Plans on Disputed Island - VOA

China Threatens 'Severe Punishment' for Government Critics on Web - VOA

In Meetings, US Presses Beijing on Rights - NYT

Positive Signs for US-China Military Ties, Commander Says - AP

China Denies Using Stolen US Copter Technology - AP

US Commander in Japan: Alliance Strong, With Room to Grow - AFPS

Japan Suffers a Record First-Half Trade Deficit - WP

Report: North Korea Finalizes Power Transition - VOA

Mystery Woman in N. Korea? Turns Out She’s the First Lady - NYT

N. Korean Leader’s Marriage Revealed - WP

N. Korea Sends Leaflets to South - BBC

Carter Visits South Korea, Last Stop on Asia-Pacific Tour - AFPS

S. Korean Economic Growth Falls to Near 3-Year Low - AP

Indonesia Faces Its Murky Past - VOA

Tajik Forces Demand Rebels Surrender Former Warlord - Reuters

Challenging China - WP opinion



In Russia, Not-so-Covert Surveillance - WP

EU Calls for Criminal Penalties on Interest-Rate Rigging - VOA

Next Premier of Serbia Is From Party of Milosevic - NYT

Turkish Army's Economic Might Under Growing Scrutiny - VOA

Europe Must Face Facts - WP opinion


South Asia

More Troops Sent to India's Strife-Torn Northeast - AP

Refugees Flee Ethnic Violence in India's Troubled Assam - Reuters

Carter Takes Part in India Defense Industry Talks - AFPS

Pakistan: Stalled Military Operation Means Refugees Can’t Go Home - WP

Food Aid to Pakistan Hurt by Funding Shortfall - VOA

Bomb 'Kills Seven' in Pakistan - BBC

Bomb Kills 7 in Market in Northwest Pakistan - AP