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22 September SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Israel / Palestinians

PA to Delay Call for Fast UN Vote on Statehood Bid - Bloomberg

Obama: 'No Shortcut' to Israel-Palestinian Peace - VOA

Obama, at UN, Defends Stance on Palestinian Bid - NYT

Obama Speech Rejects Palestinians’ UN Bid - WP

Obama Leads UN Sparring Over Mideast - WSJ

Obama: Palestinians Deserve State, Must Achieve it with Israel - TT

Obama Warns on Palestinian UN Bid - BBC

Obama Makes UN Plea to Delay Palestinian Statehood Bid - VOA

Obama Calls US Commitment to Israel's Security 'Unshakable' - LAT

Obama Tells Israelis What They’ve Been Waiting to Hear - JP

France Breaks With Obama on Palestinian Statehood Issue - NYT

Sarkozy Seeks 1-year Timetable for Creating Palestinian State - WT

Obama, Europeans Press Palestinians to Drop UN Bid - AP

US Confirms Palestinian UN Veto - BBC

Obama Rebuffed as Palestinians Pursue UN Seat - NYT

'Palestinians Still Pushing for Full UN Membership' - JP

US Senate Threatens to Cut Aid to Palestinians - WP

UN Chief Urges Israel 'Restraint' over Palestinian Bid - AFP

Possible US Veto Against Palestinian Statehood Bid at UN Debated - VOA

US 'Would Veto Palestinian UN Statehood Bid' - TT

Israelis, Palestinians Brace for UN Statehood Debate - VOA

Palestinians Rally to Back UN Statehood Bid - WP

Palestinians Show Support for Abbas' Statehood Bid - AP

Taking a Stand, and Shedding Arafat’s Shadow - NYT

Experts: Palestinian State Effort Result of Failed Policy - USAT

Israeli Army Readies Twitter Arsenal - Politico

Peace Now, or Never - NYT opinion

Palestinians' UN Gamble Could Backfire - LAT opinion

Nations United in Annual Israel Mugging - WT opinion

Palestinian State is Wishful Thinking - WT opinion



Pessimism Fills Kabul During Mourning for Rabbani - NYT

After Afghan Slaying, a Sense of Helplessness - WP

Slaying of Peace Negotiator Rabbani Remains a Mystery - LAT

Afghan Assassination Dashes Peace Hopes - AP

Afghans Mourn Peace Envoy Rabbani - BBC

Rabbani Death May Hint at Divisions within Taliban - S&S

NATO: Taliban Chief Linked to Chinook Crash Killed - BBC

US Planning Major Expansion at Detainee Facility - WP

ISAF Operations Roundup - AFPS



US Aid Tied to Haqqani Crackdown - BBC

FBI Head Visits Pakistan Amid Tensions - AP

Pakistan ISI Urged Attacks on US Targets - Reuters

Pakistani Army Major General Injured in Militant Attack - BBC

Pickup Truck Hits Bomb in Pakistan, 5 Dead - AP



NATO Extends Operations in Libya - AFPS

NATO Extends Libya Bombing Campaign - NYT

NATO Authorizes Extending Libya Mission 90 Days - LAT

US Ambassador Returns to Libya - AP

Libya's NTC Says Forces Control Most of Sabha - VOA

Gaddafi 'Losing Control of Sabha' - BBC

Libya Rulers Say They Seize Gaddafi Desert Outposts - Reuters



Radical Cleric’s Path, at a Crossroads, Could Turn Iraq, Too - NYT

Iraqi Foreign Minister Sees Country on 'Right Path' - VOA

Iraqi Budget Crunch Slowing US Troops Decision  - AP

FM Zebari: Iraq Needs US Trainers After Troops Leave - Reuters

Mullen Misstep: US Down to 40K by End of Month, Not 30K - S&S

US Court Dismisses Iraq Contractor Torture Cases - Reuters

Iraq, Minus US Troops - LAT editorial



Gulf Mediator Leaves Yemen; Violence Continues - VOA

8 Months After First Protests, Dangerous New Phase - NYT

Fresh Clashes Break Yemen Truce - BBC

Yemeni Truce Breached by Shelling, 16 Dead - AP

Snipers, Shelling in Yemen Break Uneasy Truce - Reuters



Iran Releases US Hikers - VOA

For $1 Million Bail, Iran Releases Two Americans - USAT

Iran Frees American Hikers - LAT

US Hikers Released from Iran Jail - WP

American Hikers Leave Iran After Prison Release - NYT

Iran Frees Jailed American Hikers - BBC

Americans Freed from Iran Prison Begin Trek Home - AP

Iranian Leader Warns Panetta - Politico

Venezuela, Cuba Defend Iran - AP

Key Cleric Calls for More Prayer, Less Web Surfing - LAT

Interview With Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - NYT video

Iran’s Phony Reformer - WP editorial

A Few Words With Iran’s President - NYT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Report: US Building Drone Bases in Africa, Arabian Peninsula - VOA

