25 January SWJ Roundup


An Uncharacteristically Upbeat General in Afghanistan - New York Times At War

Soldier's Ingenuity Makes His Dream a Reality - CJTF-101 Public Affairs

Karzai Backs Down in Afghan Parliament Dispute - The AfPak Channel

Col. Imam Executed? [Former ISI Officer Suspected Killed By Taliban] - The Express-Tribune

Extremist Intimidation Chills Pakistan Secular Society - NPR

Afghan Report Revives Concerns About Scrutiny of Private Security Firms - New York Times

Claim: Afghans *Heart* G.I.s Who Flattened Their Villiage - Danger Room


Blair Sits Before Iraq Inquiry, This Time With Regrets - New York Times

Iraqi Tradition of Celebratory Gunfire - New York Times At War

Iran Rules Out Fuel Swap Plan - New York Times

At Least 18 Killed in Iraq Blasts - NPR

Blasts Strike Pilgrims in Karbala - BBC

Palestinians Attack 'Talks Leaks' - BBC

Quiet Desperation of Iraqi Squatter Camps - BBC

Middle East

'Disappointment' over Iran Talks - BBC

Hezbollah-Backed Candidate Has Votes to Become Lebanon Prime Minister - Washington Post

Hariri Refuses to Serve Under Hezbollah-Named PM

Palestinian Leader Sees Political Motive in Release of Files - New York Times

Palestinians React Angrily to al-Jazeera's 'Palestine Papers' - Washington Post

Al-Jazeera Releases Papers Claiming Palestinian Concessions to Israel - Washington Post

Israeli Panel Rules Flotilla Raid Legal - New York Times

Palestinian Papers May Be Blow To Peace Process - NPR


Deadly Blast at Moscow's Main Airport Seen as Terror Attack - New York Times

Moscow bombing: Carnage at Russia's Domodedovo airport - BBC News

Dozens Dead After Explosion Rocks Moscow Airport - BBC

Moscow Airport Blast Kills as Many as 35 - Washington Post

Did Moscow's Airport Bombers Dodge Security Checks? - Danger Room

Suicide Bomber Suspected in Moscow Airport Blast - NPR

US Department of Defense

Going Viral: The Pentagon Takes on Swine Flu - The New Yorker

New Terrorism Adviser Takes A 'Broad Tent' Approach - NPR

The State of Our Terrorist Detention Policy - Washington Post

Air Force's New Surveillance System for Aerial Drones Not Working as Hoped - Washington Post

Air Force's 'All-Seeing Eye' Flops Vision Test - Danger Room


Democratic Movements - The New Yorker

Canadian military likely headed to Sudan: Ex-diplomat - Toronto Sun

Tunisian Protest Tear-Gassed; Teachers Strike - NPR

A Tunisian Revolution That's More Bloody Than Jasmine - Washington Post

Fear of Flareup in Sudan Border Town of Abyei - Washington Post

Southern Sudan Reaches a Decision on One Matter: Its New Name - New York Times

Somalia is Likely to Cut Ties to Mercenaries, Official Says - New York Times

One Small Revolution - New York Times


Was China's Stealth Tech Made in America? - Danger Room

China Stealth Jet 'From US Parts' - BBC

China's New World Order Demands Stronger US Response - Washington Post

China Grooming Deft Politician as Next Leader - New York Times

International Inequality is Alive and Well - Globe and Mail

China's Coming Fall - National Post

Around the Blogosphere

Ridiculous - Thomas Rid, Kings of War

Decisive Battles of the World: Hastings - Never Felt Better

"Reality-Based Community" Members Collide With Reality - Mudville Gazette

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Matt: The least I could do!

Salaam: I had seen that link forwarded to me by TheAfpakChannel on Twitter (real name redacted). TheAfpakChannel usually forwards interesting stuff, so I decided to include it.

Thanks Starbuck. I am surprised you used an article from the Pakistani media i dont remember ever seeing articles from this part of the world on the daily roundup.

Thanks for the roundup, Starbuck. Great that you could fill in for Dave while he's traveling.