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25 May SWJ Roundup

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Taliban Seize Half of East Afghanistan District - AP

Officials Confirm Capture of Helmand Taliban Leader - AFPS

Afghan Blast 'Kills 10' Labourers in Kandahar Province - BBC

Roadside Bomb Kills 10, Wounds 28 in Afghanistan - AP

NATO Service Member Dies in Blast in Afghanistan - AP

US Snipers Capitalize on Mistake by Insurgents - S&S


Analysis: Is Attack a Blueprint for Nuclear Base Raid? - Reuters

Analysis: Pakistan Raid Raises Nuclear Fears - AP

Anti-Americanism Rife in Pakistan Army Institution - Reuters

US Terrorist links Pakistani ISI to Mumbai Attacks - AP

Pakistan Returns Helicopter Used in Bin Laden Operation - BBC

Helicopter from bin Laden Raid Now Back in US - AP

China Admits Its Technicians Were Held in Pakistan Base Attack - NYT

Suicide Bomb Kills 5 at Pakistani Police Building - AP

Israel / Palestinians

Top Democrats Criticize Obama's Israel Policy - WP

Netanyahu Gives No Ground in Congress Speech - NYT

US Congress Gives Netanyahu Speech an Enthusiastic Response - VOA

Congress Raves over Israeli Prime Minister - WT

Netanyahu: No Compromise on Pre-1967 Borders - VOA

Netanyahu Lays Out Vision for Peace - WP

Netanyahu: Israel 'to be Generous' in Palestine Deal - BBC

For Many Israelis, 1967 Borders Moot Point - VOA

Abbas Aide: Israeli PM's Speech Creates 'Obstacles' to Peace - VOA

Palestinians say Netanyahu Speech will Not Bring Peace - BBC

Lessons From Tahrir Sq. - NYT opinion


Syria had Reactor Site, UN Says - WP

Nuclear Report on Syria May Augur Punitive Action - LAT

IAEA: Syria Site Bombed by Israel 'Likely Nuclear' - BBC

At Least 1,100 Civilians Killed in Syria Uprising - Reuters

Canada Imposes Sanctions on Syria - VOA


NATO Airstrikes on Libya Intensify - VOA

NATO Bombs Libyan Capital in Heaviest Strikes Yet - NYT

Daunting Task for NATO in Libya as Strikes Intensify - NYT

US Invites Libyan Rebel Council to Open DC Office - WP

Feltman: Rebels 'to Open Office in US' - BBC

In Libya, Robbery Funds a Revolution - WP

South Africa's Zuma to Meet Gaddafi Next Week - Reuters


Fighting Intensifies in Yemen as the Govt Battles Tribal Groups - NYT

38 Killed as Tribe Battles Government Forces - BBC

Yemen Officials: 38 Killed in Capital Fighting - AP

Yemen Machinegun Clashes Resume in Capital Sanaa - Reuters


After Egypt's Revolution, Malaise Spreads - WP

Egypt Is Moving to Try Mubarak in Fatal Protests - NYT

Hosni Mubarak to Stand Trial, Prosecutors Say - LAT

Hosni Mubarak and Sons to be Tried over Deaths - BBC


Gates Sees Iran as a Consideration for US Troops in Iraq - NYT

Gates Urges Iraqis to Ask for US Troop Extension - AP

Iraqi Forces Eye Readiness Ahead of US Pullout - Reuters


Watchdog Finds Evidence That Iran Worked on Nuclear Triggers - NYT

US Widens Sanctions on Iran Amid Nuclear Impasse - VOA

US Imposes Iran-focused Sanctions - WP

US Sanctions Foreign Firms Trading with Iran - BBC

Ahmadinejad Backs Out of Key Role at OPEC - NYT

Middle East / North Africa

World Bank Offers Aid to Egypt and Tunisia - NYT

Bahrain Hopes for Normalcy With Martial Law Lifted - Reuters

U.S. Department of Defense

SECDEF at American Enterprise Institute (Defense Spending) - Transcript

Defense Cuts Must Be Part of Nation's Fiscal Solution, Gates Says - AFPS

Gates Warns Defense Cuts Could Severely Hurt Military - WP

Gates: Big Budget Cuts will Diminish US Influence - AP

Gates: Defense Cuts Must Be Prioritized, Strategic - AFPS

Gates Urges Protection of Modernization Funding - AFPS

Cartwright Out of Contention to Lead Joint Chiefs - NYT

Army Seeks Recruits in Social Media - NYT

Army Mulls Future of National Guard, Reserve - AT

SEALs Canine Commando Piques Interest in War Dogs - AP

At DADT Repeal Training, Marines Stress 'Nothing Will Change' - S&S

United States

White House Threatens to Veto Defense Bill - AP

Homemade Cyberweapon Worries Feds - WT

2 More Somalis Plead Guilty in US Piracy Trial - VOA

Chicago Trial: Witness Details '08 Mumbai Attacks - WP

Chicago Trial: Mumbai Accused 'Plotted Danish Newspaper Attack' - BBC

US Terrorist links Pakistani ISI to Mumbai Attacks - AP

Subpoena Issued to Writer In CIA-Iran Leak Case - NYT

Lawmakers to Grill VA over Suicides Among Troops, Vets - Politico

House Passes GI Bill Fixes, but Will the Senate Act? - S&S

The War Powers Act Cop-out - WP opinion

United Kingdom

Obama Hails 'Special' Ties to UK - BBC

Obama Talks Focus on Libya, Afghanistan - BBC

United Nations

UN Nuke Agency Pressures Iran, Syria - AP


AFRICOM in the Congo (Part 1) - S&S

AFRICOM in the Congo (Part 2) - S&S

Thousands More Flee Fighting in Sudan's Oil-rich Abyei Region - LAT

New UN Mission Proposed for South Sudan - AP

Sudan's Abyei Dispute: Bashir Vows to Remain - BBC

Sudan Official Resigns Post Over Assault At Border Town - NYT

Sudan: 197 Troops Killed, Missing in Abyei Attack - AP

Militias Fire at UN Helicopters in Abyei - Reuters

S. Sudan: A New Nation at Risk - WP editorial


OAS to Vote on Readmission of Honduras - VOA

Killings of Journalists Go Unsolved in Honduras - AP

Venezuela Condemns US Sanctions on Oil Company - AP

Colombia Vows to Break Up Drug Gangs, Beat Rebels - Reuters

Colombia Judge Orders Arrest of Ex-Spy Chief - AP

Guatemala Says 5 Mexicans Tied to Massacre Suspect - AP

Asia Pacific

Company Believes 3 Reactors Melted Down in Japan - NYT

What's Going On at Japan's Crippled Nuclear Power Plant? - Reuters

N. Korea's Kim Said to Arrive in Beijing to Meet Hu - AP

Islamist Militants in Thailand Kill Soldier - AP


Thousands Hit by Volcanic Ash Cloud Flight Delays - BBC

Ash Cloud to Shut German Airports, Snarls British Air Travel - CNN

North Africa Migrant Influx Prompts EU Border Debate - VOA

Greek Opposition Rejects New Economic Reform Plans - VOA

No Permanent US F-16 Base In Poland, Minister Says - DN

Polish Prosecutor Removed from CIA Prison Probe - AP

Serbia TV Apologizes to Viewers over Propaganda - AP

South Asia

US Terrorist links Pakistani ISI to Mumbai Attacks - AP

India Accused of Map Censorship - BBC