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25 January SWJ Roundup


An Uncharacteristically Upbeat General in Afghanistan - New York Times At War

Soldier's Ingenuity Makes His Dream a Reality - CJTF-101 Public Affairs

Karzai Backs Down in Afghan Parliament Dispute - The AfPak Channel

Col. Imam Executed? [Former ISI Officer Suspected Killed By Taliban] - The Express-Tribune

Extremist Intimidation Chills Pakistan Secular Society - NPR

Afghan Report Revives Concerns About Scrutiny of Private Security Firms - New York Times

Claim: Afghans *Heart* G.I.s Who Flattened Their Villiage - Danger Room


Blair Sits Before Iraq Inquiry, This Time With Regrets - New York Times

Iraqi Tradition of Celebratory Gunfire - New York Times At War

Iran Rules Out Fuel Swap Plan - New York Times

At Least 18 Killed in Iraq Blasts - NPR

Blasts Strike Pilgrims in Karbala - BBC

Palestinians Attack 'Talks Leaks' - BBC

Quiet Desperation of Iraqi Squatter Camps - BBC

Middle East

'Disappointment' over Iran Talks - BBC

Hezbollah-Backed Candidate Has Votes to Become Lebanon Prime Minister - Washington Post

Hariri Refuses to Serve Under Hezbollah-Named PM

Palestinian Leader Sees Political Motive in Release of Files - New York Times

Palestinians React Angrily to al-Jazeera's 'Palestine Papers' - Washington Post

Al-Jazeera Releases Papers Claiming Palestinian Concessions to Israel - Washington Post

Israeli Panel Rules Flotilla Raid Legal - New York Times

Palestinian Papers May Be Blow To Peace Process - NPR


Deadly Blast at Moscow's Main Airport Seen as Terror Attack - New York Times

Moscow bombing: Carnage at Russia's Domodedovo airport - BBC News

Dozens Dead After Explosion Rocks Moscow Airport - BBC

Moscow Airport Blast Kills as Many as 35 - Washington Post

Did Moscow's Airport Bombers Dodge Security Checks? - Danger Room

Suicide Bomber Suspected in Moscow Airport Blast - NPR

US Department of Defense

Going Viral: The Pentagon Takes on Swine Flu - The New Yorker

New Terrorism Adviser Takes A 'Broad Tent' Approach - NPR

The State of Our Terrorist Detention Policy - Washington Post

Air Force's New Surveillance System for Aerial Drones Not Working as Hoped - Washington Post

Air Force's 'All-Seeing Eye' Flops Vision Test - Danger Room


Democratic Movements - The New Yorker

Canadian military likely headed to Sudan: Ex-diplomat - Toronto Sun

Tunisian Protest Tear-Gassed; Teachers Strike - NPR

A Tunisian Revolution That's More Bloody Than Jasmine - Washington Post

Fear of Flareup in Sudan Border Town of Abyei - Washington Post

Southern Sudan Reaches a Decision on One Matter: Its New Name - New York Times

Somalia is Likely to Cut Ties to Mercenaries, Official Says - New York Times

One Small Revolution - New York Times


Was China's Stealth Tech Made in America? - Danger Room

China Stealth Jet 'From US Parts' - BBC

China's New World Order Demands Stronger US Response - Washington Post

China Grooming Deft Politician as Next Leader - New York Times

International Inequality is Alive and Well - Globe and Mail

China's Coming Fall - National Post

Around the Blogosphere

Ridiculous - Thomas Rid, Kings of War

Decisive Battles of the World: Hastings - Never Felt Better

"Reality-Based Community" Members Collide With Reality - Mudville Gazette


Matt: The least I could do!

Salaam: I had seen that link forwarded to me by TheAfpakChannel on Twitter (real name redacted). TheAfpakChannel usually forwards interesting stuff, so I decided to include it.

salaam (not verified)

Tue, 01/25/2011 - 8:12pm

Thanks Starbuck. I am surprised you used an article from the Pakistani media i dont remember ever seeing articles from this part of the world on the daily roundup.

Matt S. (not verified)

Tue, 01/25/2011 - 6:29pm

Thanks for the roundup, Starbuck. Great that you could fill in for Dave while he's traveling.