Small Wars Journal

26 December SWJ Roundup


Top U.S. Gen. Visits GIs in Afghanistan on Christmas - Associated Press

Taliban Challenge U.S. in Eastern Afghanistan - New York Times

Military Hospital in Kandahar Takes Care of Afghan Civilians - Washington Post

Turkey Hosts Trust-Building Talks Between Afghanistan, Pakistan - VOA


Petraeus: Pakistan Counterinsurgency 'Impressive' - Associated Press

Bombing of Anti-Taliban Tribe Kills 45 in Pakistan - Voice of America

Female Bomber Kills Dozens in Pakistan, Official Says - New York Times

Dozens Dead in Suicide Attack at Crowded Food Center - Washington Post

Female Bomber Kills 45 at Food Center in Pakistan - Associated Press

Pakistan Food Centers Shut After Suicide Bombing - Associated Press

U.S. President Obama Condemns Pakistan Suicide Bombing - BBC News

Deadly Clashes Erupt in Pakistan Border Region - Voice of America

Al Qaida-allied Fighters Seek New Pakistan Haven - McClatchy Newspapers

Pakistan May Hand over Seized Top Baluch Militant to Iran - Los Angeles Times

Korean Peninsula

South Korean And Chinese Defence Chiefs to Meet In Feb - Reuters

N. Korea Troops Boast of Artillery Attacks on S. Korea - Associated Press


Iraqi Christians Exercise Caution for Christmas - New York Times

Iraqi Christians Mark Somber Christmas in Baghdad - Associated Press

Iraqi Christians Mark Safer Christmas In Kurdistan - Reuters

U.S. Troops in Iraq Celebrate Christmas - Associated Press

For Many U.S. Troops, A Last Christmas In Iraq - Reuters

Oil Exports from Iraq's Kurdish North to Resume - Associated Press


Iran President Says Nuke Sanctions Have Failed - Voice of America

Amnesty International Urges Iran to Stop Kurd Execution - BBC News

Iran Opposition Leaders Barred From Travel Abroad - Associated Press

Pakistan May Hand over Seized Top Baluch Militant to Iran - Los Angeles Times


Jailed Soldier Has Support of Resisters - New York Times

Assange's Accusers Are WikiLeaks Fans, Lawyer Says - Associated Press

Book Review

'Hero: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia' - New York Times

U.S. Department of Defense

Updated Department of Defense Directive 5100.01 - Small Wars Journal

The Big (Military Budget) Taboo - New York Times opinion

United States

Cables Portray Expanded Reach of Drug Agency - New York Times

Lawyer: Feds Probe Pilot Critical of Air Security - Associated Press

Arms Talks Now Turn to Short-Range Weapons - New York Times

Where Obama's Order on Detentions Falls Short - Washington Post editorial

Obama's Foreign Policy Spine - Washington Post opinion

The High Cost of Slashing Diplomacy and Aid Budgets - Washington Post opinion

Surviving Terrorism - Los Angeles Times opinion


Pope Speaks to the World's Catholics on Christmas Day - Voice of America

Pope Urges End to Conflicts in Christmas Message - BBC News

Pope Consoles Persecuted Christians - Reuters

Pope Calls for Solidarity With Iraqi Christians - New York Times

Pope Urges Courage for Catholics in China, Iraq - Associated Press

Pope to China Christians: 'Show Courage' - BBC News

Pope's Christmas Message Admonishes China - Reuters

Pope in Message of Hope for Africa - BBC News


West African Leaders Threaten Force in Ivory Coast Crisis - Voice of America

West African Leaders Threaten Force in Ivory Coast - Associated Press

West African Presidents to Tell Ivory Coast's Gbagbo to Quit - Reuters

Thousands Flee Ivory Coast for Liberia Amid Poll Crisis - BBC News

Ensconced in the Presidency, With No Budging in Ivory Coast - New York Times

Ivory Coast Crisis Puts a Chill on the Economy - Voice of America

Biden Reminds Sudan U.S. Sees On-Time Vote as Vital - Reuters

Sudan Says Troops Kill 40 Darfur Rebels - Associated Press

Sudanese Police Beat, Gas Opposition - Reuters

Rights Group: Darfur Activist Sentenced to a Year - Associated Press

Holding Out Hope for Sudan - Los Angeles Times editorial

Fears Growing of Mugabe's Iron Grip Over Zimbabwe - New York Times

Zimbabwe to Set Up WikiLeaks Commission - Reuters

Christmas Eve Attacks in Nigeria Kill at Least 38 - Voice of America

Christmas Eve Attacks Kill At Least 38 In Nigeria - Reuters

Nigeria's Goodluck Jonathan Pledges to Find Jos Bombers - BBC News

As Al Shabab Looms, Somali Government Running Out of Time - VOA

Africans Brave Dangerous Water Crossing to Yemen - Washington Post

Somalis Desperate for New Life, Refugees' Dangerous Road - Washington Post

Somali Pirates Hijack Cargo Ship - Associated Press

Police Clash With Protesters in Tunisia - Associated Press


Mexico Says Its Troops Killed U.S. Man, Planted Evidence - Associated Press

Mexican Army Mistrusts Other Gov't Agencies - Associated Press

New Laws in Venezuela Aim to Limit Dissent - New York Times

Flurry of Laws Boost Chavez's Power in Venezuela - Associated Press

Venezuelan Ex-president Carlos Andres Perez Dies - Associated Press

Former Venezuela Leader Perez Dies At 88 - Reuters

Ecuador Recognizes Independent Palestinian State - Associated Press

Panama President Wanted to Wiretap Rivals - Reuters

Panama President Denies Alleged Phone Tap Request - Associated Press

U.S. Seems Soft on Nicaraguan Aggression - Washington Post editorial

Asia Pacific

Military Strength Eludes China, Looks Overseas for Arms - Washington Post

Philippine Rebels Threaten Attacks Despite Talks - Associated Press

Bombing Wounds 11 at Christmas Mass in Philippines - Associated Press


Russia to Buy Warships from France in Major Military Deal - Washington Post

Somalis Held in Rotterdam on Suspicion of Terror Links - BBC News

Rotterdam Police Arrest 12 Somali Terror Suspects - Agence France-Presse

Dutch Detain 12 Somalis on Terror Suspicions - Associated Press

Middle East

Yemen Announces Deployment of Anti-Terror Forces in 4 S. Provinces - VOA

Yemen to Bolster Counterterrorism Forces, 'Bring ... Fight to al Qaeda' - CNN News

Yemen to Crack Down on Regional al-Qaeda Wing - Washington Post

Yemen to Expand Anti-Terror Forces to Fight Al Qaeda - Reuters

Hamas Warns Israel after Gaza Rockets, Airstrikes - Associated Press

Israeli Forces Kill Two Gaza Militants Near Border - Reuters

Palestinian Mayor Presides over Boom Times in Ramallah - Los Angeles Times

Turkey Wants to Make Peace With Israel - Associated Press

Egypt Says Not Seeking Nuclear Arms - Reuters

Tens of Thousands of Pilgrims Flock to Bethlehem on Christmas - VOA

Bethlehem Celebrates Merriest Christmas in Years - Associated Press

South Asia

India: Terror Fears Put Mumbai on Alert - New York Times

'High alert' in India: Search for Terrorism Suspects in Mumbai - Washington Post

Police Search Mumbai for 4 in Alleged Terror Plot - Associated Press

India Sentences Doctor to Life for Aiding Rebels - New York Times

Rocket With Indian Satellite Explodes After Launch - Associated Press

Sri Lanka Releases 100 Tamil Tiger Rebels - BBC News