Secret Drone Bases: Avoiding Past Mistakes - WP

UN Chief Urges Support for Arab Spring Nations - AP

Syrians 'Shot in Homs Crackdown' - BBC

Bahrain Activists May Be Charged for Web Postings - AP

Corruption Inquiry Rocks Kuwait - NYT

Oman Editors Jailed for 'Insulting' Justice Minister - BBC

Rights Groups Urge UAE to Release Activists - AP

In Egypt, Islamists Reach Out to Wary Secularists - NYT

Egypt's Army Says Emergency Law in Place Till June - Reuters

Tunisian Army Clashes With Militants in Desert - AP

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - AP


Al Qaeda

US, Partners Continue to Pursue al-Qaida - AFPS



WikiLeaks Chief Memoir Published, Against His Will - AP

Assange Can't Block Autobiography - Politico

Unauthorized Assange Autobiography Due Out - BBC

Assange Angry Over Memoir Release - BBC


US Department of Defense

Armed Services Chairman: Cuts Could Mean Draft - AP

Air Force Faced with 'New Reality': Fewer Pilots - S&S

Air Force's F-22 Raptors Return to Service Wednesday - S&S

Small Satellite Could Pay Big Dividends on Battlefield - S&S

McHugh Cites Major Improvements at Arlington National Cemetery - AFPS

Drones Can't Change War - Politico opinion

Addicted to Drones - WP opinion


United States

Obama: Tide of War Receding at ‘Crossroads of History’ - AFPS

Court Allows Challenge of US Surveillance Law - WP

NC Trial Focuses on Plot to Kill Service Personnel - AP

Public Said to Be Misled on Use of the Patriot Act - NYT


United Nations

Palestinians, Economic Crisis Dominate UNGA - VOA

UK PM: World Must be Quicker with Military Action - TT



African 'Land Rush' Warning - BBC

Sudanese Govt Forces Defy Withdrawal Schedule for Abyei - CSM

Is Ivory Coast Really a Model for International Intervention?  - CSM

Has UN Congo Mission Tried Too Hard to be Impartial?  - CSM

AU's Slow Recognition of NTC Prompts Calls for Reform - VOA

Diseases to Hit Somalia Famine Victims, Groups Warn - WP

Food Aid Driver Abducted in Kenya, Relief Effort Reduced - BBC



Mexican Families Struggle to Find Drug War's 'Disappeared'  - CSM

35 Dead in Mexican Tourist Town - WP

Mexico: Dumping of 35 Bodies Seen as Challenge to Zetas - AP

Fallout from Deadly Mexico Casino Fire Sparks Political Brawl - LAT

Mexico 'Twitter Terrorism' Charges Dropped - BBC

Venezuela Proposes $1 Billion Compensation for Exxon - Reuters

Venezuela: Chavez Finishing 4th Round of Chemotherapy - AP

Guatemala Judge Reschedules Ex-General's Hearing - AP

Arrests in Slaying of Dominican Anti-Drug Official - AP


Asia Pacific

US Expresses Concern About New Cyberattacks in Japan - NYT

Rival Koreas Met, No Progress on Nuclear Talks - AP

North Korea and US Look to Another Round of Talks - Reuters

SE Asia Risks China's Ire to Discuss Sea Dispute - AP

US Details $6B Arms Deal for Taiwan - WP

US Selling JDAM Guided Bombs to Taiwan - WT

US Offers $5.8B F-16 Fighter Upgrades to Taiwan - AP

US 'No' on Taiwan Arms Seen as Sign of China Clout - AP

China Hits Out at US-Taiwan Deal - BBC

China Curbs Military Ties After US Arms Sale to Taiwan - Reuters

Little Fallout Seen From US Arms Sale to Taiwan - AP



Russian Nationalist Urges Support for Putin - NYT

Russia: 1 Dead, 60 Wounded in Dagestan Bombings - AP

Germany Bans Large Neo-Nazi Group - BBC

Germany Bans Neo-Nazi Organization - AP

Papal Homecoming to a Combative Germany - NYT

Italian Police, Migrants Clash in Asylum Dispute - AP

IFM Quantifies Cost of EU Debt Crisis - WP

Greece Says it Will Cut More - WP

Greece Accelerates Austerity Cuts - BBC

Greeks Strike Over New Austerity - BBC

Turkey-N. Cyprus Gas Deal Set to Raise Regional Tensions - Reuters


South Asia

Bangladesh Hit by General Strike - BBC

Bangladesh Opposition-Led Strike Paralyses Daily Life - Reuters

Sri Lanka Refugee Camp 'to Close' - BBC

Sri Lanka's Survivors Tormented by Horrors of War - Reuters