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23 September SWJ Roundup

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All 33,000 'Surge' Troops Now Out of Afghanistan - AP

Slain Marine Commander’s Actions Called Heroic - WP

Promise of Education Takes Hold for New Generation of Afghans - S&S

Afghanistan Bans Pakistan Newspapers - BBC

Top China Official Visits Afghanistan, Signs Security Deal - Reuters



Fighting Continues in Syria; Rebels Move Command Center - VOA

Rebels Announce Move of HQ From Turkey to ‘Liberated’ Syria Territory - NYT

Free Syrian Army Rebel Leaders Move From Turkey to Syria - Reuters

Rebel Command 'Moved into Syria' - BBC

Meet the 'Foreign Fighters' - CNN

Desperate Syrians Cross a Hazardous Border - WP

Egypt President Stresses Syria Resolve - AP



US Navy's New Floating Base Gets a Workout in the Persian Gulf - AP

Iran's Navy Aims to Extend its Reach - AP

US Lawmaker Blames Iran for Cyber Attacks on US Banks - VOA

Iran's Revolutionary Guard Says Expects Israel to Launch War - Reuters

Iran Says Nuclear Equipment Was Sabotaged - NYT

Iran Accuses German Company of Nuclear Sabotage - AP

US Stops 20 Iran Officials Attending UN Assembly - Reuters

Missing US Man's Wife Pleads to Iran - CNN



Libyan Government Takes Over Militia Bases After Deadly Clashes - WP

2 Islamist Militias Disband in Libya Amid Anger Over Killings - NYT

Libyan City Militia 'to Disband' - BBC

Libyan Islamist Militia Swept Out of Bases - Reuters

Anti-militia Protests Show Frailty of Libyan State - AP

CNN Finds, Returns Journal Belonging to Late US Ambassador - CNN

Libya: US State Dept. Blasts CNN Report on Stevens' Diary - AP

Libya: DoS Spokesman Slams CNN for Reporting on Ambassador's Diary - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Obama Struggles for Unifying Strategy Post-Arab Spring - McClatchy

Sunni Leader Calls for Patience - CNN

America’s Iraq Exit Marked by Challenges and Failed Efforts - NYT

5 Iraqi Soldiers Killed in Roadside Bomb Explosion - AP

12 Killed in Shiite-Sunni Clashes in Yemen - AP

Lebanese Christian Leader Says Target of Assassination - Reuters

Egypt’s New Leader Spells Out Terms for US-Arab Ties - NYT

Israel FM Says No Changes to Egypt Peace Deal - AP

Egypt-Based Group Claims Israel Border Attack - AP

Egypt Jihadi Groups Say Behind Deadly Israeli Border Attack - Reuters

Egypt Salafi Urges UN to Criminalize Contempt of Islam - Reuters

UN: Torture of Activists in Morocco 'Systematic' - AP

Tunisia President's Former Aide Gets Suspended Jail Sentence - Reuters

Exploiting the Prophet - NYT opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Researchers Mine Data in Effort to Uncover Terrorist Threats - BS


US Department of Defense

Yale Welcomes Air Force, Naval ROTC Units Back to Campus - NHR

Navy LT. Cmdr. Accused of Misusing DOD Funds - VP



Free Speech in the Age of YouTube - NYT opinion


United States

US Senate Keeps Government Funded - VOA

Double Payments Bedevil Veterans’ Pension System - NYT

VA Wrongly Sent Letters to Caregivers Warning of Sequestration Cuts - S&S

When GPS Tracking Violates Privacy Rights - NYT editorial



Sudan Summit to Tackle Border Row - BBC

Sudan, South Sudan Leaders Meet to Discuss Border Security, Oil Deal - Reuters

Suicide Bomber Hits North Nigeria Catholic Church - AP

Curfew in North Nigeria Cities After Sect Attacks - AP

Thousands Protest Over anti-Islam Film in Kano Nigeria - BBC

Somali MP Shot Dead in Mogadishu - BBC

Somali Lawmaker Slain - Reuters

Cameroon Jails Former Minister - BBC



Unlikely Joint Effort by US and Venezuela Leads to Drug Lord’s Arrest - NYT

Chavez's Record: A Venezuela Oil Bonanza Squandered? - AP

'Ghetto Chavez' and the Battle for Venezuela's Youth Vote - Reuters

Argentina Gives Opposition Media Dec. 7 Deadline to Sell Off - AP

Ecuador Weighs Sending WikiLeaks' Assange to Sweden - VOA

Ex-Guatemalan Commander Charged With Lying to Get US Citizenship - Reuters

US VP Candidate Ryan Criticizes Obama’s Cuba Policy - NYT


Asia / Pacific

Panetta's Asia Visit Shows Balancing Role US Hopes to Play - Reuters

In Shark-Infested Waters, Resolve of China and Japan Tested - NYT

China Nixes Events to Mark 40 Years of Japan Ties - AP

China Likely to Show Leniency to Ex-Police Chief - AP

North Korea Accuses South of Firing Inside its Waters - AP

Behind North Korea’s Propaganda Star is a Darker Tale - WP

Indonesian Police Arrest 10 Terror Suspects - AP

In New York, Reverence for Burma’s Opposition Leader - NYT



Russia: With USAID Aid Cutoff, Kremlin Recalibrates - NYT

US Broadcaster to Cease Some Moscow Radio Services - VOA

Russia: 4 Police, 4 Militants Killed in Battle in Chechnya - AP

Macho Image Fades as Russia's Putin Nears 60 - Reuters

Polls Open in Belarus Election - BBC

Belarus Holds Elections Boycotted by Opposition - AP

Opposition Boycott and Apathy Threaten Belarus Election - Reuters

France's Hollande Hits New Low in Popularity Poll - Reuters

French Court Sentences Man for US Embassy Protest - AP


South Asia

Pakistani Minister Offers Bounty Over Anti-Islam Video - NYT

Pakistani Minister Wants Filmmaker Dead - CNN

Pakistani Bounty Placed on Anti-Islam Filmmaker - Reuters

Pakistan: Anti-Islam Film Bounty Condemned - BBC

Drones Record the Scene as Climbers Tackle Pakistan's Peaks - AP

Numerous Encephalitis Cases Devastate North India - VOA

India Confronts Issue of Missing Kids - WP

Strike Enforced in Bangladesh Over Anti-Islam Film - AP