Small Wars Journal

25 September SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Israel / Palestinians

Palestinians Celebrate, Israelis Express Concern Over UN Bid - VOA

Abbas Resists UN Plan to Renew Talks - WP

Abbas Cool on Mid-East Quartet Talks Blueprint - BBC

Palestinian Official Critical of Call for Talks with Israel - VOA

Palestinian Leader Rejects Intl Peace Blueprint - AP

Israel Ponders Response to Palestinians - LAT

Israeli FM Backs Offer Laid Down by the Quartet - CNN

UK FM: Time Running Out for Palestinian Deal - TT

US Buys Time in Mideast, But Also Woes - AP analysis

Mideast Heading Into Dangerous Paralysis - AP analysis



A Brutal Afghan Clan Bedevils the US - NYT

Kabul Residents Angry, Fearful after String of Attacks - LAT

Rabbani Death Shuts Afghan 'Door of Stability' - Reuters

Gunmen Ambush, Kill German Tourist in Afghanistan - AP

Afghan Police Foil Suicide Attacks in the South - AP



Pakistan: US Afghanistan Policy Shows 'Confusion,' 'Disarray' - Bloomberg

Pakistani PM Gilani Hits Back at US Accusations - Reuters

Pakistan Warns US Against Hot Pursuit - AP

Top Pakistan Army Commanders Meet After US Claims - AP

Pakistan Army Chief Calls Special Meeting - Reuters

Impossible Pakistan - WSJ editorial



Libyan Fighters Renew Attack on Qaddafi’s Hometown - NYT

Libyan Forces Fight for Gadhafi's Hometown Sirte - AP

NTC Troops Renew Attack on Sirte - BBC

Fighters Attack Gaddafi's Stronghold of Sirte - TT

NTC Forces Thrust Deep Into Gaddafi Home Town - Reuters

Libya PM Calls on World to Help in Rebuilding - AP

How Britain Courted, Armed and Trained a Monster - TT



Syrian Forces Kill 5 in Central Homs - VOA

Turkey’s Erdogan: Time Ticking for Assad in Syria - Reuters

French Ambassador Attacked in Syria - AP

Syria Bans Imports to Save Foreign Currency - Reuters



Karbala Hit by Fatal Bomb Blasts - BBC

Official: Explosions Kill 10 in Holy Iraqi City - AP

Four Blasts Kill 16 in Iraq's Karbala - Reuters

Iraq Convicts 2 in 2005 Kidnapping of Journalists - AP



At Least 40 Dead in Yemen Clashes - VOA

After President’s Peace Offering, Deaths in Yemen - NYT

Yemen Leader’s Return Fans Tensions - WP

'Dozens Killed' in Yemen Clashes - BBC

Yemeni President's Troops Kill 40 in New Battles - AP

One Reported Dead, 17 Wounded in Yemen Clash - Reuters



New Judges Sought in Mubarak Trial - WP

Egypt’s Military Leader Testifies at Mubarak Trial - NYT

Egypt: In Mubarak Trial Ruler Tantawi Testifies in Secret - BBC

Details Emerge in Death That Sparked Egypt Revolt - AP

Lawyers in Hosni Mubarak Trial Demand New Judges - AP

Egypt Court Delays Verdict in Policemen's Trial - Reuters



Iran's Nuclear Setbacks: More than Bad Luck? - AP

Freed American Hikers Leave Oman for US - VOA

2 Americans Released From Iranian Prison Head Home - AP



Bahrain Vote Erupts in Violence - NYT

Bahrain Holds Vote as Shi'ite Enclave Protests - Reuters

Supporters of Bahrain Rulers Rebuff Vote Boycott - AP


Middle East / North Africa

US Tepid in Backing Arab Spring - WP

UAE's Second Election Has Low Turnout - Reuters

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - AP


US Department of Defense

Official: Arlington Cemetery Problems Being Fixed - AP

Airman Gets Double Honor, Bronze Star and Silver Star - S&S

A Closer Look at Drones - LAT editorial


United States

CIA Efforts to Recruit Arab Americans Hit Bumps - LAT

NASA: Defunct Satellite Falls Over Pacific Ocean - VOA


United Nations

New Libyan, Egyptian Leaders Make UN Debut - VOA

Island Nations at UN Warn of Climate Disaster - AP

If the United Nations General Assembly Were a Movie - NYT


International Monetary Fund

IMF Promotes Coordinated Action to Prevent Global Financial Crisis - VOA



More Aid Coming to African Drought Victims - VOA

World Bank Increases Drought Aid to Horn of Africa - BBC

World Bank Boosts Horn of Africa Aid to $1.88 Billion - Reuters

UN Chief Seeks More Money to Ease Africa Famine - AP

On Top of Famine, Unspeakable Violence - NYT opinion



Mexico Turns to Social Media for Information and Survival - NYT

Woman Decapitated in Mexico for Web Posting - AP

Drug Submarine Seized in Colombia - BBC

Chavez Foe Launches Presidential Bid in Venezuela - AP

Leopoldo Lopez Launches Venezuela Presidential Bid - BBC

Nicaraguan Journalist Flees to US After Threat - AP

Bolivia Protesters Break Blockade - BBC

Cuban Dissidents Blocked From Leaving Home - AP


Asia Pacific

Radioactivity in Japan Rice Raises Worries - NYT

Taiwan VP: President Wants China Political Talks - AP

16 Killed as Filipino Troops Clash With Militants - AP

Bomber Attacks Indonesia Church - BBC

Suicide Bomb Attack at Indonesia Church Injures 20 - AP

In Burma, Living in Fear of Army - AP



US Urges Immediate Financial Action in Europe - VOA

Europe Seeks to Ratchet Up Effort on Debt - NYT

Greeks Fear Collapse of Middle-Class Welfare State - NYT

Russia: Putin Announces Run For President in 2012 - VOA

Putin Once More Moves to Assume Top Job in Russia - NYT

Medvedev Confirms He Will Step Aside for Putin - WP

Putin Declares Candidacy for Russia Presidency - LAT

Putin Set to Return as Russia’s President - BBC

Russia's Kudrin Eyes Exit, Citing Policy Differences - WSJ

Economic Reforms Likely to Continue in Russia - NYT

Russians See Shift in Power as Business as Usual - NYT

Monitoring Rights in Russia’s Chechen Region - NYT

UK Muslims Hold Rally Against Extremism - AP

Spain Says ETA Prisoners' Peace Move Not Enough - Reuters

PKK Attack Kills Five Turkish Police - Reuters

Scientists Want Publisher to Refreeze Greenland - NYT