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23 December SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


US Falls Short of Deal with Taliban, Talks Reflect Shift in Objective - WP

Obama Order to Pull 10000 US Troops Out Now Done - WP

10,000 US Troops Leave Afghanistan - USAT

10,000 US Troops Leave Afghanistan - AP

Outspoken Afghan Rights Official Ousted - NYT

Rights Advocate Says Afghan President Fired Him - AP

Afghan Men: Crucial Advocates for Women's Rights - Reuters

A Long Goodbye to Afghanistan - LAT opinion



Communications Failures Contributed to Border Incident - AFPS

DOD Blames Miscommunication for Deaths of Pakistani Troops - S&S

US: 'Inadequate Coordination' Led to Pakistan Border Attack - VOA

US Cites Errors in Cross-border Raid that Killed 24 Pakistani Soldiers - WP

US Concedes Error, but Says Pakistan Fired First at Border - NYT

US Acknowledges Mistakes, Doesn't Take Blame in Pakistan Strike - LAT

US Cites ‘Misunderstanding’ in Deadly Pakistan Operation - WT

US, Pakistan Share Blame in Border Deaths - Reuters

Pakistani Army Rejects US Report on Airstrikes - AP

Pakistan Leaders Near Showdown With Army - Reuters

Pakistan PM Warns of Coup Plot - WP

Pakistan PM Alleges Conspiracy to Oust Government - AP

Pakistan Army Wants Zardari Out but Not a Coup - Reuters

Pakistani Taliban Attack Fort, Kidnap 15 Soldiers - AP



Bombs Rock Baghdad - VOA

Baghdad Explosions in 1st Major Violence Since US Pullout - WP

Explosions Rock Baghdad Amid Iraqi Political Crisis - NYT

Iraq Bombings Kill 60, Revive Old Fears - LAT

Bombings Rock Baghdad and Kill Scores - WT

Wave of Bombings Across Iraqi Capital Kills 69 - AP

Shi'ites Targeted as Baghdad Blasts Kill 72 - Reuters

US Exit from Iraq Leaves a Power Void - WT

Iraq Heading Towards 'Inevitable' Sectarian Conflict - TT

Iraq Needs New Premier, Top Sunni Politician Says - NYT

Maliki Threatens, Sunnis Grumble, Baghdad Goes Boom - CSM

US Intelligence Warned of Strife After Iraq Pullout - Reuters



Arab League Advance Team Arrives in Syria - VOA

Arab League Delegates Arrive in Syria - NYT

Despite Observers, Syria's Assad Hikes Crackdown - AP

Arab League Team Arrives in Syria as Violence Goes On - Reuters

Syria: Two Explosions Rock Damascus -TT

Syria TV: Twin Suicide Bombs Shake Capital - AP

Two Blasts Hit Syrian Security Sites in Damascus - Reuters



Egypt’s Prime Minister Adds More Blame on Protesters - NYT

Military-appointed Prime Minister Calls for Calm in Egypt - WP

Egypt's Premier Calls for Dialogue to End Crisis - AP

Egypt Activists Gather for Mass Rally Against Army - Reuters



Iran’s Navy to Hold War Games Near Key Sea Lanes - NYT

Iran's Navy to Hold Drill in International Waters - AP

Iran to Show Naval Might in Key Oil-Shipping Area - Reuters

Iran Blocks UK Website in New Diplomatic Spat - AP

Iran's Uranium Enrichment Expands, America's Withers - WT opinion


Israel / Palestinians

Palestinian Authority Gives Mideast Peacemakers Ultimatum - LAT

Militant Hamas Moves to Join PLO Umbrella - AP

Hamas Says It Plans to Join Abbas's PLO - Reuters

Israel Drops Case Against Flotilla Participants - AP



UN Urges Libya to Sell Off Uranium Cache - Reuters

How to Control Libya Missiles? Buy Them Up - NYT

Russia and US Clash Over NATO Libya Bombing Probe - AP

Libya: Lockerbie Bomber Says New Evidence Will Clear His Name - VOA


Middle East / North Africa

2011 'Year of the Tyrant,' 2012 Ominous for Syria, Iraq - Reuters

Bahrain to Reinstate Education Ministry Staff - AP

Yemen Protesters Demand Saleh Trial, Denounce Gov’t - Reuters

Tunisia Names New Government After Elections  - AP

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - AP



WikiLeaks Founder Helped Manning Get Data, Prosecutors Say - LAT

Pretrial Wraps Up for Alleged Document Leaker - AFPS

