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23 April SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Afghanistan, US Agree on Strategic Agreement - VOA

US, Afghanistan Agree on Relationship after Coalition Forces Leave - S&S

With Pact, US Agrees to Help Afghans for Years to Come - NYT

Afghanistan, US Reach Post-2014 Pact - WP

US and Afghanistan Ink Strategic Partnership Agreement - LAT

Afghanistan and US Agree on Strategic Pact Text - Reuters

Chairman’s Afghanistan Visit Focuses on Afghan Forces’ Progress - AFPS

Group Swiftly Gets Crucial Supplies to Troops in Afghanistan - S&S

Bomb Kills 2 NATO Servicemembers in Afghanistan - AP

Opiates Killed 8 US Troops in Afghanistan, Army Records Show - S&S

NATO Plans in Russian City Are Protested - NYT



UN Authorizes Full Syria Mission - WP

UN Monitors Tour Rebel-Held Syrian Town - NYT

Fighting in Syria Kills 17; UN Monitors Expand Visits - VOA

UN Syria Vote is 'Pivotal Moment' - BBC

In Syria: Fear of Islamist Extremism - WP

Presence of UN Monitors Helps Calm Syrian City - LAT

Syria Hotspot Enjoys Lull With UN Monitors Present - AP



Iranians Say They Took Secret Data From Drone - NYT

Iran Says Recovered Data From Captured US Drone - AP

Iran 'Building Copy of US Drone' - BBC

US Lawmaker Dismisses Iran's Claims of Building Drone Copy - VOA

Iraqi Premier Starts Talks in Iran - AP

The Iran Negotiations That Count - WS opinion

US Must Turn Iran from Enemy to Adversary - Haaretz opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Dempsey Meets With Jordan’s Defense Chief, Moves on to Afghanistan - AFPS

US, Jordan Planning Large Military Drill in May - AP

Israeli Commandoes Raid Ship Searching for Arms - AP

Vettel Wins Bahrain's Controversial Grand Prix Race - VOA

Bahrain Stages F1 Despite Protest - BBC

Bahrain Court Delays Case in Hunger Striker Appeal - AP

Militants and Politics Bedevil Yemen’s New Leaders - NYT

US Praises Yemen Crackdown on Al-Qaida - AP

Aid Official Kidnapped in Yemen - BBC

Egypt Cancels the Delivery of Gas to Israel - NYT

Egypt Scraps Gas Deal with Israel - BBC

UN Set to Renew Western Sahara Force Despite Criticism - Reuters

How Sunni Backlash Prevented Bahrain Revolt - CSM opinion

Iraq: Will Barzani Declare Kurdish Independence? - JP opinion



World Sea Piracy Drops 28 Percent in First Quarter - AP


US Department of Defense

C-27J Transport Aircraft on Chopping Block Nine Months after Debut - S&S

Vice Chairman Visits Aeromedical Staging Facility in Germany - AFPS

Army's New PTSD Guidelines Fault Madigan's Screening Tests- S&S


United States

Stolen Valor Act Could be Overturned - ST

Strategic Nuclear Arms Control - WP opinion

Reality of Immigration Law - WP opinion

How States Should Approach Immigration - NYT opinion



Threat of Violence Remains as South Sudan Withdraws from Disputed Town - VOA

Renewed Fighting on Sudan Border - BBC

Sudan Bombs South Sudan Border Area, Kills 3 - Reuters

Official: Sudan Bombs S. Sudan, Killing a Boy - AP

Mali's New Leader Says Talks with Rebels Possible - VOA

African Bank Chief Says Ready to Commit $45 Million to Malawi - Reuters



In Latin America, Radical Left Struggles - WP

General Shot Dead in Mexico City - BBC

Mexican Ex-General Accused of Narco Ties Shot Dead - LAT

Gunmen Kill 15 in Bar Attack in Northern Mexico - LAT

Colombia Seizes 'Rebel Cocaine' - BBC

Colombia: Wild Night Life Prevalent in Cartagena - WP

Mass Poisoning Hits Peru Police - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

China, Russia Launch Joint Naval Exercises - VOA

China Needs 'Consistent Policy' on South China Sea - BBC

Vietnam Hosts Naval Exchange with US Navy - AP

China Expresses Confidence in North Korea's Leader Kim - AP

North Korea Threatens ‘Special Action’ Against South - VOA

Burmese Democracy Party to Skip Swearing In - VOA

Burma: Suu Kyi Party Boycotts Parliament - BBC

Burma Ruling Party Rejects Suu Kyi Demand to Change Oath - Reuters

Human Rights Watch Urges Kazakh Trial Suspension - AP

Punishing North Korea's People - LAT editorial



Challenger Hollande Emerges as Frontrunner in French Election - VOA

France: Sarkozy Loses First Poll Battle - BBC

French Presidential Vote Advances - WP

Hollande and Sarkozy Head to Runoff in French Race - NYT

French Socialist Hollande Will Face Sarkozy in Runoff - LAT

France: Sarkozy the Fighter in Battle of His Career - AP

French Far-Right Soars in Presidential Vote - AP

France's Far Right Eyes Parliament - Reuters

NATO Plans in Russian City Are Protested - NYT

Russia: Anti-Kremlin Protesters Go Old School - WP

Russians Show Support for Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill - LAT

As Killer Gloats in Court, Norway Shows No Anger - AP

Norway: Breivik Defends 'Barbarian Act' - BBC

Norway: First the Nightmare, Then the News - NYT opinion


South Asia

Pakistan: Muslims Accused of Kidnapping Teens to Wed - LAT

Pakistani in Court Over US Bounty - WP

India Orders Deportation of 10 French Nationals - AP

India's Nuclear Choices - TOI opinion