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26 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Ragtag Revolts in Parts of Afghanistan Repel Taliban - NYT

Air Strikes Hit Militants in Pakistan, Afghanistan - VOA

Taliban Spokesman Denies Key Militant Commander Killed - AP

Iran Draws India Closer with Talks on Afghanistan - AP



Pakistani Militant Leader Dies in Airstrike, NATO Says - NYT

Drone Strike May Have Killed Haqqani Network Leader - Reuters

Pakistan Probes Report US Strike Kills Haqqani Son - AP



Syrian Forces Pound Aleppo, Damascus - VOA

Syrian Troops Press Attack on Damascus Suburb, Killing Scores - WP

Dozens of Bodies Are Found in Town Outside Damascus - NYT

Activists: Syrian Troops Kill Hundreds in Daraya - VOA

'Scores of Bodies' Found in Syria - BBC

Assad's Forces Accused of Massacre Near Syrian Capital - Reuters

Expanding Control, Syrian Rebels Run Makeshift Prisons - AP

Turkey's Syria Conundrum - TNI opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iran Expands Uranium Enrichment Capacity, UN Says - LAT

Iranian Invitation Splits Palestinians - AP

Iraqi Officials: Gunmen Kill 3 in Country's North - AP

Egypt Tells Israel Tanks Needed in Sinai - AP

Hamas Says Egypt Will Reopen Crossing Into Gaza - NYT

Hamas Scales Back Hopes of Open Egypt Border - AP

Egypt PM Says New Constitution by Late September - AP

Libyan Islamists Raze Sufi Sites in Bold Attacks - NYT

Muslim Shrines Attacked by Islamists in Libya - BBC

The Roots of the Arab Spring - WPR opinion

The Real Arab Revolution - DS opinion

Dealing with Morsi's Egypt - TAI opinion


US Department of Defense

Rats May be Cheaper Alternative to IED-seeking Dogs - S&S

How Mr. Romney Would Force-Feed the Pentagon - NYT opinion


United States

Astronaut Neil Armstrong Dies at 82 - VOA

Astronaut Neil Armstrong Dies at 82 - WP

Neil Armstrong, First Man on the Moon, Is Dead at 82 - NYT

Border Cities Are Burdened With Calls for Help - NYT

Is Stigma Against Servicemen Hindering Hiring? - OC

On Foreign Policy, Romney an Enigma - WP opinion

Where the Mob Keeps Its Money - NYT opinion



Chinese Arms Flood Africa, Reaching UN-Sanctioned Areas - WP

Kenya Red Cross: Clashes Signal Violent Election Year - VOA

Reports of Gambian 'Executions' Conflicting - VOA

Gambia Civic Activists Say 9 Executed - AP

Angola Deports China 'Gangsters' - BBC

Ivory Coast: Ex-Presidential Spokesman Arrested - AP

Somalis in Baidoa Expect More from New Government - VOA



Mexico Probes Why Federal Cops Fired at US Government Car - AP

Mexican Gangs Block Roads, Torch Vehicles in Western Mexico - Reuters

Colombia's President Says to Keep Defense Minister in Post - Reuters

Nicaragua Jails Mexican Policeman, 17 Others Transporting Cash - Reuters

Ecuador Says Britain Withdraws Threat to Raid Embassy - Reuters

Brazil’s Ex-President Is Back on Front Lines - NYT

26 Killed in Venezuela Refinery Explosion - VOA

At Least 39 Killed in Blast at Refinery in Venezuela - NYT

Venezuela: Chavez Orders Refinery Blast Probe - BBC

Tropical Storm Batters Haiti: 3 Dead, Tent Cities Hit - VOA

Storm Adds to Misery in Haiti’s Homeless Camps - NYT

Isaac Heading to Cuba; Storm-Delayed 9/11 Hearings Set for October - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

China is Important Campaign Issue for Obama, Romney - VOA

Chinese Deny Forcing Refugees to Burma - NYT

China's Chaotic Health Care Drives Patient Attacks - AP

Japan: Okinawa Residents Brace for Powerful Typhoon - S&S

N. Korean Leader Seeks Trip to China for Economic Help - Reuters

1 Man’s Tale of 2 Koreas, Changed Allegiances, Torture and Fear - NYT

Mass Grave in Cambodia Raises Ghosts from the Past - AP

US Doesn't Get Korea's Island Dispute - KT opinion



Islamic Attacks in Moderate Area Unnerve Russia - NYT

France: Greece Must Stay in Eurozone - VOA

France Piles Pressure on Greek PM - BBC

French Leader Hails Greeks for ‘Painful Efforts’ in Crisis - NYT

Norway's Mass Murderer Wins - FP opinion


South Asia

After Violence in India, a Crackdown Online - NYT