Hearing in Soldier’s WikiLeaks Case Ends - NYT

Prosecution Seeks Court-Martial in Leak Case - WT

Defense Says Manning Victim of Military Overreach - AP


United Nations

UN Court Won't Prosecute Prosecutors for Contempt - AP

UN Assembly Holds 'Minute' of Silence for Kim Jong-Il - Reuters


US Department of Defense

Problems Possible at Nearly 65,000 Arlington Graves, Report Finds - WP

Arlington Graves Need More Review - USAT

Study: Female Vets More Critical of Iraq, Afghanistan Wars - S&S

Judge Asked to Unshackle Guantanamo Prisoner - AP

A Soldier’s Death - NYT editorial


United States

US Announces $10 Million Reward for Al-Qaida Financier - VOA

US Sets Bounty for Iran-Based Al Qaeda Financier - Reuters

Fatal Ambushes Targeting Police Increase - USAT

Newt Gingrich: An Armchair General? - WP

US, Mexico Seize $84 Million in Counterfeit Goods - Reuters

Vet Rehab Center? Not in My Backyard! - S&S

Ron Paul: Soldier’s Choice - NYT opinion



Witnesses: 4 Killed in Northeast Nigeria Bombing - AP

Gun Battle, Explosions Erupt in Northern Nigeria - Reuters

Nigeria Coast Braces for Biggest Oil Spill in 13 Years - Reuters



Mexico: Gunmen Fire on Buses in Veracruz Town - LAT

Mexico Port City Police Infiltrated by Zetas Gang - AP

16 Killed in Violence in Mexican State - AP

Shootings in Mexico's Veracruz Kill 16 - Reuters

Veracruz Police Disbanded: Many in Mexico Won't Notice - CSM

Venezuela Prosecutor Opposes Extradition of Rebel Commander - AP

Tougher Argentine Terror Laws Concern Opponents - AP

Argentine Government Wins Control of Newsprint - AP

Argentina: Secret US Memo Now Key Evidence in Baby Thefts - AP

Nicaragua vs Costa Rica at UN Court on River Works - AP

Ailing Fujimori to Ask Peru's Humala for Pardon - Reuters

Cubans Wait, Hope for End to Travel Limits - Reuters


Asia Pacific

Canny Villagers Grasp Keys to Loosen China’s Muzzle - NYT

Riot Police Fire Teargas to Disperse Protesters in China - Reuters

Protests Far From Knockout Blow for China Leaders - Reuters

China Sentences Rights Activist to 9 Years in Jail - AP

China Denies Link With Missiles Seized in Finland - Reuters

North Korea Ushers In Kim Jong Un Era - VOA

North Korea’s Succession Unfolds in Cloud of Mystery - NYT

What's the Plan if North Korea Collapses? - Reuters

South Korea: Open for Dialogue With North, Ready for Defense - VOA

Japan Hopes to Jump-Start Nuclear Disarmament Talks with N. Korea - S&S

N. Korea Transition Clouds Asia Security Outlook - AP

North Korean Defectors Learn to Adapt in South - USAT

In S. Korea, a Shrinking Space for Speech - WP

Suu Kyi's Party Registers to Run in Burma Polls - AP

Can Obama Handle North Korean Chaos? - WT opinion


Central Asia

Kazakh President Fires Head of Energy Giant Following Riots - VOA



Russia: Ahead of Huge Moscow Protest, Medvedev Offers Reform - VOA

Close to End of Presidency, Medvedev Urges Reforms - NYT

Putin Crony Appointed to Top Kremlin Staff Post - CSM

Finnish Authorities Find 69 Patriot Missiles Aboard Ship - VOA

Germany: Impounded Patriot Missiles Were Legitimate Shipment - VOA

European Bank in Strong Move to Loosen Credit - NYT

Italy Passes $40 Billion Austerity Plan - NYT

New Spanish Leader Asks Banker to Fix State Finances - NYT

Lawyer: Portugal Denies US Appeal for Fugitive - AP

Turkey-France Ties Fray Over Armenia Genocide Bill - AP

Turkey Lashes Out at France Over Armenian Bill - NYT

France Passes Genocide Bill, Angry Turkey Cuts Ties - Reuters

Czech Republic: With Havel's Death, His Legacy Faces New Threats - AP

Ukraine's Tymoshenko Boycotts 'Farce' Appeal Trial - Reuters

Bosnian Farmers to Lose Lifeline to Political Paralysis - Reuters

A Europe Divided - WP opinion


South Asia

Indian Plans for Anti-Corruption Agency Advance - NYT

Indian Outcast Millionaire Mulls Caste, Riches - AP