Small Wars Journal

23 December SWJ Roundup


U.N. Envoy Says Taliban Realize They Can't Win - Associated Press

Taliban Insurgents Prepare to Attempt `Spectacular' Attacks - Bloomberg

U.S. Medicines for Afghan Soldiers Disappear - Associated Press

Afghan, Coalition Forces Kill Insurgents, Find Caches - AFPS

Suicide Attack Kills 1 Policeman in Afghanistan - Associated Press

Iran Stops Fuel Delivery, Afghanistan Says, Prices Are Rising - New York Times


Pakistan Parties Protest Possible Blasphemy Law Changes - CNN News

Korean Peninsula

China Seen Defusing Korea - Wall Street Journal

South Korean Military Prepares for Largest-Ever Live-Fire Drill - VOA

South Korea Begins New Round of Military Drills - New York Times

South Korea Military Begins Live-fire Drills - Los Angeles Times

S. Korea Holds Massive New Drills After North Attack - Associated Press

North Korea Response Muted to South's Planned Drills - Reuters

N. Korea Says Ready to Fight "Holy War" Using Nuclear Deterrent - Reuters

Kim Jong Il: The Boy Who Cried Nuke? - Los Angeles Times opinion


New Iraqi Cabinet Holds First Meeting - Voice of America

U.S. Officials Applaud Formation of New Iraqi Government - AFPS

Iraqi Reactions to a New Government - New York Times

Iraq's North Seen as Next Trouble Spot - Wall Street Journal

Southern Iraqi City Eyes Break From Baghdad - Associated Press

Iraqi Churches Cancel Christmas Festivities - Associated Press


Prices in Iran Rise after Lifting of Subsidies - Los Angeles Times

Iran Opposition: 'Dark Future' Awaits the Economy - Associated Press


Crucifying Christians on Christmas - Washington Times editorial


WikiLeaks Founder Takes the Offensive - New York Times

U.S. Military Pushes U.N. Back Over Manning Treatment - FOX News

DMA Rescinds Memo on Restricted Access to Documents - Stars and Stripes

Former WikiLeaks Official Writing Tell-All Book - Reuters

U.S. Department of Defense

President Signs 'Don't Ask' Repeal Act Into Law - American Forces Press Service

With Obama's Signature, 'Don't Ask' Is Repealed - New York Times

Obama Signs 'Don't Ask' Repeal Bill - Washington Times

Standing Watch on Christmas - Washington Times editorial

United States

U.S. Senate Ratifies New Arms Treaty With Russia - Voice of America

Senate Approves U.S.-Russia Arms Treaty - American Forces Press Service

Senate Ratifies Nuclear-Arms Pact - Wall Street Journal

Senate Passes Arms Control Treaty With Russia, 71-26 - New York Times

Senate Ratifies New START; Obama Gets 'Reset' with Russia - Washington Times

Obama Hails Senate Vote to Back Russia Nuclear Treaty - BBC News

Senate Ratifies Nuke Pact, Delivering Win to Obama - Associated Press

Kremlin Hails Senate's Approval of Nuclear Treaty - Associated Press

Russian Duma Could Ratify START Within Days - Reuters

Obama Gamble Pays Off With Approval of Arms Pact - New York Times

Feds Boost Security for Holiday Travelers - Washington Times

U.S. Preparing to Hold Some Guantanamo Inmates 'Indefinitely' - VOA

Congress Bars Gitmo Transfers - Wall Street Journal

Vote Hurts Obama's Push to Empty Guantanamo Prison - New York Times

Intelligence Chief Not Briefed on Terror Arrests in Britain - Washington Post

Administration Defends Intelligence Director - New York Times

'Axis of Evil' Spins Closer - Washington Times opinion


Three Guilty of Plotting Sydney Army Base Attack - BBC News

3 Convicted in Terror Plot on Australian Army Base - Associated Press


Ally of Ivory Coast's Ouattara Says Force Needed to Oust Gbagbo - VOA

Ivory Coast Opposition Wants Gbagbo Forced Out - Associated Press

U.N. Panel Accepts Ivory Coast Outtara's Envoys - Reuters

International Community May Bolster Ivory Coast Force - Reuters

World Bank Cuts Ivorian Financing as Crisis Deepens - Reuters

French Urged to Leave Ivory Coast - BBC News

Ivorian Army Says Unified For Gbagbo Despite Pressure - Reuters

S. Sudan: A New Nation, to be Born of Scars - Los Angeles Times

U.N. Increases Troops in Somalia by 50 Percent - Associated Press

U.N. Council OKs Big Boost In A.U. Somalia Force - Reuters

Suicide Ignites Clashes in Tense Tunisian Town - Associated Press


To Root Out Dirty Police, Mexico Sends In a General - Wall Street Journal

Mexico City Leftist Mayor Rules Out Alliances In 2012 - Reuters

Mexico Investigates Report of 50 Missing Migrants - Associated Press

El Salvador Fears Mexico Drug Cartel Violence Overflow - BBC News

Venezuela Opposition Slams "Coup d'Etat" By Chavez - Reuters

Venezuela Bars Foreign Funding for NGOs - Associated Press

Brazil 'Police Gun-running Gang' Busted - BBC News

Bolivia Sends Formal Letter Recognizing Palestine - Associated Press

Argentina Former Leader Jorge Videla Jailed for Life - BBC News

Argentine Ex-Dictator Sentenced to Life in Prison - Associated Press

Salvadoran Sentenced to 30 Years For Cuba Bombings - Reuters

Jamaica Mayor Turned to Drug Baron to Fight Crime - Associated Press

40 People Lynched Amid Haiti Cholera Fears - Agence France-Presse

Asia Pacific

White House Summit For China's Hu Set For January 19 - Reuters

China Speeds Plans to Launch Aircraft Carrier - Reuters

China Bans Use of English in Print, Internet - Voice of America

Thai Rangers Killed In Rebel Ambush - Reuters


Hungary: Military Pooling Atop E.U.-Presidency Goals - Defense News

After Russian Death, Inquiry Doors Open and Shut - New York Times

Russian Paper to Air WikiLeaks Corruption Material - Reuters

Pro-Kremlin Group Luring Youth With Spy Luster - Reuters

High Security Serb Nuclear Shipment Reaches Russia - Reuters

Belarus: 7 Presidential Candidates Face 15 Years - Associated Press

Summit Lets Turkey Flex Its Diplomatic Muscles - Reuters

Middle East

New Gaza War 'A Question of When, Not If' - BBC News

After Freeze, Settlement Building Booms in Israel - New York Times

Palestinians: Draft on Settlements Ready For U.N. - Reuters

Leaked Cable Stirs Animosities Between Palestinian Sides - New York Times

Jordanians Play Active Role in Al-Qaida - Associated Press

Roadblocks to Mideast Peace - Los Angeles Times opinion

South Asia

Opposition Launches Anti-Corruption Protests in India - Voice of America

U.K. Training Bangladesh 'Death Squad' - BBC News

U.S., U.K. Urged to Stop Training of Bangladeshi Force - Associated Press