Small Wars Journal

24 December SWJ Roundup


Hazaras Gain Clout in Disputed Parliamentary Elections - Washington Post

Forces in Afghanistan Face New Threat From Iran - FOX News

'Iran Arms Smuggler' Captured by NATO in Afghanistan - BBC News

NATO: Iranian Guard Soldier Caught In Afghanistan - Reuters

U.N.: Number of Civilian Casualties in Afghan War Rises 20% - Washington Post

What They Are Reading: "My Life With The Taliban." - New York Times

Digger Families Get Australian Soldier Death Hoax Calls - Hearld Sun

Another Christmas in Kabul - New York Times opinion


As Drone Strikes Have Increased, So Have Assassinations - Washington Post

Taliban Launch Attacks Along North Pakistan Border - BBC News

Pakistan Clash Kills 11 Soldiers, 24 Insurgents - Associated Press

Pakistan Clashes Kill 11 Troops - Reuters

Pakistan Spy Chief to Ignore U.S. Summons - New York Times

Pakistan Calls for Wider Lifting of U.S. Tariffs - Washington Post

Korean Peninsula

China's North Korea Shift Helps U.S. Relations - New York Times

War Rhetoric Rises Between Koreas - Voice of America

North Korea Resumes War Threats - New York Times

War Rhetoric Rises Between North and South Korea - Associated Press

North Korea Nuclear Test "Possible" in New Year - Reuters

Analysis: Korea Threat Seen Rhetoric But Risk Still Watched - Reuters


Bomb in Iraq Kills Militiaman, Wife and 3 Children - Associated Press

Iraq's Christian 'Religicide' - Washington Times opinion


Iran's President Seeks Regional Economic Help - Voice of America

Iran Says January Nuclear Talks Historic Opportunity - Reuters


Army Opens robe into Whether Manning Stole Files - McClatchy Newspapers

Norwegian Paper Says It Has All WikiLeaks Cables - Voice of America

U.S. Department of Defense

White House Orders DoD to Cut $78B Over 5 Years - Defense News

Senate Panel Stalls on Restoration of General Lavelle's Stars - Washington Post

2 Plead Guilty in Navy SEAL Weapon Smuggling Case - Associated Press

United States

U.S. Approved Business With Blacklisted Nations - New York Times

U.S. Defends Permits For Deals In Sanctioned Nations - Reuters

Russian Parliament Could Ratify U.S. Nuclear Treaty Friday - Voice of America

Russian Legislators to Ratify Arms Pact Next Year - Associated Press

U.S.: Tactical Nuclear Weapons Deal with Moscow Next - Voice of America

Vice Admiral: Obama Outmaneuvered by Russians on START - USNI

As Applications Drop, Work on Secret Wiretaps Grows - Washington Post

U.S. on Alert Against Militant Plots over Holidays - Reuters

United Kingdom

In Britain, Tapes Rattle a Political Coalition - New York Times


U.N. Recognizes Ouattara As Ivory Coast President - Voice of America

U.N. Recognizes Winner in Ivory Coast Election - Washington Post

U.N. Recognizes Ouattara as Ivory Coast's President - Reuters

Gbagbo's Funds Cut as Ivorian Standoff Deepens - Reuters

Independence Referendum Ballots Arrive in Sudan - Voice of America

Obama Reaffirms U.S. Support for South Sudan Referendum Vote - VOA

Sudan, Darfur Rebels Clash During Ceasefire Talks - Reuters

Nigeria Grants Bail to Iranian Held over Arms Shipment - BBC News

Nigeria: U.N. Experts to Visit Over Seized Arms - Associated Press

Somalia's Africa Peace Force to be Boosted - BBC News

Two Somali Militant Groups, Once Adversaries, Join Forces - Associated Press

China Defends Africa Economic and Trade Role - BBC News


Kidnappers of 50 Mexican Migrants Make Ransom Call - Associated Press

Mexico Tourism Sees Increase Despite Drug Violence - Associated Press

Venezuelan Politician Sentenced to Prison - Associated Press

Venezuelan Students Protest Against University Law - Associated Press

Venezuela Security Forces Break Up Student Protest - Reuters

Lula Closes his Brazil Presidency - BBC News

Paraguay Govt Sought DEA Spying Help - Associated Press

Cuban Media Publishing Translated Wikileaks Cables - Associated Press

Cuba to Free 2 Prisoners, Catholic Church Says - Associated Press

Haiti Mobs Lynch Voodoo Priests over Cholera Fears - BBC News

Haiti Urged to Halt Cholera Anti-Voodoo Lynchings - Reuters

Asia Pacific

U.S., China End Year on Positive Note - Washington Post

China Has a Lot of Peacemaking to Do - Los Angeles Times

Private Sector Sitting Out the China Trade Battles - New York Times

China Says Vatican Must Repair Rift Over Bishops - Associated Press

China Sentences Uighur Journalist to Life for Reporting Riots - Associated Press


Terror Fears Increase During European Holiday Season - Voice of America

2 Wounded in Rome Embassy Blasts - Voice of America

Parcel Bomb Attacks Strike at 2 Embassies in Rome - New York Times

Bombs Explode at Swiss, Chilean Embassies in Rome - Washington Post

2 Injured in Rome Bomb Blasts at Swiss, Chilean Embassies - Los Angeles Times

Rome Embassy Blasts Wound 2; Anarchists Suspected - Associated Press

Anarchists Claim Responsibility For Rome Bombs - Reuters

CIA Secrets Could Surface in Swiss Nuclear Case - New York Times

Russian Spy Tale Rattles Czechs - New York Times

Turkey Builds on Regional Ties - Los Angeles Times

Middle East

Wide Saudi 'Loopholes' Let Charity Funds Slip to Terrorists - Washington Times

U.N.: Israel, Hamas want to Reduce Gaza Strip Tension - Reuters

U.S. Makes Yemen Assistance Top Priority - Voice of America

South Asia

Mumbai Manhunt for 'Four Lashkar-e-Taiba Militants' - BBC News

India's Mumbai Put on Alert; Terror Plot Suspected - Associated Press